• Hatin 101

    Don’t sleep on this shit, niggas.


    @hatin 101
    I’m not a nigga, nigger

  • James

    So is the entire crew on that Atheist blood and guts ill cut ur head off type shit?

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  • Higher

    Its about time Domo gets some recognition … this shit is amazing

  • Heatha

    this is better than 90% of rappers actual albums out right now. Odd Future!

  • Hatin 101

    Josh Blue is a ugly ass smelly white boy. Take a shower honky.

  • him and Mike G are the most underrated in Odd Future… great mixtape by the way

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  • Mason

    wayyyyyy better than i expected… this groups 15 minutes has turned into a year


    @Hatin 101

    I’m black nigger just wanted to see what a dumbass like you would say

  • Pyro

    Damn i wanted to hate on this. Cant..

  • FlocKaveLLi

    oh nice, tylers weed carrier has a mixtape out. cool

  • @flockavelli
    that awkward moment when tyler is technically domo’s weed carrier

  • gus


  • Hatin 101

    Josh Blue quit lyin. if you black, you must be a self hater.

  • White Jesus


    maybe like 15% at best.

  • Miles

    FUCK shit is tight

  • Gita

    track with Tyler and Benediction on repeat..

  • Blue Dream

    @flockavelli your an idiot tyler doesnt smoke

  • FTW

    Domo got next.

    Josh Blue is fucking it up for everyone.

    stfu and enjoy this next shit.

    imo domo, earl, and hodgy are better lyricists than tyler…tyler’s nice but still.


    … just might have to roll one to this.

  • Johnnycakes

    this is pretty dope…
    Listening to – Lebron James Hairline Got a Better Fade Away than he Do!.. O_o – http://goo.gl/UZY5H

  • about 2 listen …..is @KillHodgy on this mixtape
    Domo & Hodgy i feel have the most potential outside the box rap wise

    #Villainz ~ NJ

  • Domo is dope, no doubt, but without the Odd Future plug this nigga would’ve never got on. No Hate, just facts.

    BLKHRTS got next though, trust.


    Sex, Drugs, Violence, Money and Death, besides that, tell me, what is there left?

  • goddamn domo stepped his game up. he used to be very subpar but now, goddamn, he’s better than hodgy imo.
    new top 3: earl, tyler, domo

  • -__-

    Is this better than Rolling Papers because i liked that album/mixtape it made me respect him more, i see that he got different producers

  • is this worth a download?


    dam he got hannibal king on the track?! mos def bumping!

  • Twitter was really going crazy for this, Domo got one. http://bit.ly/hGH3at

  • Shady


  • 215AllDay

    @ Josh Pink – Kill yourself.

  • I’ma check for it mos def… positive comments lead me to believe this could be dope.

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B84WF91U2bE&w=420&h=315%5D