Hip-Hop Remembers 9/11: 10 Years Later

Today marks 10 years since the tragic 9/11 terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. Millions across America and around the world remembers those who lost their lives when the hijacked planes crashed into the World Trade Center in NYC, the Pentagon near D.C., and in western PA. The Hip-Hop community took to Twitter to share their thoughts. #Neverforget

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  • converse


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  • white&blackPRIDE

    fuck all those terrorists. but you know there out there planning another 1.

    if you see Khaled bin Abdul Khaled acting funny and he has a bag on him run for your life

  • R.I.P to all the people who died 10 years from now. Sad seeing all these heroes and heroins risking there lives saving others and putting there lives to risk. Prayers to all there families!

    Conspiracy theory:Governent.
    But I don’t give a fuck! When I see a iraqi motherfucker today imma bout to set off on that nigga! Fuck that going to the army set off rounds on all those fucking towel heads!!!

  • KillaCam

    inside job

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  • Nine11

    just ran thru the above comments (4 of them) and ….*exhales in dispair* *drops mic & walks away* smh

  • ridalen

    Keep your conspiracy theories off the comments for one day and pay respects to the lost.

  • Cali760

    Ignorant people who think the government plotted this. You guys really believe everything on TV huh? Stop trying to be like Huey Freeman.
    God Bless America!

  • BG

    B Dot’s tweet has nothing to do with the importance of today. It really shouldn’t have been included.

  • R.I.P To All The Innocent Lives Lost, That Day Was Just The Saddest Shit Man. Prayers to the Families Hurting 10 Years Later.

  • Post no billz

    wasnt juelz santana tha idiot that was praising the attackers on old dip set mixtapes.. fuckin moron..

  • KillaCam

    “Ignorant people who think the government plotted this. You guys really believe everything on TV huh?” the tv is telling us the exact opposite dumbass

  • Jaymalls

    This is all a conspiracy… If you ever watched the show RUBICON on AMC, then you will know that there are groups of elite people that fund wars and great events like this. Even though tragic, there were hundreds of people who made billion dollar contracts of this.

    There are over 1500 architects that agree that this was no accident…. No plane could have taken down the world trade center… NO MATTER HOW MUCH FUEL IT HAD!!! Also the way it dropped in on it self like a pancake didn’t add up… controlled explosives had to be used. I can go on and on…. fuck the GOV’t

    P.S. I am from NY, and i remember my mother pulling me and my brother out of middle school and taking us to my grandmothers because we thought WWIII was coming. #RealShit

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  • DJ Khalid

    Thats how you know America is soft. Shit like this goes down in Iraq and overseas everyday. Niggas acting like they were effected by this. Unless you from New York and had a family member die this is not a nation tradgedy its a local tradgedy. The day after 9/11 shit got to normal in whatever city you were from except NY. God Bless America thats selfish you should say GOD BLESS THE WORLD!

  • sway-z

    The only “conspiracy” if you want to call it that, was the effort of the government to try & conceal some of the information they had after the fact. They knew about these dudes for months, and failed to act.

    Instead of hunting & fishing, Bush could’ve been at the fucking White House looking at the documents about the rising threat level, but it never got that far, because his people failed him, and us.

    But what we really need to focus on today are the brave souls who walked into them burning buildings trying to save people. That’s what it’s about!

  • fuk waka

    y is bdot der… when it says hiphop remembers?

  • Cali760

    @KillaCam so all the “conspiracy programs” about 9/11 on the History channel, FOX, MSNBC, etc is just an act of imagination? Fucking dipshit.

  • Fuck Ya Life

    Why is Jay-Z’s tweet up there cuz it don’t say anythin. Anyway it shows how dumb niggas up here are like @jaysmalls how the fuck u gonna say no plane shouldve brought down the towers, do u know how big a 747 jet is and them shits can go far so who knows how much fuel that thing takes but crashing them things into a building was the same as a bomb going off and its not like it fell as soon as it happened that shit burned for a min no building could withstand that much. But most conspiracy theorist are just paranoid fucks anyway.

    Anyway R.I.P. to the people that lost there lives in this day 10 years ago in NY, PA, and DC.

