Game Reveals Title Of Next Album

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While in the lab, producer 1500 Or Nothin’ and Game hit the Ustream. During the session, Game revealed the title of his last Interscope album will be, Soundtrack To Chaos. He also says it still will not have any features.

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  • Tommy

    he sounds very confident…

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  • Davvvve

    He Needs Features At Least 5.

  • D

    sounds dope!


  • Black Shady

    its a good idea UNTIL Jimmy Iovine calls this nigga like ; da fuck no features and no dre beats no nothing?
    Game is doing 95k first week with half the industry on his album. now he thinks hes gonna do good by himself? LOL!

    (and dont get it twisted, im not saying sales = quality. what im saying is Jimmy I is all about money. he doesnt care about quality smh)

  • bhikku

    LMMFAO. He thinks he can carry an album with no Jeezy or Big Boi or Dre to mimic? Soundtrack to Mediocrity is more like it.

    Why does this bi-polar Stan still have fans? Cop that Section 80 or Follow Me Home for real West Coast music.

  • Litespeed

    wont be anything different unless i produce it

  • wow

    How did you just hate on game and put follow me home as something to listen to..jay rock sounds like a 2001 artist..he’s so outdated with his sound…

  • 50KtoFuckUpYourWeek

    “and will not have any features OR SALES”

  • Diggy Simmons

    So NO name dropping, NO features, and NO Dre beats wow that means NO green light from Jimmy Ivine.

  • Musikal

    He has to have features. The rap industry revolves around it.

  • MKvsDC

    why does this dude still think its cool to name drop? “Tupac this, Biggie that.” It was OK on the first album… but three albums later he’s still doing it? No growth, this is why he fell off.

  • ppppp

    he needs features because hes game.

    i so hope he actually does this so he’ll fail miserably and he’ll realize how shitty he is.

  • Donn

    There will be features and the album title will change three or four times. Trust…

  • King Cold

    C’mon guys give this man a break…he just put out a dope ass album prolly the best of 2011…it might nt be on Nas’s Jay’s or Em’s level bt still cut the hate y’all…

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  • zezzoi

    not hating, but yeah, wont happen, album will get pushed back 6 months to a year

  • jermz dash

    Some 1 tell this nigga to address @rosemo from bws knockin this nigga the fuck out in front of his kids

  • SmokeYou

    While I’m all for another Game album… Soundtrack to Chaos is not a good album title. Just my opinion.

  • frank

    yea i didnt like the album title too but the idea is great hope it comes out maybe next year i wanna gear how it will sound one love to game man

  • Word

    Theres no features but hes going to drop so many names that you would think there are.

  • Jaymalls

    @Black Shady
    Co-Sign… This nigga Game pulled a DJ Khaled and put half the INDUSTRY on HIS album. No matter how many niggas may think that shit was DOPE, that shit gets no respect from me. HE didn’t have a overall theme throughout… Didnt put anything on his album that i didnt hear before… and HE rarely did more than 1 VERSE per track. He averaged something like 1.2 verses per song. WTF part of the game is that??? (No Pun Intended!)

  • RoZaY

    Internet nerds will hate.i’m looking forward to this,Game.

  • toph

    yall seriously hatin that hard and dumb as fuck!!??

    game just spittin bars over some crazy ass dope beats will be another classic
    stop hatin games the best mainstream artist in the game

  • toph

    and game was the main part in every single song on red smh, theres 10 classic songs on that album

  • IIG

    1500 or Nothin is a production team, not one person.

  • Mike Jones

    Won’t drop for a good 4 years… Will probably take another 2 for Detox to drop.. Still gotta move units with the present Red Album before Interscope opens a budget for any GAME project…

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