Frank Ocean On Hot 97 (Angie Martinez)

Frank Ocean rarely does interviews. But today, he let his guard down and spoke with Angie Martinez for the first time on New York’s Hot 97.

Break 1: Frank speaks on being enigmatic and fame.

Break 2: Frank gives his experiences on working with The Throne and Beyoncé.

Break 3: No album date set yet. Frank hopes to be part of the upcoming Watch The Throne concerts and shows off his marijuana card.

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  • CapricornReligion


    I’m interested to hear what this dude has to say

    (Presses play)

  • cruz00005

    Angie has an annoyin ass voice

  • J.J.

    I am on my phone. Can I please get a summary my brothers?

  • J.J.

    And sisters?

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  • Queen B

    This interview would be soooo much better if done by Angela Yee.. Angie is washed up

  • BRu973

    Nas 1st single…. Nas ft. Frank Ocean prod. by Hitboy

  • Word

    An example of a nigga doing him and staying true to the ppl that got him here. Tyler and the rest of the Odd Future crew. Tyler got his award, Franks up next.

  • MadMike0082

    What dumb whore still thinks botox is a good look?!?!??!

    Angie Mar got it too? Jesus……… Fucking Nicki Cox went from an angel to a fucking NIGHTMARE CLOWN……

    yaaaaaaaaaaay botox….. Dumb whores……

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  • Kimlee

    lil franky taking over ain’t he…

    Have yall heard about Obama’s helping people with NO money by giving away $500 Visa Cards?? I just got less than an hour…haha

  • Chan

    Frank Ocean is best R&B artist out right now. Frank Ocean and The Weeknd.

  • Davvvve

    The Weeknd Is Nothing But A Hype By Drake.
    He’s Label Pays Drake To Promote Him

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  • the great zeee

    could they get a better picture of angie. she looking a bit busted in that one.

  • is dudes mic on? i can barely hear him

  • Frank Ocean future looking real bright. Dude has mad talent and passion.


  • Michael

    I’m sure it was a great interview. Too bad you can’t hear him

  • u need to fix the volume RR. couldnt make it to the third snippet cuz i couln’d hear shit. but frank is dope, he doing it right.

  • B.Dot

    his mic was THAT low. smh.

  • im not a yes man

    i read a bit of this interview. this nigga said he was nervous around jayz.

  • Kanye Half Sister

    I hate that bish Angie she’s wack smfh

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