New Mixtape: Plies Aristotle

Plies comes out of hiding and teams up with Bigga Rankin to give us a new mixtape. Take a look at the tracklist and download link after the cut.

mixtape back cover

Download here

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  • okay joint

  • NoNotToday

    Plies is tha mother fucking truth. He is so much better than both Kanye and Jay-Z. He should have named his album, I am the throne.

    lol j/k

    Plies is in the same category as Soulja Boy and Lil B. #hotfuckinggarbage

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  • RC

    Ive never been a fan of plies.

    But the bitches love this nigga and the hood does too.

    Am I DLing this mixtape? Hell nall.

  • Plies been in hiding?? You Need People Like Me part 1 & 2, I F!ck With The DJs, No Chaser !!! Where you been, Plies been supplying the streets! South Carolina salute.

  • Loaded

    Better than any j.cole song

    and you can’t say otherwise.

  • I never understood and never will why do people roll through on a post and leave nothing but bs comments I’m all bout giving ur opinion but to take time out your day to hate is mindboggling to me…

  • MadMike0082

    Fuck….. I was so happy cause I thought this pc of shit was dead…….

    Oh well. At least the top 3 worst rappers of all time are still putting shit out.

    ( and its 1. Gucci 2. Plies 3. Wacka whateverthefuck )

  • hmmm

    this [email protected] is hood trash…same songs different names!!!

  • hmmm

    you are hating on other peoples opinions & the choices they make with their free time…meanwhile, you’re wasting your time doing it!!! Isn’t it Ironic!!!

  • Anon DCPL


    anyways, another fake ass “goon” dropping redundant music.

  • Citylivin’

    ….simply put, “ignorance is bliss.”

  • Sam I Am

    this coon dare uses the name Aristotle for his ignorance?!? for shame.

  • king of hiphop

    And you wonder why nobody respects black people.. You guys try to glorify robbing stealing dealing beating and killing.. You people idolize thugs and hoodlums.. That’s why everybody fears and dosesnt like love or RESPECT
    Black people. You people dont know how to act in public. You people can’t even stick together as a race.. Mlk malcom x both died for nothing

  • marko-v

    For anybody dat don’t like Plies jus listen to Why You Hate. Check me out tho:

  • Da Truthhh part 2

    This DUDE IS WACK!

  • Da Truthhh part 2


  • datchico jose

    ya jus be hatin on my nigga plies ya jus cnt tell wats real n fake…

  • mac DIESEL



  • get bucks

    I like Plies music, but when that Jamie Foxx interview came out I was done. Ace Hood took this nigga spot imho. I’m one of the fans that gives my opinions/hate b4 I hear the music, so sue me…

  • the truth

    Plies > Eminem

  • Da truthhhhhhhh

    Yeah word Jamie fox about the 40 glocc shit, made plies look soft how you gonna wear ski mask and claim a goon life when you locking your self in the bathroom from dudes just coming through saying what up. on that note heres a reminder

  • Que Dijo!?

    Ain’t nobody checkin for algernod

  • youreNOTfunny

    This is my once a year post on a site and unsurprisingly – shit ain’t changed.
    To all of the iComedians – Give yourself the gift of time and stop wasting it trying to get laughs you won’t hear or see, or the cosign you might actually receive from the only people worse for the internet than you all. That of course is the “must read every single reply post as if there is that one “needle in a haystack” comment that means absolutely nothing but could” guy.
    It doesn’t take a average IQ to realize your intentions and thus the likelihood you probably don’t even truly feel the ways in which your comments reflect. Hate on him, her, that, whatever – because you have an easy angle or its a popular position (on the internet mind you…haters follow haters). All so you’ll fit right in. Shit, maybe even get that much sought after “lol” by regurgitating the whit of someone else. Way to go.

    It won’t stop. It will never stop. Websites and their webmasters should seriously fucking grab the reigns and tighten up by eliminating the ability for mindless counterproductive clutter. The results would only lead to unimportant change like…..increased traffic….increased return users, new and formerly disenfranchised….productive conversation…fewer closed threads/pages & their comments section. Until then, keep enabling these fools in their mission against productivity and self advancement.

  • pliesdabest