New Mixtape: Glasses Malone The Dope Mixtape

Off the heels of releasing Beach Cruiser, Malone keeps the chain on the bike moving with a dope mixtape hosted by DJ Whoo Kid. Enter his pharmacy with the titles and download link after the jump.


01. Intro
02. 211
03. Sellin’ To Kids (Skit)
04. Crack
05. Needles In The Arm
06. Smack
07. Alchemist
08. Cocaine
09. Pills
10. Heroin Celebration
11. AK47
12. Smoke
13. LSD
14. WattsUP
15. I Sell Dope
16. PCP
17. Kurt Cobain
18. Miss Ritalin
19. Sell That Pussy In Compton
20. Fast High
21. Liquid Crack
22. Outro

Download here

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  • www

    DOPE !

  • How come RR’s not supporting Soulja Boy’s Supreme mixtape? That shit is fire.

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  • Craig

    Dumbest title I’ve ever heard. I refuse to download anything with Crack on the front, thats why I have

    rarley ever heard a Yo Gotti song. It 2011 folks this shit is stupid no matter the flow or lyrics. Dope

    mixtape; more like Dumb Nigger mixtape.

  • you want real Dope Music? we showed these lames how to do it.