ESGN: Freddie Gibbs “Get Well Soon Peyton”

The gangsta has returned. After noticing Freddie Gibbs’ insightful and often humorous observations on sports through his Twitter account, Rap Radar decided to give him a forum to express his thoughts on the thrills of victory and the agonies of defeat. It’s Gangsta Gibbs Wide World Of Sports. The black Bill Simmons is here. And for his 13th column, weighs in on week one of the NFL season and Indianapolis Colts QB, Peyton Manning’s neck injury.

ESGN bitch. Back like we left our weed on yo baby mama’s kitchen table.

A nigga finally got a chance to really watch some football this week due to the fact that I had a week off. Plus my cable company gave us free NFL Sunday ticket for the weekend. I remember the good old cheater would allow us to just steal shit like that.

But anyway NFL week one was exciting. Either that or we were all just happy that lockout shit didn’t bleed over into the season.

The Thursday night game was off the chain. As I said via Twitter, the Packers look focused, which means my BEARS gotta be twice as focused to challenge them in the NFC North. The 2 time 100-Million Dollar Man, Mike Vick, was in MVP form with almost 200 yards passing and about a buck on the ground.

Even the 49ers got a W.

Ted Ginn from “The” Ohio State University showed his ass with 2 kick return TDs in less than a minute.

There were a few blowouts as well. The Steelers got outclassed and outmuscled by the Ravens 35-7. And the Bills whooped up on the Chiefs in a very lopsided victory that really could’ve went either way, ’cause both teams suck.

There was plenty of action in week one, but there was still some magic missing from the league this week: Peyton Manning.

Now, I hate the Colts and they deserved every bit of that ass beatin’ they got from the Texans. But it was sort of like beating a dead horse. I don’t like kicking the enemy when they’re down, I want my enemy to be at its full potential when I fuck ’em up. Without Peyton, Indianapolis looked like a JV squad. Granted, Kerry Collins is a solid veteran in this league, but he’s no Peyton. His two lost fumbles and sub-par performance on Sunday proved that.

It made me think though: What would the league be without Peyton? Nobody other than Tom Brady prepares and executes at the QB position better than him. He’s arguably been the best in the business for the past 10 years. And although my heart rests in Soldier Field, I wouldn’t mind seeing him make another run at a ring.

Such a decorated career deserves more jewelry and it’ll be sad to see the Peyton Manning era succumb to a career-ending neck surgery. I hope he makes a full recovery. Losing 10 percent of the motion in your neck is some serious shit. In fact, that makes it hard for you to do regular shit, let alone play football. I hate him the most because he’s the best.

Get well soon Peyton, the league ain’t the same without you.

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  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Colts need to call David Garrard to replace Collins. My Ravens beatdown the steelers. B-More lets get it man its our year.

  • PaVaris

    Very articulate. This why I appreciate Rap Radar.

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  • James

    Someone obviously edits Gibbs’ writing. It would probably look like: Dat [email protected] $hol is gh00d

  • B.Dot

    it’s actually all him.

  • Musikal

    Peyton Manning runs that team he is better than Eli.

  • A

    @musikal whhooaa… Wait a minute… Water is wet?

  • devante

    yea with peyton being out the balance of the NFL has shifted drastically. nfc is gonna have a lot of surprises

  • devante

    yea with peyton being out the balance of the NFL has shifted drastically. nfc is gonna have a lot of surprises.

  • Converse

    Damn? I didnt know robots could get injury lol? no doubt, he will go down as one of the greatest qb to play the game

  • Manana

    I know who edits gibbs writing bit won’t say it now. Maybe a later date…..

  • Big LG

    That means my patriots are finally on top. we dont like to admit it, but Peyton manning is better than brady, and him being injured does make our season easier

  • James


    Well it looks like we have another pLIES situation on our hands. No reason “Gangsta” Gibbs is as grammatically accurate as someone who was a 3.8 in history (Me). Thuggin’ in the front of the class? I think not. HA!

  • Ben

    ^Dumbass! Stop sterotyping kid. I know idiots who are in collage, so knock that shit off.

  • Your ass is gay

    Big LG, take Manning’s dick out of your mouth. It’s off putting the way you like his dick, stuffed in your mouth.

  • Your ass is gay

    Peyton Manning is a bitch-ass nigga. Just like his Freddie Gibbs.

  • Iamhiphopurnot

    Contrary to popular opinion, a majority of the true gangsters I know are very well spoken and highly intelligent which is why they have been so successful. A college degree doesn’t mean much when you’re running your own businesses. If you truly listened to Gangsta Gibbs lyrics you would see how truly articulate he could be. Plies vs. Gibbs, no! No comparison. Plies is a buffoon. Gibbs is a business man, sticking to his “guns” and his art with no major label support. The fact that he can write should come as no surprise.

  • damn

    fuck this bitch ass nigga peyton, who cares….


  • Yomster

    Kinda ironic how @James is by far the most ignorant person here.

  • mac DIESEL





  • LoomDiddy