New Video: Frank Ocean “Thinking About You”

[vodpod id=Video.15412333&w=540&h=350&fv=]

Frank Ocean teams up with High Five Collective to bring forth his new video for his track which was written for Bridget Kelly. Interesting video to say the least.

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  • Hip Hop Fan

    So it was all a dream?

  • dashing

    Dope-ass video! Great song. I expect to hear this all over the radio for awhile. Bridget lost.

  • Capeman

    Odd video but still nice and great song.

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  • Obama

    Soooooo… Cowboys and Aliens basically… Whatever…. This dude is WAY over rated… The whole game’s about hype now…




  • Sc_R

    This not a fan made video?

  • Sam I Am

    I still it fucked up how this was handled. So was this meant for bridget to release or not?

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  • Donn

    Im rocking Bridget Kelly’s version.

  • fucking life

    dope shit….

  • The greek black jesus

    satan is real…..this song and video suck

  • veesky

    It was kinda wack for his version to come out 1st if it was intended for her to build some buzz…but still, her acoustic version kills! Look it up on YouTube

  • The High 5 Collective made some equally-strange unofficial fan videos for Tyler, The Throne and The Weeknd amongst others.

    I thought this was a fan video until I realised Frank is the nurse. He must have approached them, nice.

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  • I’ve seen a couple of of their videos and i was hoping to see it blend with the lyrics of the video, but this didnt and at moments it did, like for tyler’s Transylvania i was hoping it would be dark like The Throne And Frankie but it was skateboarders but either way its artistic and i admire their creativity in all their shit

  • -__-

    I thought Unofficial videos don’t have the artist in it, wasn’t Frank the doctor? and how is he overrated? Is it cause he hangs with Odd Future? He’s better than all of them and he’s better than half the RnB singers out there, Chris Brown, Lloyd, Trey Songz, Miguel’s lame ass and who fuckin, Drake? LOL aren’t they the only ones “doing it”? Oh and it’s not his fault his version got more love than Bridgett Kelly, she’s not blowing up? blame Jay-Z, just like y’all do for J. Cole’s and Jay Electronica’s fuck ups. Anyways dope video, in order for him to get mainstream nuthugging he needs to hop on a bunch of hooks lol

  • dope video by the creative directors.

  • jholla

    i took the video as a boy about to lose his brother and frank as the nurse told him a story about how this farmer gave his life through a ring to save another.

    so by telling him this in a way can give a young boy an explanation on why people die, a purpose in a way.

  • Tyler, The Debater


  • This shit been tight.Love this song.Don’t get the vid.may have to rewatch

  • King

    Dope video.. The concept is That his wife was dying, and went to the witch doctors to save her (guessing she was pregnant which explains her son at the end) and The witch doctor gave him the opportunity to give his life to save hers. which he did in the form of that ball of light. While Frank is explaining that to her son, He is watching her on her death bed with the indian dream catcher in the baccground. And you see the light flickering out…

  • @king Nah see the lady in the hospital is in a coma and there is an indian dreamcatcher on top of her bed.Frank works in the hospital or it may even be her house and he is telling the story about the couple going to the witch doctor to the lady’s son and they are 2 different stories.The Indian/couple part is the son and lady in a coma’s dream I is definently the coma’ lady’s dream though..They never acted like the lady was pregnant in the Indian scene.

  • Odd…VERY odd…but I fux wit it and I love the song.

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  • Kelon

    I think it’s Frank telling a story to the boy.. But as far as the connection from song to video.. I think it’s about the struggle to get someone you once loved back. Only the story being told is pertaining to the song.. The characters are merely that. Its Franks story, being told to the boy. They are the same people because its how the boy is visualizing it to whats happening using real life comparisons. crazy how he can make a song so far out of the box and yet its still beautiful..

  • Lanea

    I thinl the video is from the movie The Impossible