Asher Roth Changes Album Title

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Asher recently sat down with Power 106 in L.A. and spoke on a few things which included, revealing that is upcoming album will now be called, Is This Too Orange instead of The Spaghetti Tree. He’s also droppin’ a mixtape, Paps & Jazz which should be coming soon.


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  • Converse


    Answer: fake Eminem

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  • Jazz

    asher’s a cool dude

  • Nom


    Fake Eminem? Because he’s white? That has to be your reasoning, because their subject matter, cadence, voice, and beat selection are completely different. You sound ignorant. You don’t have to like Asher, but don’t be a idiot. We know he’s no Em.

  • Come on Asher whats with the hold up

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  • Converse

    Hmm can I go with white and voice 8)

  • slick

    where on earth is this guys music popular? he’s the white charles hamilton

  • …..

    i feel bad for him…seriously tho

  • Hip Hop Head

    I think he’s prolly a coo guy BUT he still isn’t nice, I mean he is better than Wacka Flocka & S Beezy lyrically but that’s not sayin much. Mac Diesel’s comments>Yelawolf>Mac Miller>Asher Roth as far as “new” white rappers go.

    #HipHopWontDie #EVER

  • hmmm

    dont feel bad is he raps for a living he young and work for the former employer of wu tang mobb deep and mos def probably feel bad for you

    ps and he’s white lol

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  • drakesucks

    oh the jews completely took over hollywood and now they wanna steal hip hop from the black culture

  • Davvvve

    How Can He Steal From The Black Culture When Nobody Even Fucks With Him ? Lol

  • fyi

    hahaha i wish no one commented on this site. they’re never worth reading.

  • James

    Whens the last time you went to someones house and they were playing Asher Roth? Serious question….

  • GR

    Asher is sick, that EP with Nottz Raw was slept on.

  • BG

    I’d smash the fuck out that chick.

  • asher i had faith in you but you suck. period first hit a college wierd song

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  • TheToiletSpatula

    Asher is slept on.
    He is young, educated, and aware.
    I always appreciate a rapper than spits knowledge, not just a mean flow.

  • PhillyB

    Cosign @GR, that Nottz Raw EP was nice! But nobody wants to give Asher a chance because either “he’s just an Eminem wannabee,” or “That “I Love College” song was wack, so I’m just gonna’ not listen to anything else because I will judge this dude entirely off of one song.” The kid has some really well done lyrics and word-play if people would just LISTEN.

  • See(sic)

    Agreed with all the positive comments here. @drakesucks, Asher is not jewish, he’s said that many times
    Looking foward to these projects
    Ps they smashed right after that interview

  • Blak Flag

    I dont c how he steals black culture being on pop radio stations. I never heard him on “alleged” rap stations. Alleged cuz rap stations arent rap, jus garbage

  • drakesucks

    @See(sic), my bad! i meant he is a zionist of course!

  • grillcheesefred

    I like asher roth i just wish he was more serious bout rapping. its been 2 years since his album dropped. we need more

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  • c

    agree that nottz raw joint was definately slept on. still bumping that shit.