• Cali

    Here comes the haters…

  • weezy >>>>>>>> drake >>>>>>>>>>> all

  • iSwami11

    Drizzy Drake Wheelchair Rogers.

  • i care

    drizzy on his LEX LUGER swag

  • i care

    dope shit

  • i care

    marvis room>>>>>>>>>>>>>> dreams money can buy, club paradise

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  • DJ

    I like drake, but all of his music is starting to sound the same.

  • danny

    I swear Drake is on his So Far Gone swag. Too dope. & Stop judging his songs when ya’ll only listen to it once. Damn.

  • shawn farrar

    yo this is dope for re lookingallllllllllllllllll lyrical story telling and he talkin about toronto like looking back that shit is illlllllllllll respect i dig this one for real!Drizzyyyyyy

  • James Allen


  • Yup !

    DRAKE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> J.Coal

    HA !

  • lil b the based god

    j cole cole world
    9/27 cole world :the sideline story
    ymcmb yall mad cole much better

  • Craddyshaq

    Shit is FIREEEEE.. #swagg

  • dgdgdgdg

    I wish Drake would work with other producers a litte more. By no means I’m I insisting he ditch 40 and Bo1nda because those are his go to peeps but it would be nice to hear him on a 9th wonder, Dj Premier,Justice League beat or Neptunes.

  • PRG

    New Drake “Slow It Down” remix http://youtu.be/oRIjp3krP24

  • Almarti5

    This is starting to sound like a good ass apology for making us wait!

  • RK

    I be yellin’ all Drizzy over everything…

  • dumb dumb

    Impressively Boring, perfect for insomnia.

  • I’m not a huge Drake fan, but I am a huge fan of storytelling and this shit is real dope.
    I hope his album translates from all the tracks he’s been putting out
    (minus headlines, I can’t stand that beat)

  • drake

    Yall need to stop hating, i aint going to leave my homies for nothing. Sure i will work for other producers when the time is needed but for now i wouldnt be here if it wasnt for them so please keep that dumbshit to yourself.
    I love my fans and love my haters
    btw i got doodoo stains on my boxers

  • ?uest

    not bad

  • i care

    i think they’re shopping them love/stripper-ho/heartbreak joints

    MARVINS ROOM…. easily!!!!!!!

  • Almarti5

    I completely agree! 40 and Bo1nda are great! But I wish he would work with No I.D. or even Bangladesh

  • Stunna

    dRizzy plehBoy, Do yA thAng… ya hErd meh?

  • polo

    Dude , this is the best shit he’s released all year…. this has 2nd single all over it….. hope it’s on the album… there is hope!

  • Drake

    i need to stop letting bitches use me 🙁

  • marko-v


  • Drake

    i mean… i love her, buy her dinner, water and tampons… food…shelter, rain… but she just continues to play games with my heart.

    I think imma send this bitch a Weezy track, How to love.

  • CK

    Looks like cole ain’t the only one who’s gonna drop a classic

  • Drake


  • tipCamp

    i think i know a girl name rachelle she bad as fuck she using my nigga drizzy dam

  • mac DIESAL’s Assistant






  • the One

    Take care is a problem… Say what you want but this brotha is riding for his city hard!
    Bob at the end is classic…. Music can be copied it’s a feel thing

  • tony

    lupe is THE goat

  • Tommy

    WOOOOO! I betcha this song ain’t even on the album.

  • James Allen

    So Far Gone feel to this track. This is sick, can’t wait for the other two songs to drop later to day

  • The track is dope! I see the haters gon hate but shiiiiiittt, let em hate! Hate on my shit 2 my nig http://www.hardheadglobal.com!! Download and ingest!! Real dope Hip hop music to hold you over till Drizzy Drake Drops……..My album M.I.L.F. (Music I Love Forever) and Scattered Abroad!! Straight HEATROCK!

  • Yung Icy Boi!

    Drake da best Canadian rappa. He makez real Hip-Hop 4 real Blood nigguhz lyk me. TakeCare 20 milli worldwide. swag

  • Davvvve

    I Didn’t Bother Listening To The Song But I’m Sure It’s Gonna Sounds Like 90% Of Drake Typical Music…

  • Dope.

  • tris

    shits dope. it may be boring to some but drakes getting back to his original shit…take care will do big numbers no doubt. j.cole and drake are gunna both drop some timeless material.

  • BluntBlowin_

    Take fucccccccking care classic/aoty….relate to this 100%

    Take Care


  • PHREASHest

    “…certain rappers would call me to say ‘Whaddup doe?’; I used to brag about it to my friends/
    and now I’m feeling like all of these niggas cutthroat; and maybe that’s all they do, it’s just pretend…damn”

    Wayne??? o_O

  • Chan

    Since everyone keeps talking about the throne. Drizzy is going to take it in October. Dude is killing it right now. Love the lyrics. The beats are sooo awesome. I love the dark bittersweet songs. This album is going to be classic. I mean that literally. Shit is going to be legendary.

  • …..

    “i wish she could stop checking up on women i cannot stand” real!

  • Word

    Dope shit. Drake > Wayne

  • Awesome

    too make pop beats. he needs to work with other producers

  • Awesome

    too many*

  • …..

    no one has ever rapped like drake

  • …..

    wow!! this is a yung money verses jay z thing..
    Hov said on Primetime “new money, i found a fountain of youth i’m heading to miami to f**k up the fontaine bleu”
    drake says “how a bottle of wine become the fountain of youth?”

