Hip-Hop On Mayweather vs. Ortiz Fight

Last night, Floyd Mayweather remained undefeated with a KO victory over Victor Ortiz at the MGM Grand in Vegas. Minutes into the 4th round, Ortiz hit Mayweather with an illegal head butt. After Ortiz let his guard down in a apologetic embrace, Money pulled back and took advantage with a mean left hook and right cross that sent Ortiz to the canvas.

Of course, your favorite rappers’ favorite shit-talker all took to Twitter and weighed in on the fight as well as the incident afterwards between Money and Larry Merchant.

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  • It was a cheap shot.. I was going for Floyd.. But not like this!!

  • cheetos

    ive seen monkeys at the zoo that act better than mayweather

  • still best rite now!!

    im a Mayweather fan, but that was a sucker punch..& fair cuz ortiz headbutted him. *kanye shrug*

    Victor was outclassed period. Bring on PacMan tho..so Money can shut these whiny marks up! Bow

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  • rfeAGe

    lmaooooooooooooo the game post was fuckin funnyest shit ive ever seen haha
    and floyed is a pussy

  • James Allen

    mayweather is dirty and has no class, Ortiz tired to say sorry and the ref fucked up. UFC > boxing

  • fuk waka

    SMH was not cool… i blame the ref!

  • Jaymalls

    Watch white people fly off the handle now… A win is a Win! if you sitting @ home overweight n pussy, you have nothing to say.

  • Rick Party

    funk master tryna call ortiz soft, funniest shit of the night. Bet he wouldnt say that to his face with no protection with him. Happy Mayweather won though!

  • Cali’s Finest

    it was Bullshit. alot of Boxers get head butted…they don’t go back and do them dirty. 1 wrong doesn’t make a Game changing Right. especially when your ummm “the best of the best” and expected to show love for the sport. it’s your fault people going to MMA now lol.

    by the way, what’s B.Dot doing on the List!? lol 😛

  • dking

    stop cryin hes a fighter not a fuckin peace maker dirty fighter gets knocked out dirty!

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    And a headbutt is not dirty? Stfu. Ortiz was trying to make love to Floyd (Hugged him, kissed him, and the touched gloves twice). It’s a fight. So fight.

  • dking

    stop cryin hes a fighter not a fuckin peace maker dirty fighter gets knocked out dirty! Flow MAYWEATHER is 42-0 Best

  • still best rite now!!

    word…this a fight & niggas talkin bout class? go watch ballet

  • DJ Semtex’s Prosthetic

    im sure 50 cent is throwing a party or something right about now…

  • M5P

    I’m the biggest Mayweather fan. He suckered punched the dude. Flat out. But no one should be mad. The head butt, elbows, and I think I saw a few low blows by Ortiz were too much for Mayweather to not respond in kind. Listen, Floyd has an undefeated record, he has to protect it. If a fighter is going to try to cheat him and do some under hand shit to beat him he has to answer it quickly. That headbutt could have led to a bad cut on the eye, and that, in the end could have been the end to Floyd. I mean we’ve never seen Floyd after a loss, who knows how he will react. So, if someone is going to hand him and L, he is going to make them earn it.

    My view: Ortiz showed himself to be willing to do anything to win including cheating, once he cheated like that (and he clearly knew he was wrong) he open the door to the type of loss he received. He knows it, that’s why he is calling it a “learning experience” and the 2.5 million has him decently happy. Maybe he will higher a professional trainer now.

  • DJ PuraVida

    What a bitch move from mayweather, but a fight’s a fight

  • YaaaBitch

    All the fights are meaningless cuz its not Mayweather vs Pacqiou.


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  • BiggMar

    CtheGod had me rollin’ lol

  • Post no billz

    so all the rappers.are dickriding gayweather.. boxing is dead..


    justified you cant headbutt a nIcca and think its squashed 2 PIECE to the dome POW lol

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    Both y’all fight diiirty and do anything to win, whatever happened to honor and sportsmanship?? .. Pacquiao for President!

  • Blackapino

    Now mayweather gotta drop his balls and face PACMAN!!! Nice one two tonight doe

  • CaliSteppin

    Mayweather needs to cut the bullshit and fight pacman! Manny agreed to the tests already!

