J.Cole “Before I’m Gone” In Dallas

One time for the city, hey. Two times for you. And last night, J.Cole brought a personal Friday Night Lights favorite to Palladium during his Cole World tour stop in Dallas. He’s “Looking For Trouble” below.

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  • Ez

    Cole IS Awesome

  • Black Shady

    200k first week. YES I SAID IT

    COLE WORLD NO MOTHERFUCKIN BLANKET!!! 10 days left….go fuckin cop it

  • BluntBlowin_

    60k first week for that weak piece of trash. Cole heating up like lasagna LMFAO, screams dissapointment.

    Take Care

  • Former J. Cole Stan

    Put “Cheer Up” on yo debut you stupid motherfucker. In the moring makes the final cut but cheerup don’t. YOU LOSING COLE!

  • Former J. Cole Stan

    Put “Cheer Up” on your debut you stupid motherfucker. In the moring makes the final cut but cheer up don’t. YOU LOSING COLE!

  • suppppppppp

    200k first week

  • Donn

    Idk how to feel about Cole’s future. Yes he can rap but so can alot of kats. He doesnt have a unique flow, unique style that makes him stand out. Say wat u want but Jay, Kanye, Nicki, Drake, BoB, Big Sean, Eminem, Wiz, etc. They have distinct styles that make them stand out and become a brand. Cole can rap just like Royce, Kendrick Lamar, Big KRIT, Prodigy, Immortal, Nipsey, etc. But their career will never go any farther than underground and a few thousand copies cus they dnt take chances, switch up their style, collab with other genre’s. I love Cole’s music. I hope he doesnt fade. But just rapping good isnt enough. Even Eminem wore stupid outfits, rapped about raping children and butt fucking boys (yea boy shake that ass, oops i mean girl, girl girl girl “Lose It”)

  • xp

    texas fuck with cole heavy

  • New J. Cole Stan

    J. Cole break Nsync record from 2000 for most albums sold in 1 week.

  • Bx Slime

    @Donn: I see your point and you make a lot of sense. However J. Cole has been getting better in such a short time in both his rhyming and producing. Unlike SOME of the rappers you mentioned that stand out, J. Cole has this ability to be able to connect to the audience and his story-telling is incredible, which is why in the long-term he is gonna be successful in the mainstream. He needs to get better on his song-writing skills and producing, but seeing how quickly he is improving in all aspects as an artist it won’t take long until he is an elite MC. the debut will be like Ye’s the CollegeDropout and his 2nd album is gonna be like Late Registration. Btw he has a big fan base so he is gonna always sell alot of records.

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    I kinda agree with @Donn he need to take more chance to really blow up. I want J. Cole to make his own lane, I know he is influence by alot of his favorite rapper but he gotta remember he not them and to be himself. I never seen so much potential in one artist before. The he is a storyteller he should showcase that in his music videos. I want Cole to win.

  • Donn

    Yea i think thats how i feel too. He has the potential to be a star but idk if potential is enough in this day in age. Like I feel like when I see Drake, he has that star quality, i know what to expect when I hear a Drake song or Em song, etc. I guess Cole needs a lane. I cant say I really see that star quality yet. Like wow its JCole. Cole has wowed me maybe once and that was on the GOOD FRIDAY track. When I was like Geeeezus. He sounded hungry. Cole needs bigger beats that challenge his songwriting. Im not say rap on pop beats but gimme sunntin fresh and outta the norm. That Pass Me By track was another wow moment. I wanna hear Cole on some Timbo, Alex Da Kid, Swizz Beatz, Neptunes, somethin different. Potential sometimes aint enough in this dying industry. If u aint got it, you aint got it, the theory is brilliant..

  • TVA

    Old Cole wouldn’t have made any of the singles that have come out. You got great story telling or rapid fire spitting. He’s learning to make radio records since that is his soft spot. The progression from Who Dat to Work Out to Can’t Get Enough shows you he is picking it up. Can’t Get Enough seems the most natural out of the 3.

    Kendrick is sticking just straight spitting but Cole being signed to Roc Nation is being asked to try and expand to make radio records. That’s what took the album so long to come out because Friday Night Lights plus the old songs that made the album were the first drafts. It’s what the Come Up/Warm Up fans came in loving but he’s trying to cross over which is going to require something to play in the clubs and on radio.

    If I can get Lights Please, The Simba Series, The Dollar and the Dream series AND some good solid radio records it’s an all around win. The single records just can’t feel forced. Who Dat was kinda forced but alright. Work Out honestly was kind of dope to me I liked the Kanye sample flip. And Can’t Get Enough is a perfect radio record. If Cole can look more comfortable in the videos it’ll be all good.