  • @DjKhalid you are one ignorant fukk if America is soft then take your dumba$$ somewhere else how was it just a local tragedy when thousands of people from the U.S and world died that day

  • dj khaled is an arab

    Thats how you know America is soft. Shit like this goes down in Iraq and overseas everyday. Niggas acting like they were effected by this. Unless you from New York and had a family member die this is not a nation tradgedy its a local tradgedy. The day after 9/11 shit got to normal in whatever city you were from except NY. God Bless America thats selfish you should say GOD BLESS THE WORLD!

    ha ha ha thats cause those countries are all fucked up and wack. who the fuck wants to live there. amercia is somewhere where people go to from all over the world.

  • osama bin laden II


  • Converse

    Karma is a bitch

  • KillaCam

    @Cali760, that’s because people are starting to wake up! you simply accept what is, without asking the fundamental questions that need to be asked. such as: who? what? where? why? how? and when? you believe the who (bin laden), the what (wtc, pentagon), the where (shanksville, DC, NYC), the why (because bin laden hated america), the how (airplanes – from unskilled pilots) and you believe the when (9/11)! you believe the official report, because you’re a conformist sheep. i bet you shop @ hollisters, drink machiatos @ starbucks and have an iphone too…you believe the hype from a charismatic person who, in your eyes, would never lead you a stray!!!!!!!!!

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  • Chris

    People need to chill with the ignorance on both sides.
    RIP to the victims of 9/11 and the soliders and civilians of the proceeding wars because of it.

    A decade on let’s educate ourselves and understand one another

  • Jane Doe

    RIP to all the victims on 9-11. God Bless us all.

  • Donn

    Just send ur condolences and keep it moving trolls

  • Star Bwoy

    @Fuck Ya Life…. do some research before you post. A 747 can not take down a building demolition style. Watch the footage carefully and please tell me how building 7 dropped?

  • still best rite now!!

    wtf is up with Jay Z? lol after the VMAz, he tweeted “Chris Brown”

    now just says “Sept, 11” huh? get over youself u self-centered bastard, why have a twitter account if youre too cool articulate a complete sentence FOH

  • KristieGile

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  • hm

    kinda weird that 19 foreigners were able to pull this off
    RIP TO THE VICTIMS… sad way to go..
    is jay-z referring to the date blueprint dropped?

  • a yo

    lol b dot a blogger is hip-hop…. you are a rap news aggregator your opinion don’t really count homeboy, stick to staring at twitter people

  • KillaCam

    @hm, jay-z is always sucking his own dick, he doesnt care about nobody except himself! thats nothing new!

  • hm

    numerous video footage of people on scene hearing and seeing explosions at the base of the buildings

  • hm

    bin laden was doing business with America also.. or should i say with bush… oil business…


  • hm

    Arbusto Energy

  • hm

    but the memorial is beautiful and i hope to be alive to see the new buildings as a finished product…. PEACE

  • wickwickwack

    i remember the blueprint …

  • djodo


    My heart goes out to the families who lost loved ones 10 years ago today. Salute to my second home NEW YORK CITY.

    Kid Cudi

  • Fuck Ya Life

    @Star Bwoy

    No u tell me tell me since u know the information right?

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  • Lol Jay Z my nigga for that shorta$$ tweet lol

    RIP to the lost people on 9/11.

    Krsh Rapey Out Krsh

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  • Fortune


  • KillaCam

    @Fortune, yeah his wack ass album blueprint 1, which sucks as hell! dont get me wrong, i LOVE reasonable doubt, i LOVE the black album, i LOVE american gangster BUT blueprint 1 is one hell overrated and annoying album, shame on you jay for such a pure garbage!!!

  • I can’t afford to ♥ NY

    When they build new towers? 10 years and still no towers wtf? NYC is a beautiful city and home of the greatest music genre of all time: Hip-Hop. I need visit NYC one day, but I’m too broke. And I’m fascinated with this Bike Messengers it looks like good job for me because bicycles are my life. Oh and I almost forgot RIP to all the victims. PEACE PEACE America

  • drew who

    the new building is half built ^

  • Blog commenter

    Rip of course to the victims, buuuttt this fool said bp1 was wack, lol your a fool

  • Craig

    @DjKhalid U are exactly right. People die everyday. As a matter of fact the US kills people everyday in war. None of that would have happened if we weren’t in their countries in the first place and I’m talking way before 911.

  • Your ass is gay

    Hey, To many hatred on this site…you need to watch your mouth before someone does it for you, you fucking coon. Don’t make me park this slave ship up your nigger ass hole. We all know niggers can’t join the army because your skin is too dark you fucking cotton pickin’, welfare stealing nigger!

  • One Love…my condolence to te victims of this day.

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