New Video: KiD CuDi “Mr. Rager”

[vodpod id=Video.15379259&w=540&h=350&fv=]

Look out Bruce Leroy. Scott Mescudi, who recently teamed up with the clothing brand Surface Air, gets his action on in the mini-flick, directed by Jeremie Rozan of Surface to Air Studios. Spoiler Alert: It was all a dream.


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  • Trubd

    to be honest…i had 4got all about this dude…Kid Cudi..smh

    been..cashing $300 checks daily… after seein how u can make money online…doing shit u already

  • hahahaha… love this comedy act

  • MuzikGeek

    y do u have a spoiler alert?? smh.. think ppl wanna know?.. smh… let us watch the video.. niggas b takin out all the reasons for watchin a vid… smh..

  • dope
  • fucktyler

    the whole spoiler alert thing was pretty lame rr

  • 5:02 You Got Knocked The Fuck Out!!!!

  • did I see Kanye?

  • Aggie Pride

    Dis action Scene was way better than Lupe’s Shit. But Cudi did have a stunt devil. Overall dope shit!!!

  • yuio

    shit that was kanye! @ 4:24

  • ColoradoKnight

    When will it end? Cudi is painful to listen to anymore. Quit singing, son!

  • BK

    ^aye mountain boy only NY niggas say son u faggot! fuck cudi gay ass to b

  • thats gotta be Kanye at the 4:23 mark, right??

  • shit was dope as hell

    shit was dope as fuck… i dont know why ya’ll trippin. one of the most creative musicians out at the moment is cudi.

    and he say it himself all the time that he is not only a “rapper” he is just thrown in the category cuz he does rap. he’s just an overall musician.

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  • kid cudi is an artist in every sense of the word.

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  • DenCo

    yup kanye @4.24

  • Wow

    Damn this was amazing.

  • Rannic

    Was that Kanye?

    Cudi what you trying to say?