Dame Dash Accused Of Bootlegging

So much for license to spill. The Village Voice reports the Hip-Hop mogul was issued a restraining order and charged with six counts of allegedly selling and storing liquor without a license at his DD172 gallery in NY. He’s scheduled to appear in court on September 14. Pay ya taxesthat’s hustlin backwards.


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  • Dame DAsh will land on his feet eventually…….it’s just gonna take some time. Sad he’s been having such a bad run of luck lately.

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  • hipnotize

    stupid nigga.. smh

    if this is true the nigga has himself to blame

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  • Black Shady

    damn…the rap game is full of Dame’s….Beans’….and Buck’s…….

    shame niggas dont know their roles…

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  • NoNotToday

    He should have joined the Illuminati.

  • Insipid

    Back in high school, I used to buy alcohol from this dude in the hood that sold it out of his back window in this little alley. He had 2 storage sheds full of liquor, cigarettes, and probably a few other things too, I don’t really remember. But what I DO remember is that this muthafucka had a liquor licence for the ghetto gas station.

    Get on your game, Dame Dash.


    ^^^^Liquor license for da ghetto gas station???? …..GOT DAM BAMMAS!!!!! lol

  • MR. 101

    I guess it’d be a story, except Dame left DD172 months ago and has a new spot in Brooklyn

  • moreffa

    damn dame you was the man homie what the fuck happened to you

  • LP1990

    You guy/s freaked me out i though he was selling CD/s

    She watch 2 day/s ago videos from the roc like 10 years ago. Man

  • @lias

    It’s summertime or was, wonder if they were selling nutcracka’s homemade drinks pretty popular in the hood, considered “illegal” by govt (police) because they don’t receive a cut of the profits (ie. bootleg). Dame is the truth, 95% proof, should write a tell all when the time is right. He’s not Suge Knight, but he’s not a Puffy either.

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    Smh dis nigga can’t win for $#! … -__-

  • Puerto-Black

    Went from selling Armadille to Bootleging? Damn

  • jdubcreative

    The Jay-Z blame game starts in 5, 4, 3…

  • Jane Doe

    WTF…… It was all good just a week ago. * Kanye voice*

  • Sealey

    wack to post stories about this dude….this site is acting like Females!!!!!

  • dg

    damn dame in 1999-2004 you was hot and the man now you fell over i still respect you though but in life you have to be humble to stay successful

  • John Mesquido

    Don’t believe the hype….it is just harassment from the forces at work.

    There is always more to a cover story…

    Yeah he should have joined the Black masons, network is the key everywhere there is $$$$$$

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