  • Davvvve

    a Bitch Move?
    Well That Was One Smart Bitch Move.!

  • A Win is a Win… Floyd’s the champ. Gratz to dude.

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B84WF91U2bE&w=420&h=315%5D

  • Cali760

    Of course the rappers are going to support the black dude haha

  • meTHATSwho


  • Dopeboy

    Ortiz is an idiot for trying to apologize. Do that after the fight not during the fight. If he wouldn’t of attempted the head butt it wouldn’t of went down like that. It was his doing. Should of kept his hands up. This is a fight not an after school special.


    Anyone saying “cheap shot” needs to get a reality check. It was a perfectly legal clock and Mayweather simply took advantage of Ortiz’s ROOKIE MISTAKE. If anything it’s Ortiz who had the cheap shot when he decided to head butt money…..lol

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  • YouKnowMe

    Cheap shot? But their fighting. Was Mayweather suppose to warn Ortiz that he was about to hit him?




  • çok çok güzel devam edin

  • JBoy

    Ortiz Is Not Pacquiao. Money Mayweather needs stop spent time to making excuses becauz he don’t want fight Pacman, and spend more time finding the heart to fight. So I hope Pacquiao Kick The Black Ass Of Mayweather.

  • leis

    good fight

  • K.O

    Ms Jackson knock me the fuck out#thatbitchbad

  • Ricky Retardo

    okay so lets recap for those who swear up and down Ortiz got sucker punched. 1st off THE HEAD BUTT: now following the head butt, after Ortiz throws another punch; during the ref initiating the removal of the points, Ortiz embraces Mayweather as a sign of remorse and touches gloves. then proceeds to speak to ref regarding removal of points. once points are removed, the ref backs off ortiz and he once again embraces Mayweather as a sign of good favor…


    now here is where it gets tricky. while backing off mayweather a few secs lapsed then “BANG, ZOOM!! right in the Kisser”!! but that was after the SECOND embrace and Floyd gave ample time for Ortiz to defend himself; this was still a live Multi-million dollar Prize Match that has yet ended its round. Now if floyd wanted to sucker punch ortiz he could have done it while ortiz was moving in for the 2nd embrace; but he allowed him to do it without an attack. after that back to the fight. this wasn’t a charity match. it was a REAL FIGHT! you protect yourself at all times and he had plenty of opportunity to do just that once his embrace was over. he don’t think like a winning fighter and he really didn’t look like he cared to win or not. Floyd has the winning attitude and thats why he is the best at this sport hands down. the only way to shut up his arrogant ego is to make him eat his words.

    you can’t call him a lazy fighter. you can’t say he isn’t sharp. you can’t say he isn’t disciplined. you can however say he is afraid to lose but he is not afraid to fight. and all you should do is fight while in that ring. no hugs, kisses or glove touching. do that when its over.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    *sarcasm* Birdman always talking about who he bet on and how much he betting never gets old. Shout out to Money Mayweather. A WIN is a WIN.

  • NewYork

    What a PUSSY move from Floyd.Scumbag,cant wait to see Pacman beat up this sucka ass nigga.

  • Phoenix

    Ortiz looked like an amateur up there. Mayweather always fights professionally.

    There’s no way Mayweather could possibly be faulted for this ending, in fact, it was a great finish. To be honest, what concerns me is that a fighter (Ortiz) could take a damn title fight so lightly that he’s more worried about kissing the other man than keeping his gloves up. After that headbutt, Mayweather’s face never changed the entire time. That motherfucker was set to “kill”. I could see that from my living room; if Ortiz missed it, he’s not a boxer anyway.

  • Black Shady

    Even before the KO you could see Ortiz was no match for Floyd…

  • Kofi

    Fuck all that “a win is a win” talk. BOTH fighters behaved disgracefully, Ortiz cheap headbutt, Mayweather cheap shot.. Even though the fight had been restarted how can you honestly feel like you won something like that? Mayweather could have taken the high ground and he would have beat Ortiz straight up and looked great doing it instead he pulled that shit and looks like an asshole. Shit like this is why boxing is in the sad state that it’s in. If I wanted to watch a street fight I could have just gone to WorldStar and save my $60.