  • Loaded

    take care classic

  • Bx Slime

    Not bad, Drake is that dude but I honestly was expecting a little bit more. Im hoping not all of Take Care sounds like this track.

  • Life After Death

    Wow, this is fuckin Dope!!!

    Take Care & Cole World>>>>>>>>>>>>Carter 4

  • wow

    Drizzy b sayin shit niggas think about when they by themselves. Real shit.. gotta love it!

  • lol

    this is some boring stuff. I can’t believe rap heads fronting like this is dope. LOL

  • DJ Semtex’s Prosthetic

    I think its kinda funnny how drake talks on headline saying that someone told him he fell off, how could he fall off??? hes doesnt even have his second album out rofl- btw this ish nice, looks like hes giving more a slow pace album, none of that “im goin in” or “uptown” ish i guess…. he needs to work on flow a bit though, the whole [insert line] then say “damn” at the end kinda getting old, needs to ride the beat better- but still cant really complain, just good ole’ drizzy i guess….

  • Still waitin’ on those otha 2 songs…

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  • teedotohh


  • Collar Cali

    @….. says

    True story!
    Take Care.

  • alias

    he got his own style (emo rap), and talks facts not punchline fiction which requires skills and living, yup get used to the kid, he’s gonna be here for awhile.

  • not as sincere.

  • Black Shady

    Drizzy > Wayne

  • Kieran

    “Along With That ignorant Young Money/ Miami Beat Shit”

  • This song is okay, can’t wait for the other two to come out tonight tho.. Drizzy doin it proper. If you’re looking for another source for new music, click my name to check out my blog. Thanks

  • ?uest

    WHERE are the other two songs

  • jus sayin

    PROTECT The Throne

  • Sam I Am

    this was pretty dope

  • magic

    if all Drizzys stuff sounds the same its cause he’s always real. it always feel the same listening to Drake. the problem is that other rappers cant do the same. Shout out to real artists like Drizzy. he switch his flow up and his subject matter. and he came in rapping and singing so if he wants to sing he cant it dont mean hes turning rnb cause he been doing this. if you dont like it dont listen. atleast he dont just always talk about money like Hov and Wayne mostly do and those are considered the best rappers. and i mean Drake talks about money but the thing is. he doesnt do it as much as them.

  • magic

    @Kieran… “Along With That ignorant Young Money/ Miami **Beach** Shit”

  • Trevor

    Drake is running shit right now.. Free Spirit!

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  • 123

    CAN someone PLEASE tell this dude that hip hop. HIP HOP is not hip hop without drums.
    You can’t make music without drums what the fuck. And this next dude calls that producing? Anyone can loop a single note and a wave sound to put you to sleep.

    So much potential. Why not fucking make music people can move to?

  • dll32

    @123: Who says he’s trying to make “Hip Hop” ?! It’s RAP. Get it right.

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  • King Cold

    B.O.B. = Lupe > Drake n Gay Cole

  • aw man this dat soundtrack to my life

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  • YOUR pusha

    theres something about drake no matter what he makes that i dont like, i try but i cant, hes way tooo soft for me but i appreciate why alot of females and some dudes like his music,hes got that boy next door appeal, but not for me

  • Sha

    COLE WORLD lol

  • No Swag

    @King Cold

    Let me fix that for you
    J.Cole = Lupe > B.O.B./Drake

  • m1

    this shit cold garbage what are u supposed to do to this besides commit suicide!!!!u new rap/hip-hop heads are lost.son is nice and all but that emo-hoe shit is wack it always seems like niggaz forgot to add the rest of the beat on these songs.niggaz cant even freestyle to this shit.

  • KFree713

    @PHREASHest, I honestly felt like that line was for Jay Z. He’s even said in interviews how him & Jay use to just talk about life and different shit, how Jay would give him advise on this and that. Think about the past year though…from Drake takin a shot at the wtt album when it was announced they were doing it, to his contribution on “It’s Good.” Wayne been on some “self” shit true since he been outta jail…but Weezy da bOSS!! Lol

  • See(sic)

    I like drake, especially being a canadian… He goes hard for the country. @yung icy boi, he is not the best canadian rapper. Shad K is the best when it comes to canadian hip hop. Check him out if you haven’t already shadk.com/bloggyblog

  • RC

    This song is cold.

    Story Telling, Production, lyrics. Of course he couldnt put this out as a single, but this is an awesome album track.

    This shit right here is fire.

  • Get Real

    I really don’t see how you can’t like this guy. #firerecord

  • 9th wonder


  • Da Snake


  • Big LG

    not the biggest drake fan, but I’m liking this song. good job

  • M4

    So far with Drizzy’sFree Spirit and Club Pardise. Take Care >>>> Carter 4 lol.

  • DJ Semtex’s Prosthetic


  • Lyrics aint everything

    Why do people keep talking about lyrics and what’s hip hop and what’s not? Last time I checked you’re not fucking hip hop president. It’s just music and drake makes good music. If you want lyrics go listen to keith murray or canibus they have enough lyrics to please you so called hip hop heads. There will always be people who can rap like crazy that can’t make a hit song and there will always be soulja boys who suck and make hit songs, but a guy like drake who is very talented and popular gets so much hate is just ridiculous. Stop trying to take music so serious and just enjoy. if you don’t like it don’t listen.

  • mittyCENT

    Drizzy Drake Wheelchair Rogers. [2]!!!

  • baby jane

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