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  • Black Shady

    WOW…what is this garbage???
    and whatever happened to that Dipset Reunion? nevermind…nobody care anymore..

    COLE WORLD in 7 days. 200k first week…I said it!

  • Your Father

    Now this I can get jiggy with.
    Not that Guetta simplistic rehash bullshit.

  • tron

    Yo im bein real serious. i dont know where else i could post this but i got this beat and this hook recorded and tryin to find someone who got there own shit i can send this too to lay three verses.

  • Whoa. Was not expecting to hear Cam n’ Jomo on that, but it kinda goes, could def hear this thumpin’ in the clubs.

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B84WF91U2bE&w=420&h=315%5D

  • Nelson

    Hey tron, try Youtube or something.

  • illuzion33x

    i guess this is what hip hop is becoming to everyone hopping on David Guetta techno typa shxt beats.

  • Damn! Jomo finally sound good on a beat! That nigga got personality and charisma, but at this point he ain’t no fucking rookie rapper, but HE STILL sound like it. He’s the most SMH nigga in the game. But here, he seems comfortable! I could see him living a very happy life on the island of Ibiza!

    either way, BLKHRTS next niggaface.


    Sex, Drugs, Violence, Money and Death, besides that, tell me, what is there left?

  • Truth

    As above so below and Marlyn Monroe on the cover that’s some illuminati shit…