New Video: Meek Mill x Rick Ross “Ima Boss”

[vodpod id=Video.15352107&w=540&h=350&fv=]

This reminds us of the “Ruff Ryders Anthem” video. Anyway, Meek, and Rozay ride or die in Milly’s hometown of Philly for their new video. Stay tuned, the remix coming soon. Self Made in stores now.

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  • marko-v

    Isn’t this video old? See the latest video here:

  • FTW

    Still think this shit goes. Sans Ross, of course.

    Good to see Benny Boom working in Philadelphia.

    …never dropped a dime (c)

  • idontlikefakes

    This reminds us of the “Ruff Ryders Anthem” video.

    except that track and video are classic and this is just …………………………

    my version is better WITHOUT WILLIAM

  • FuckBoiiii what’s this then?

    2 videos for the same song #okay

  • Black Shady

    You woulda thought…with all the hackers and shit in the world…there would be a world to see these damn mtv videos outside the US… :/

  • considerably worse video than the original. Odd switch. MTV influenced??? maybe?

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  • dll32

    @Black Shady: Exactly. F*cking sucks.

  • Real Talk

    Go listen to music where ever the fuck youre from then dumbass

  • yessir

    Your a fraud… Beefing with little white girls smh never ran up on 50 , Jezzy , or Money Mayweather..

  • MadMike0082

    Shit sounds like it was made with a demo copy of Fruity Loops…….. Oh and as fucking usual they bite the drum pattern from Drizzy’s “Successfull”

    wtf is Rozay doing this corny mother fucker??

  • video fits the song. nice to see all the Philly rappers in the vid showing love

  • Sam I Am

    I laugh my ass off when i hear this song. Makes themselves sound like two employees goofing off in a cubicle, trying to encourage each other and shit:
    Meek: (whispers) Hey Ricky.
    Ross: (whispers) What?
    Meek: I’m a boss.
    Ross: No Im a boss.
    Meek: Im a boss!
    Ross: Im a Boss!
    Meek: IM A BOSS!
    Ross: IM A BOSS!

    Supervisor walks in: Will you two shut the fuck up and get back to work!
    Meek and Ross: Yes sir.

  • Mr. G

    Dope song, dope video, MMG!!!

  • fuck outta hea nigga


  • MR. 101

    label chose shot two; and no, we here at MTV do not “influence” videos.

  • fuck outta hea nigga

    give me a youtube version, shitty ass mtv

  • Chan

    I saw this video like 2 months ago somewhere. this is old.

  • az5lyrics


    HOV THE G.O.A.T.

  • dickinyamom

    Philly stand up!! I fucks with Meek he holding it down for the whole city

  • Freezer Free and Young Chris in the fuuuuuuhkin’ buillllllllllldinnn!

  • OG young chris lookin’ like he’s already on MMG

  • Da truthhhhhhhh

    Meek is even Hot in NY, 50 fans stop hating , Money mayweather is shook of Manny Pac. 50 fans should hate on banks and yayo for floping back to back .

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