  • NoSoup4Yu

    Hey I just remembered, ain’t jeezy cd supposed to come out on Tuesday? Or did that shit get pushed again


    @ NoSoup4Yu



  • Converse


    I fuck with boxing but mma is where real niggas live? money dont want it with Pacman tho? go look on wshh nigga contradicted hisself? pacman put fear in that nigga heart FACT

  • Converse

    O yeah fuck def jam for not giving Jeezy a buget? like the cop haha real rap

  • Black Shady

    “Mayweather could have taken the high ground and he would have beat Ortiz straight up and looked great doing it instead he pulled that shit and looks like an asshole. Shit like this is why boxing is in the sad state that it’s in. ”

    BOO-HOO!!! cry me a river, build a bridge and get over it

  • King

    Lol. Chill, It wasn’t a classy punch, but Mayweather was in the right. As you see in the slow mo. Apologies were done, may was throwing his hands up after the pound, why u gonna continue apologizing and hug him? And At that, Your not gonna throw ur hands up after the jab? Lets face it, May was dominating the fight, charging, ortiz was slow. And he couldn’t handle the bright lights and was aggravated. So, as unclassy a punch it was… It was a FIGHT! my trainer always said, punch and pull ur fuccin hand bacc to protect yourself. So…
    And larry merchant has always been an asshole.. To every fighter, he talks slicc. So he got what he got.. It was funny to me. lol

    And p.s. All you guys hating, lets face it. When mayweather leaves for good.. You won’t watch boxing… unless ur a die hard fan of the art of boxing, their are no more stars… So Quit the hating…

  • They both did a cheap shot! But the fucked up part was that mayweather won off the cheap shot! That was some bullshit! Wanted the fight to last longer! Secondly why is Floyd tryna get bucked with the old man?… He hates when people trying to put him in his place w/ words lmao! Little bitch..

  • Freddy Long

    I don’t think Floyd is scared of Pacquioa himself. Like a dude above is he is scared of losing. Pacman is not a technical fighter, all he do is punch and take punches. Pacman isn’t faster or can maneuver like Mayweather but he has a strong chin. I wouldn’t put money on Pacman if I was smart because with clean blood Mayweather isn’t going to sit there throw punches back and forth. Win or lose Money going to leave with more money.

  • Im surprised mayweather aint come out wit 50 cents I’m so disrespectful song,that cocky A-hole does deserve the win but not the respect he gets,I mean seriously goin after a old dude!!Pacquiao better come correct n knock the shit out dis ignorant mothafuker!!!


    Ortiz head butted him on purpose. HE GOT WHAT HE DESERVED. LOLNow Im gon go get some head from this Latina.

  • Donn

    Im not a sports person but this was really entertaining. Had to see wat the hype was bout

  • Kofi

    @Black Shady

    Who’s crying? I’m just saying Mayweather didn’t need to do that to win he was already beating the guys ass. He would have had the victory and respect if he didn’t sucker punch the dude. What he did just tarnished a victory he already had in the bag…..but hey if the dude wants to fuck up his legacy that’s on him.

  • Kay Bee

    Unless it’s a shot below the belt, there are NO cheap shots in boxing….. protect yourself @ all times!!! U know Floyd is taking @ least 40 mil home……… he’s laughing all the way to the bank…..

  • Mojo

    I see 50 is a new member of Floyd’s entourage. I thought the superstar was supposed to have his entourage, not be apart of one. SMH

  • get em

    lol i see birdman in the background

  • magnum

    u mutherfuckers bitching again bout ortiz in nigeria we see differently, im gon tell u why floyd rolls with 50 right? 48 laws of power 50’s book right? if someone is tryna to hurt u what did it says in that book destroy ya enemy to the last or else he will fuck u up hard. floyds understands that so he had to body this chump period no maxi pad lol

  • Get At Me For a Beat

  • yessir

    I hate flloyd mayweather but money only did ortiz dirt because ortiz gave him a running headbutt.. What ortiz did was wrong and what money did wasn’t classy but fair.. But now flloyd is going to duck manny and make a milli excusses not to fight because he’s scared to end his perfect carear recored.. He’s been ducking pacman for 2 years lmao.. He’s scared… Ffloyd is one hell of a boxer but a shitty person with no morals or values.. I sas suprised that old man didn’t knocked him on his chick.. Maywaeather is filthy rich but a poor ecuse for a man… You can’t buy class you punk.. Fight pacman and stop being a coward.

