Nas Releasing Memoir

Nas is known to write in his book of rhymes past the margins and today, Atria/Simon & Schuster Books announced that he will release his memoir in Fall 2012.

It Ain’t Hard To Tell will be co-written by journalist Touré and will delve into past relationships with Carmen Bryan and Kelis; beefs with Jay-Z and Bill O’Reilly; and his mother’s tragic battle with cancer. In 2009, Michael Eric Dyson penned the biography, Born To Use Mics.

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  • stop hating

    This gon do Harry Potter Numbers!!! lol

  • Biittcchh!

    Im all over this joint when it drops…

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  • Able Danger

    It Ain’t Hard to Tell someone types TOO fast.

  • Jay-Z

    Well he can’t sell albums no more what makes you think he can sell books. Nas only went to the 6th grade, HE CAN’T EVEN READ!

  • stop hating

    jayz, it was 8th grade >_> . Able danger, the book is “It aint too hard to tell”, the song is called “it aint hard to tell”

  • Able Danger

    @stop hating
    That’s weird! Thanks tho good lookin out. ‘Memory Lane’ would seem more fitting. Seein as I’ll prolly read it sittin in da park.

  • Sam I Am

    there’s definitely going to be some shots at JIgga in that book

  • Playalistic Mentality

    Who cares how much grades he have. Nas got Knowledge of Self.

  • HAHA

    This is dope…I will definitely be purchasing this book by Nas. The rapper who just won a national Emmy for his narration (READING) of the documentary ‘Survival 1’, the man whose last two solo albums have received gold certified plaques without any radio hits, the legendary artist who has toured the globe for the past two years (continuing to do so) off the request of his collaboration with Damian Marley. the artist that has written some of the most prolific songs in hip hop history and last but not least the artist who has some of the hottest verses this year on songs such as ‘Nasty,’ ‘Ghetto Dreams,’ and ‘Outro’.

    Although, Nas dropped out of school he has obvious insight beyond his education years and can read and write well enough to have several platinum and gold album plaques (not singles) throughout his legendary career.

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  • RoZaY

    Must check this out!my ultimate favorite MC.

  • child please

    Nas is GOAT next to.pac

  • Converse


  • 123

    Better be over 300 pages. I want details !!!

  • True

    20 years in the game. Nas has definitely solidified his spot in the game. The best to do it.

  • ironic

    YO, Born To Use Mics was NOT a biography. I have the book right next to me now. It is an analysis of each song on the Illmatic album by a number of scholars and social commentators. NOT A BIOGRAPHY….cmon son, you know you can do better than that….

  • clos1881

    @jayz for a nigga who cant sell albums he still has alot of number ones and gold and platinum albums just because he not on 106 and park dont mean shit. I will definitely be buying this book he.s lived a hell of a life.

  • NotoriousRambo.


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  • http://Wearecommingtogetyoumrrobertwilliam. I dont hate

    I want some shots at jigga and a song with em

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  • Lil’ Wayne


  • Jay-Z

    Its going to be a picture book that talks when you turn the page

  • Able Danger

    I knew that title was wrong.

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  • LITO


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