New Music: Nick Cannon “Deadlines”

Y’all know I’m a big Drake fan… But I went in on this freestyle

Over Drizzy’s latest single, Mr. Hojangles flaunts his riches—and you bitches, for his latest freestyle. Are y’all still there?

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  • M

    What. The. Fuck?

  • dito

    Ya’ll don’t have to document everything that is hiphop related. imo

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  • Word

    This nigga went in. NICE

  • I’m not even gonna play it.. Might regret it, later on.. The title just makes it seem like its a Drake diss, tho.

  • i though he was gonna go in for real this nigga just spit couple bars he might have wrote down…okay rap radar stop it…i cant front i like I’m so wack cause it was creative

  • cheetos

    wasn’t bad, too bad eminem made him look like an all time fag

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Co-Sign @ Cheetos

    and i thought he said he was going “in”…….yeah he went in alright, right back the fuck inside where he came from.

  • That would be Corey

    He must not have any real friends to run stuff like this by. He has probably never heard the words ” Nick this is not hot”.

  • JReezy

    Garbage is the best compliment I can give.

  • Sam I Am

    You know damn well, he snuck behind Mariah’s back to put this wack shit out there. this is a parody of a joke.

  • yo this shit is fire!

  • Jimmy

    LAME. this guy is a clown. All i think about now when I hear his name is Eminem murdering him and his wife. Like Game said…..”You do NOT mess w/ Em.”

  • izzie_fareal

    Mr Carey Please sit ALL the way the Fuck downnnnn….go be a house husband, clown!


    Might be da first time i heard Nick say NIGGA…almost fell out out my chair LOL

  • crysis

    Hojangles thats some straight up gay shit there. thats funny cause that fits him cause he is a HO. LOL

  • i can’t front this go kind of hard lol http://www.BUYBEATSTODAY.COM

  • mariana

    Mr. Cannon whos paper? Your paper or your wifes paper? lmao