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  • LongLungz

    why vizzy… why.

  • still best rite now!!

    i like XV but that annoying azz voice will never sell

  • DanRover

    Original version by Jai Paul is way better

  • James Allen

    XV 316, Wats up!!

  • Kal

    I knew what it was gonna be before I even clicked on it, but this motherfucker needs to get some original production or I’m gonna quit checking altogether. First Sierra Leone, now Jai Paul, and neither is even close to as good as the original. 3 strikes and you’re irrelevent.

  • Jay Mic


    original production? see: everybody’s nobody. vizzy zone. zero heroes. and 1000 other mixtapes where xv is killing original production. i think he just goes in over instrumentals for random leaks and saves his produced records for his album and mixtapes.

    these new listeners kill me. been rocking with vizzy for 3 years now. and to say he didn’t kill this shit ur just a fckn hater.

  • i Don’t Rap

    Can’t compare to the original since i hate when rappers go in over songs i regularly listen to. But XV did his thing on it.

    “I go hard in the paint, that’s a Van Gogh erection”, “Doctor my lyrics taking time with these patient rhymes” > anything said on Carter IV

  • Kal

    ^Yea, I know about his damn mixtapes, and I knew there was gonna be some asshole that deliberately misunderstood my comment (this is the internet, after all). My point is that he’s regressing back to the level that niggas begin at, jacking instrumental songs and rhyming over them. It’s amateur status, and it doesn’t present any good music because A) Everybody should already know these songs, and B) He doesn’t do them justice. If this becomes any more of a trend, I’m gonna lose any and all interest that those tapes earned him.

  • i Don’t Rap

    i usually hate when rappers go in over songs I regularly listen to because it’s hard to rap over something that isn’t made for rap. But i liked what XV did with this. delevered some clever bars as always.

    “I go hard in the paint, that’s a van gogh erection” >>> anything on Carter IV

  • walter

    why yall actin like he sampled this…it’s called a drake beat. AND…that line u just quoted…is huff

  • walter

    oh wow…just noticed its not the drake beat…ya….leave the samplin to niggas who can sample….cuz 40 murdered this and you did almost the same thing and sucked at it

  • E

    you did good X to the V. at least you customized the beat to your version….and spit your own style…keep it up, the good work…awhile back we copped one your original beats…lootytunes.com

  • JReezy

    XV murdered it like always.
    @walter Sampling isn’t rapping over the original beat.

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  • Amazingnesssss

    Rapping over an instrumental isn’t a bad thing. I honestly don’t see a problem. A lot of rappers do the same thing do why some of you acting like it’s a new thing?