• macattack

    fuck mtv restrictions. its 2011. globalisation has happened. get with it

  • nameless

    you can tell just by this interview what kind of effect pharrell has on dude.

    an interview where he doesn’t say “fuck” once lol

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  • kareem

    @names lmao i noticed that too. skateboard p making ign’ant niggas behaving.

  • TyTy totally deserved it

    Rapey out krsh

  • NYMFO1

    he fapped and went to bed??? lmao nice ending

  • wickwickwack

    a mentor wouldnt hurt !

  • DJ Semtex’s Prosthetic

    congratz, oh yea, and golfwang

  • MXL

    No way Tyler should have got it over Wiz. I’m not a huge fan of either guy but numbers don’t lie. Wiz has a gold album, two platinum singles and the #11 spot on the Forbes Hip-Hop list; Tyler just has a few high-profile cameos and a bunch of industry co-signs. Advantage: Khalifa.

  • rILES

    @MXL But here’s the thing… Wiz Khalifa & Big Sean have been hot since 09. Tyler has been famous for SIX MONTHS and moved 120,000 units independently. “Deal or No Deal” didn’t come close to that. Tyler by landslide.

  • John P

    Say numbers don’t lie all you want, you guys keep forgetting it was a fan vote. Tyler has dedicated fans, Wizard has casual ones who won’t be giving a shit about him in two years.

  • John P

    Haha, Wiz, not Wizard. Fucking Auto correct.

  • Kieran

    @John P
    It was obviously a Joke dumb Fuck

  • Kieran

    Oh sorry, I didnt that was your own comment

  • LMAO at John P.. I hate when I write “Wiz”, and it auto-corrects me, lmaoooooo!

  • MXL

    @John P & rILES

    Good points.

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  • Hands

    lol at him saying he fapped and knocked out

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