  • mayweathers still a classless nigger with money

    Hand down man down!!

  • sway-z

    What my nigga Mark Jackson say on the NBA commentary “Hand down, man down”

    The only controversy is how you Manny sack swingers can defend a blatant, illegal headbutt, but get mad at a legit knockout. The nigga already hugged and kissed him, how many times you gon apologize?

  • JRock

    Mayweather was threatened. He felt Ortiz’ punching power and Ortiz was pretty much bulling him against the ropes. Mayweather was in serious trouble and he knew it.
    Ortiz shouldnt have headbutted him and he made the mistake of over apologizing.
    But I dont know too many people that wouldnt think it was some pussy shit what Mayweather did.
    We’ll see if we get a rematch or if Mayweather is just going to run from Ortiz now like he does from Pacquiao.

  • JRock

    Oh yeah, and every rapper on this list wouldnt last a round in the ring. So STFU!

  • L4U

    Even if Mayweather beats Pacman they will STILL make up excuses so Mayweather wont be respected until 10 years from now with all you dumbass non boxing watching motherfucka PERIOD!! Oh yeah Fuck Larry Merchant and Jim Lampley!! Mayweather will be 44-0 thats after beating pacman twice……YUP!

  • Freddy Long

    Oh gosh hate seriously blinds people. There is no such thing as a fair war. In the ring, it’s war. Guys on the streets don’t fight they’ll get a gun so chastise them people. It’s boxing but no one crabs at corporations selling us poison.

    Mayweather isn’t scared of Pacquiao. When that fight suppose to happened two years ago Pacman should have said let’s go then. He bitched about some needles. Please! You pay to see Mayweather, you don’t care about Pacquiao. Pacquiao is the world’s last hope to shut Mayweather up. It isn’t going to happen. The punch was clean but Tom Brady doesn’t get discredit for throwing a touchdown strike to an open receiver. Same thing! You go in it to win it. It was a rookie mistake on Ortiz part. If Ortiz would have had the same opportunity it wouldn’t have generated the same hate.

  • Wow

    Imma summaries it all in one sentence. Gayest fight, ever.

  • kage

    Man i wonder if any of you were actually watching this fight at all. All of you keep saying the word “HEADBUTT” like it was the first time. Hell in the beginning of the round Ortiz headbutted Mayweather at least three times and used a right elbow while he had Mayweather on the ropes. That was not the first and only time Ortiz was pulling headbutts off during this match. It is a crying shame that NO ONE WAS ACTUALLY WATCHING SOMETHING THEY PAID MONEY FOR. And then we have the people who keep talking about the so called cheap shot because Ortiz wanted a hug, hell he had already hugged the guy and enough is enough damn, what was he trying to do then? That bell had rang it was no time for some damn hugging there it was time to fight and sure enough that sorry ass ref was stupid to even let that crap even go on. Okay just for giggles say Ortiz gets the pent for the headbutt and they come out boxing again yet the headbutt was more than what Mayweather thought and Ortiz landed a good punch and knocks Mayweather out. Does this mean that Ortiz won from boxing or the cheapshot headbutts he went through most of the fourth round did?

  • Gayweather cheap shoting Ortiz… smfh

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSZMz5MAFSw watch if you like good music

  • Theloneus

    Sucka punch, but I fucking hate how they making Mayweather be the villain if he ever fights Pacuqiao.

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  • Mayday

    Hate is an ugly thing. Being a young, black, outspoken, millionaire will never be popular with America. Look at it this way, had Floyd butted Ortiz, then gave him a Judas kiss, then got fairly knocked out, as Ortiz did, all the Floyd haters would be saying “Floyd’s a cheaper he got what he deserved”, and that’s a fact, jack.

  • Mayweather you scared of the phillipino nigga????? I know you scared boy….. pacman will eat you for dinner and ortiz shouldnt be fighting boxing aint no chess or monopoly its a fight son!

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  • flloyds a hoe. I knew it.

  • Not really a big Mayweather fan, but my verdict is he did follow the rules. However I expect more from a “Champ”. Mayweather VS Ortiz – was it a fair fight?

  • ercan

    Thank you indeed have a very beautiful work