  • Bx Slime

    Co-sign each of ya’ll..Cept maybe the Alex Da Kid and Timbo beats lol no offense. His story-telling songs are what really set him apart mark my words when I say that “Nobody’s Perfect” on this album and “Cheer Up” which hopefully comes out later in the future are gonna be huge records, “Mr. Nice Watch” is a chart-topper. The thing is his “star-quality” is that he is almost like a normal person, he raps about things that EVERYONE can relate to and his substance is very vast and enjoyable, his songs like “Lights Please” never get old. On top of that his flow and lyricism is much better than most of the mainstream rappers out now.

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    He can’t lose that hunger thats what makes his music ill. I’m not trippin off singles, The College Dropout didn’t have that many radio singles All Falls Down getting play and Through The Wire had its run. Kanye didn’t really have his first big hit until Gold Digger. Cole knows what he’s doing he not not stupid. When I hear the Simba series thats I need to know this nigga is for real. J. Cole beats are good just not great he should explore more more producers no pop shit. I think he should world more with No I.D, Just Blaze, and he would kill a Dre beat. But time will tell if he was just another rapper with potenial or the greatest rapper to ever to ever do it.

  • Doctor Demise
  • sb
  • Get At Me For A Beat

  • Not sold that Cole is going to move units. He’s dope, just don’t see the commercial buzz myself. Good luck though, prove em’ wrong Cole!

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B84WF91U2bE&w=420&h=315%5D

  • You know what @ all of J.Cole’ s haters, Fuck all ya’ll ducks. Real is hittin ya’ll right in the face an ya don’t even recognize it. My nigga cole finna Blow up even more just from ya’ll hatin on em so give yourself all a round of applause, the whole clip….

  • @laidback_23

    I’m not really concerned with the sales because I think that people put a little too much stock in that nowadays. I think Cole SHOULD sell at least 150K his first week, you should get a good gage on that after the inevitable leak happens. What previous commenters have failed to mention is that Cole is currently on a World Tour off of mixtapes alone right now. He has been building a fanbase with the previous tours. As far as those who say he hasn’t carved his own lane, id have to disagree. He is doper than more than half of the people getting mainstream shine right now. Songs like, Cheer Up,Lights Please, Lost Ones and other songs of that nature is what separates him from other artists.

  • Word

    The fact that Cole went to College is enough to seperate him from most of his peers sotry wise. Most of the niggas you mentioned, same boring background. Single parent, Sold Drugs, become rapper. Wash, Rinse, Repeat. We’ve heard that before. Cole gives College students and general niggas around this age something to relate to. He can produce AND rap, not as good as Kanye but hes getting up there.

    Worldwide tours, Sell out shows, just from BEING HIMSELF. Not everybody can get that Lady Gaga money from the white crowd. But dude is multi-talented regardless. They play his songs on ESPN ALL THE TIME. Thats the sports crowd checking for him too. Hes even in the running for remaking the Baseball Tonight song for ESPN beating out acts like Travis Barker and some other popular artist from other genres.

    And you guys need to realize, star quality doesnt equal longevity or good sales. Look at Nelly. Look at BoB. He has a gold plaque but he flopped first week. Big Sean didnt even cross 100k either and he has a unique “style”. I think if you let Cole just be himself instead of trying to be what YOU want him to, he’ll be fine. His fans know him. His fans will support. Not everyones gonna do 1mil, 500k, or even 200k first week. Theres no way around it.

  • Converse



  • @laidback_23

    Cosign to Dope. I had that much wrote but shrunk it cuz I thought it was too much

  • Able Danger

    I know my debut will ship, but is it gonna sail/sale?

    Cole gives ya that golden era feel. I’m coppin his album at a mom n pop record shop and taking the 10 minutes it takes me to rip the packaging off just like I did with Illmatic (but that was a cassette for me, ask your parents about those kids) and Reasonable Doubt, shits too real for a download.

  • Vangoh

    @Donn how the hell u gon say he aint got a style..this nigga stand way out..he goin back to the basic of hip hop….i dont wanna hear 10 different personalities on a track..and u named some wack ass rappers…this nigga is actually spittin a message in his music..not just talkin about his money and the car he drive…this y rap is dead cause you niggas wanna hear bullshit all the time..i fuk wit real hip hop…COLE WORLD…RETURN OF 4EVA all day everyday…let these nigga give me a record deal and ima expose the whole rap industry and give em a reason to remember me

  • JetsssFool

    An album isnt defined by it sales or its radio play. Its defined by its musical content. If you knew hip-hop you’d know that. Tell me Section80 isnt the realest hiphop album of the year and then show me how much that sold. How many radio hits were there on illmatic? reasonable doubt? not saying Cole World is gonna be on that level just saying a classic doesnt need to be mainstream. Cole tells stories, sends messages, and spits flames. All im sayin is Cole World finna be a CLASSIC. MAKE WAY FOR THE CHOSEN ONE

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