• Dreezy

    KTT WE BLOWIN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LongLungz

    I wouldn’t hold my mother fucking breath. Shits gonna get delayed like 7 times.

  • Jazz

    KTT all day

  • LongLungz

    Besides he don’t celebrate thanksgiving lying ass friend of the people

  • tony

    Lu the goat

  • catcher freeman

    well he did release enemy of the state ’09 thanksgiving, hope so though itunes been crying for some mixtape lu

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  • tony

    the cool


    fnf 1
    fnf 2
    fnf 3

    lupe jedi
    return of the jedi
    lasers mixtapes

    countless features

    army girl
    fire (hendrix)
    stereo sun
    shinning down
    what u want

    lupe fiasco is the goat….

    my opinion ass wholes


  • tony

    1. Lupe fiasco
    2. Ghostface killah
    3. Common
    4. Jay-z
    5. 2pac
    6. Rza
    7. Mos def
    8. Kanye West
    9. Nas
    10. Biggie
    11. Black thought

    Again my opinion ass wholes

  • JayZ

    ^Go to sleep kid,your taste is garbage. Kanye>BT kill yourself! What are you 10yr? smh

  • JayZ


  • Ezekiel

    Straight up I don’t trust you anymore Lupe. Deliver on this one, even if it’s some made up bullshit (wasn’t “Enemy” recorded in like a day?)


    Alright,Alright. LUPE!!

  • LilWayneWeezyFbaby


    finally something to counteract the bullshit thats been playing

    WAle,Lupe,Big sean, Kendrick lamar,drake,J.Cole, Kudi For The MuthaFukin WIN

  • navo

    lol damn thats pretty sad that your just posting this info from a random person on KTT

  • K

    he probably will go thru with this. it’ll be exactly 2 years after his last mixtape

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  • Mes_Cudi

    I talked to Dre, he’s dropping Detox tommorow. See what I did there?

  • Dr. Dre

    Detox 2020. real talk.

  • Haha that’s me in the picture FIASCO FRIDAY

  • yessir

    Eminem would murder lupe on a track… And eminem is a way better rapper than lupe.. So is nas raekwom and just about everyone else…. Lupe is a poser and over rated.. He is not be mentioned in the same breath as eminem.nas.raekwon.common.blaqthought

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    move on folks lupe fiasco is just a shallow nigga, he doesnt fuck with obama
    therefore i cant fuck with lupe
    unless its anal we’re talkin about 😉

  • Blog commenter

    Oh look at me I post my top 10 I’m so cool please respond so we can argue about who’s better

  • KillaCam

    DETOX gonna be a posthumous album mofuckaz!!! MARK MY WORDS!!!

  • CT



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