Rick Ross x MMG Cover XXL

The gang’s all here. Rozay and the hottest crew in the game cover XXL. Issues hit newsstands September 20th. Peep an excerpt below.

XXL’s new executive editor, Jayson Rodriguez, moderated a roundtable discussion between MMG stars Wale, Meek and Pill, to find out about each rappers role in the crew, what MMG represents as a team and what gives them an advantage over their competitors.

“I think it’s a plus that everybody got their own fan base, they got their own thing rocking in their own city, and they got their own representation of what they stand for,” Pill says. “So when everyone comes together, that’s all the fan bases combined. It’s a blessing to be able to rock with a bunch of different guys that are passionate about the craft and that know where they going and actually can foresee the future, when it comes to their music. I think that gives us a stronghold and a bit of longevity. And kind of an advantage also.”

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  • Meek Mill is ON REPEAT right now for me personally…….”Ima Boss” is a SUPER hit still.

    Rick Ross (like it or not) is moving FANTASTICALLY through hip hop and building his biggest moment to cement his legacy. Can’t deny that.

    Hey guys, if you like Eminem, Royce Da 5’9′, Pharcyde, Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliott, Skillz, or Yelawolf you MIGHT like my sound.

    If you have a minute……….Please……….check out my music and let me know if you dig it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08_IbmGWjZw

  • Black Shady

    Self Made vol 1 was fire I CANT FRONT
    Im really looking forward to the Vol 2…

  • @OfficialPurpD

    Ayo Wale……It looks like a bunch of spiders are having a meeting on his head HA!
    Covers aight. Nothing too crazy. Nice to see law enforcement getting exposure these days

  • gun under my shirt

    that meek mill dreamchasers is something serious… the song itself

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  • Word

    Hottest crew in the game? Hmmm, I dunno bout that. Imean Wale got star quality, but Meek and Pill? Meek has ZERO star qualitty imean what seperates the dude from anybody else. Grew up no dad, had to sell coke, turned into a rapper. How many times have I heard that? And Pill? Dont get me started on THAT nigga…I know some ppl still think MMG is just 3 ppl, Ross Wale and Meek. FAAAAAR from hottest in the game

  • Bcn

    They remind me the old g-unit period…

  • Blog commenter

    Damn triple c’s get no press anymore, only a matter of time before triple c’s release a diss record towards Ross and his new crew

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    [email protected]”Time for a brand new crew”…DAMN Gunplay i guess its over. Atleast you can tag along with the Boss on them drug bust assignments to sniff the cars for drugs in them secret compartments.

  • gun under my shirt

    salute to the whole crew

  • Ricky Rozay

    Here comes the hate.show me what ya’ll got!!

  • Brutally Honest

    I guess XXL is on YN & Rawse’s pay-roll ; I don’t dislike MMG. They just have a long way to go to be mention as a successful label next to the “Roc-A-Fella , Ruff Ryders, Bad Boys” of the world

  • J.R


  • fyi

    where the fucks stalley

  • Fuck a blog daawg!

    I still cant believe rauce accomplished this much with MMG over a couple months.keep on,bruh.


    What happened to STALLEY ?!

  • mac DIESEL

    “They got their own thing rocking in their own city”



    …..FOLLOW mac DIESEL ON TWITTER: @ mac_DIESEL76!!!!


  • gun under my shirt

    stalley snuck on the mmg album too with the best verse…. dat nigga raw

  • hurrdurr

    wale is going for that coolio look lol


    its a Philadelphia take over get with it or get lost and any1 that says Meek has trash is prob on lil wayne and soulja boys dic so who really gives a dang what they have to say

  • Cartlon

    damn..thats a good look!..

    been..cashing $300 checks daily… http://goo.gl/dgjX9 after seein how u can make money online…doing shit u already do..lol

  • the guy

    is that doug e. doug from cool runnings on the right?

  • Frontrunner


  • YOUR pusha

    yea i love this!! MMG put out the hottest music in rap right now!! no argurments

  • bry guy Boston

    ross puts out mafioso rap just like the Life After Death album by christopher wallace. i personally love it whether he lies or not… 95% of them niggas lying.. m m m m m m m m m maybach music. self made was sick. i think god forgives, i dont will legit be a classic up there with the greats. each album he gets more amazing. his verse on that new wale track is doper than perc 30s.

  • RealTalk

    Where is Masspike Miles ???????? That’s some stupid sh*t

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  • Yeah, where IS Stalley?

  • wow

    Still can’t believe ross has his own label…niggas are in denial with themselves..work on our self first you fat fuck..u haven’t had a platinum album yet and u expect ur atist to do better? Ur a waste of money.

  • Semtex’s Prosthetic

    Wale looks like a complete nub in that picture rofl…..

  • Fuck a blog daawg!

    Wow.and when he starts to sell plat u’ll find another xcuse to hate.

  • officer ray

    fake it till you make and never look back

    thats williams new saying

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  • I thought YN said that double covers were out? Ha!

  • Tucq

    Self Made was a good album. I was surprised.
    My favorite verse came from Gunplay on that Pill track “DON’T LET ME GO”. Not the greatest lyrics, but I felt the passion of the delivery. It was like Gunplay put his all into that damn song, like he’ll never get another shot. That’s how he sounded to me…..

  • GTboy

    NO RESPECT for this clown-ass-nigga.

  • bylaw99

    HIPHOP IS DECEASED, you got cats rocking zebra jeggings #1 highest selling rapper, then an ex-co is one of the hottest rappers in the game..i’m baffled at what hiphop has become..my girl even says thats why she loved Pac, he was a real nigga..street smart yet articulate and wasnt trying to be someone he wasnt..imagine if pac was a c.o turned rapper niggas wouldnt hv respected that…now!

  • bylaw99

    On another not so now its o.k. for the rap game to open its doors to law enforcements because they can put a good song together…I’d rather f**k with country at least they still keep it real.

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  • Fuck a blog daawg!
  • branden

    Ross is not platinum fck you smoking

  • hating wont get you shit fuck niggas

    shoutout to ross, boy got multiplaqz….


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  • amadou keita


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