New Video: D12 “Outro”

Off their mixtape, The Return Of The Dozen (Volume 2), the Dirty Dozen lets the camera roll for their closing track. Ironically, this is only the beginning.

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  • ColoradoKnight

    Not the same without Proof.

  • Come On

    this goes hard, having the biggest pop star as your leader must be hard and thats why people sleep on them but that devils night i still listen to to this day.

    i hope this means the soft corny shit is on its way out

  • deebo

    Swifty had the best verse then Kuniva

  • Derty Kevin

    Just isn’t the same without Proof. RIP.

  • Derty Kev

    Just isn’t the same without Proof.

  • ItsTheTruth

    It’s not just that Proof is missing, Kon Artis is never with them either, and he’s been replaced with a new member, Fuzz Scoota. So the group has a completely different sound

  • dashing

    It’s definitely not the same. Proof was the illest, then Kon Artis (aka Mr. Porter) so without them it’s just Bizarre, who’s been wack and has the same schtick everytime, Swifty(who’s kinda nice) and Kuniva (who’s not bad either) and then some new dude named Fuzz who I don’t really dig. ..

    Unless Mr Porter and Em come back to rhyme and make the beats, I’m not checking for these dudes.

  • jskippy

    fuzz scoota aint a new member, he was around back when they 1st formed then he left now he’s back

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  • dashing

    @jskippy, well new or old, he a’int hot.

  • …..

    they look broke..em better give these niggas there advance for future albums that wont come out…anyways the song sounds dope…this is the d12 sound

  • Hanz Zimmer

    do i hear subliminals thrown at em? feels to me like the group having problems behind closed curtains

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  • mistadoyle

    oh yeah i remember fuzz was on the song no ones iller

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  • RockinMad

    Sounds pretty random and boring for both audio and video.

    Proof is missing, Kon Artis is missing, Em is missing.
    Where’s D12 ?

  • Hip Hop Fan

    Eminem will focus on D12 soon enough. D12 has been through so much shit, I would love to see these guys pull it together and go for another Number#1 spot. I would think that Proof would want the Slim Shady alter ego to come out and rip some shit like they use to! Even tho it is only D10 now. Proof will always be there in spirit.

  • Hah.

    Honestly they have the right to be pissed at em. He brought them up, made them famous, and all that noise, then he just leaves them behind, off the map for who? 50 Cent? Slaughterhouse? When the only member with any talent in Slaughterhouse is Royce, all them D-12 niggas got more talent, than joey budden, and the rest of them slaughterhouse cats not too mention, 30 cent too!

  • Dope

    @Hah how can you be mad at Em, did you even read what you wrote. ”He brought them up, made them famous, and all that noise” what’s he supposed to do, drag them all the way. He introduced them to mainstream audience, made them famous and it was up to them to keep it up from that point. He is as much of a member as other guys but he had his own gigantic career and messed up life to care about.
    I wish they made another D12 World or Devil’s Night, but you know they don’t have that magic between them anymore so it would only sound forced and wouldn’t be right unless it comes spontaneously.

  • Hah.

    @ Dope

    True, he did bring them up, and made them famous, probably not rich, but famous at least. I mean look at D-12 now, where are they? At home in their trailer praying for Em to pay them some attention? He just basically said fuck D-12, and ventured to something else. He brought them up, the least he could do is keep them relevant. I don’t know man, it was just a dick move on Em’s part.
    To be honest, I don’t exactly know how famous the other d-12 members are. For example the album Bizarre released, it was decent, but it didn’t sell for shit. Had a banger with Tech n9ne even, and still didn’t do well.

  • yea…just aint the same without the full crew intact.

    this is the D-12 i remember

  • Me

    @hah did you just say them dudes at slaughterhouse dont have talent smh.

  • onanigga

    Hah. youre wrong, Em doesn’t owe them anything.

  • RC

    Niggas want their hands held the entire time.

    Em put these niggas ON!

    Its up to them to stay on.

    I cant set u up with a bitch but its up to you to get shorty to fk u.

  • RC


  • rc i agree with rc but d12 and eminem are still tight its called business i bet anyone they put out album with eminem but working on different projects at the moment.. just wait. eminem didnt forget them and i know d12 didnt forget eminem they more than likely talk every day. good shit hip hop is hip hop

  • Davvvve

    There Not Broke…
    D12 Said There Gonna Put Out a Final Album Soon

  • dashing

    @Hah. They’re not broke. They probably have more money than any of us commenting.

    Mr Porter’s definitely got long paper having produced for everybody including Dre, Em, 50, Royce, Pharoahe Monch, Slaughterhouse…

    It’s on the rest of them to make dope music. You can’t rely on Em forever to keep you relevant and clearly they don’t feel slighted or I’m sure we’d hear about it.

  • someone answer

    Met these dudes a few months ago in Montreal…believe it or not Bizarres the chillest and most down to earth out of all of em. Swiftys a homz… he thinks way too highly of himself.

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  • Yacine

    someone answer : could you elaborate about Swifty ? And Kuniva ?

  • Hanz Zimmer

    Proof was the rock and glue holding the very fabric of d12 together.. they got to face facts they can keep breathing and going on making music but at the end of the day it will never be the same.

  • MillaRoofa

    they look old as shit haha

  • Willie_mcfly22

    Deff aint the same witout proof cuz when Em aint there, like 99% of the time, proof was carryin the group…

  • whuuut?

    Whoa!? Hailie?

  • Cjay Youngcharles