R.Kelly Dropping Black Panties

Kells stopped by 107.5 WGCI’s The Morning Riot today for his first interview since his throat surgery. He announced the title of his next album, Black Panties, which he says will be better than 12 Play and reveals the first single “10 Minutes” is coming soon.


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  • kareem

    this nigga kels is a pervert to the death of him, lmfao

  • NuJew

    so i heard he likes the teenage department…

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  • Tropicana

    that negro..kells loves the women…and “10 minutes” i wonder whats that going to be about??…

    Target giving out $1,000 giftcards http://goo.gl/H7efB ..4 their 30th anniversary..next 24 hours only..

  • Gordon B.

    More like yellow panties.

  • carol

    rr supports CO’s and pedafiles

    he got aaliyah pregnant underage and we all know about the tape but he paid them off and now he got money problems

  • fucking life

    black panties is the sexiest

  • chdlfj


    You ugly, bitter bitch. Kellz didn’t get Aaliyah pregnant at all. What’s your problem?

    Go get a job or something.

    Kellz will never have “money problems”. The hell! He’s a business man.

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  • carol


    google both things i said and you will see

    i hate when people try to defend someone not knowing all the facts

  • ironic

    fuck this pedofuck…

  • chdlfj

    DEAD @ saying “google” and saying those are facts.

    Low life, hating a** b*tch!

  • chdlfj

    Those aren’t facts! They’re RUMORS. Learn the difference and get a damn life!

  • bignic


    Fuck you, dumbfuck.

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  • dmv

    this dude is a genius lls “R kelly dropping black panties” i swear he named it Black panties on purpose

  • pity

    more like pissy panties lol most of yall hating on kells was conceived due to his music yall should be thanking him

  • Davvvve

    He Maybe a Pervert Or Whatever You Wanna Reffer Him As…But He Makes Good Music

  • Haterz

    @ dmv
    Hahah, No s*** he named it that on purpose

  • The GOAT

    Kelz is the GOAT.i dont care what ya’ll say.and he writes for himself and others.

  • most interesting thing i got from the interview was when he said “it seems like you’re ready” is his fav song from his catalog

  • b.moore

    King of this Shit…everybody is going to have there two cents …bit the bul makes good music

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  • Kels knows how to make the ladies love him so I’m sure his new album will sell….

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B84WF91U2bE&w=420&h=315%5D

  • child please

    Pedo piss on girls micheal jackson went through the same shit r kelly will be un appreciated until he is fead an gone his music will be timeless

  • Listen to Get Down – R kelly would like this ha ha http://omg.ly/Lkj5

  • V Dogg

    Carol who are we to judge, everyone make mistakes from time to time…we must learn to forgive and be tolerant with one another…We are so quick at pointing fingers at others while we have our own skeletons trapped in our closets. I bet you there are things you have done which you dont want people to know…even if he was bankrupt which he is NOT, he still have his fans…dont rejoice in your neighbors misfortune my sista…the tables may turn on you for the worse tomorrow.
    If you really think his guilty of sex crimes…pray for him..dont cast stones at the brother…
    I suggest you start listening to his music and appreciate his teaching.
    Peace out….
    I cant wai for his new album….
    V-Dogg….South Africa

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