Ray J vs. Fabolous Altercation Footage

[vodpod id=Video.15437075&w=425&h=350&fv=allowFullScreen%3Dtrue%26bgcolor%3D%23000000%26]

Straight off the iPhone: Here’s an up close and personal look at the scuffle that went down at the Palms. Fab is off camera but you can clearly see Ray J in all his red hoodie glory and 50 Cent. Oy vey. Make this story go away. Ha!


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  • lol- they were all quiet with it like they were scuffling in a library — couldn’t really see anything, but it obviously happened the way Fab was talking and not Ray J and his whole rant… Ray J just needs to let it go, and not do anything stupid, don’t try to make a diss record, it’s not going to boost viewer ratings of any new show you have coming out, just keep it moving and do what you do

  • streetsrmine

    ray j just trying to show off in front of 50 and them

  • wahrheitsgetreu

    stupid shit. it also seems as if it was filmed after the very altercation took place – there is no fab in the video and shit…it seems like ray j just put it out to prove his point of view. so he filmed it like yesterday and put it out as if it actually happened that night. but you know, its just my opinion. may be I am wrong and it is the actual footage. although, I dont believe it:))

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  • Me

    lmao, we the money team

  • Seems Like Ray J Told the Truth…you can hear Ray J checking Him…You Also hear fab say “quit touching me” as he stated ..then immediately you can see what look like Ray J throwing a punch…but here is what makes me believe Ray J story…you hear Fab say…”yo 50 cent” after the punch…thats a cry for help….anyone hood know what im talking about…Fab Got Whooped…dont ake Ray J hard…but He Whooped Fab

  • mike s

    Money team son money team. We bout getting money we got 9 rolls royces out side red hoodie son money money.


    Real talk I been on drugs and I know how people act on drugs. Dude was one thousand percent on cocaine or pills during that breakfast club interview. Shit was ridiculous dude wasn’t even present. at all

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Oh shit , kinda looks like Ray j got one in but i don’t know , can’t really see anything either way this whole situation is hilarious

  • Original Will


    lol the way fab said it happened was nobody was hit its obvious from the knocc you hear from the video somebody was definitely hit i dont know if it was ray J r fab but by the way ray J voice kind of faded away when he said “Nigga” it sound like ray j hit fab you cant see shit afterwards but you can def see ray stepping to that nigga and what you mean ray j overamped ray j said he hit Fab in the Mouth 1 time he never said he stomped fab out or he beat him his words exact on that funnny fucced up interview was “I Socced(Cali way of saying Punch) that nigga in his Face My Nigga” and “He kept telling me dont touch me and I TOUCHED THAT NIGGA” and its obvious that both things went down

    try to shit on ray all you want but it really do look like ray was pulling Fab card somethin hard in this footage like it makes fab look bad that he is letting ray j get all them disrespectful words to him I mean this is the same street fam big meech affiliated fab and he is getting pressed by ray j none of his crew is stepping up like they was talking on twitter or nothing and Ray J as funny as it sounds he look like a LA GangBanger Rodney King Era

    thats why 50 is laughing becuz its like on some Belly Dinner Scene or Tommy Goodfella Shit its like you letting this Nigga talk to you like that if Ray J is really a bitch like that Fab shouldve slapped his ass to calm him down if you slap a bitch nigga they not going to do shit

    Man ray on them drugs and i want him to get some help but he did make fab kind of look like a Bitch in this video

    If you feel he is nothing but a Moesha Nigga well dont let a Moesha type nigga invade your space

    and im copying and pasting this becuz rr been on bullshit lately with posts when they havent been spam and i took alot of time and thought and posting this

    Elliot Wilson and B.Dot aint got no Love for Original Will Elliot Wilson and B.Dot dont have no love for Orginal Will and good analyzed post Yall dont love me well let it be known then..

  • Original Will

    Pause at 12-13 second mark tell me what you see

  • wezzy f is for fans that supprt me

    u got me twisted
    money team is in

  • TMZ don’t play around

  • bhikku

    Money team money team
    Them niggas don’t like me but I can dream
    Money team money team
    Stop with the rumors that I’m a fiend (sniff)
    Money team money team
    We slapping up these bitch ass niggas son
    Money team money team
    (Looks in the mirror) Oh right, I am one

  • Word

    Uhhhh…what the hell is this? I cant tell anything from this vid except that RayJ really did have on a tigght red riding hood hoodie

  • Carp

    lol right at the end, the guy with the camera goes “look at Ray”… “bitch nigga”.

  • WOW this is getting out of hand……..they need to just “wait a minute”…..stop and “breathe”…..figure out what they plan to do “when the money goes”………and be homies.

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    Check out my sound if you get a chance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08_IbmGWjZw

  • B

    Well after investigating the video it seems Fab version seems more credible. Why? because if he landed a punch like he said he did on the radio, according to Ray J Fab fell back when he was hit. But in the video as soon as R.J. attempts to throw the punch, the video shows the altercation begin to move back towards 50 then towards the right wall. So that verifies his story in a sense because it’s seems when he threw the punch FAB stopped it and pushed him backward to the right and had his hood over his head like said. It’s like Fab immediately push towards the other direction. If Ray J really hit him it seems the camera would shot towards FAB.

  • Black Shady

    LOL it feels like its high school and Ray tryna show off in front of 50 and floyd to be part of the team

  • Truth

    U can see 50 look back after the punch attempt if u watch closely. As soon as Ray J threw the punch u can see 50 look back to his right and downward. That’s how u can tell Fab pushed him back after the punch. So Ray J lied when he said Fab fell back because everything began to move towards 50s direction after the altercation.

  • B

    True, If you look close u can see his hand being pushed back and fifty looking down to his right after the punch attempt.

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  • Campgout

    lol..this is too funny…ray j…a little chump…

    Listening to – Lebron James Hairline Will RETIRE B4 His Jersey Does http://goo.gl/UZY5H

  • darrius

    fab did rush him tho


    ray J should snuff officer rick ross next

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  • ripper

    Ray J… Smh… This is how people get hurt. Cats didnt learn from Biggie and Pac situation. Dudes fight at the age of 30 years of age. Shit is not fucking cool. Grow the fuck up!!! Letting another man put the battery n ya back, not cool. Ray J u really need to stop fucking around wit those drugs.

  • get bucks

    Ray J should’ve just chilled the fuck out. Fab’s jokes weren’t even that serious. I don’t think Mayweather took it to heart, but Ray J went mad over board and ended up looking corny as hell. Ray J’s position on the Money Team makes Lil Bow Wow’s spot on Cash Money look official. When I saw the 24-7 I thought that shit was mad funny too with Ray J singing @ the piano and not in a gay way either. It was funny on some funny shit. Shout out to 50 for not blowing this shit up out if proportion. If you don’t want niggas clowning you then don’t do no clown shit.

  • ctg

    People need to learn how to turn their phone sideways when filming shit.

    Whoever filmed this would have caught the whole incident if they did.

  • Mike Jones

    So this is what the game has come to???

  • ThisShitRightHereNigga


    Fab’s gonna call the breakfast club TOMORROW?

    im waiting.

  • Who really gives a rats ass? They are two grown ass men behaving like elementary school kids at the fuckin playground. I can understand why yall keep transmitting this garbage!

  • Lalalalalalala

    Another example of black people disgracing themselves. This is the type of shit you watch in the Boondocks smh.

  • MaxPower

    lol u guys r funny tho..we got pregnant women fighting till death on wshh…and yall trippin cuz of a little scuffle push n shove..at the end of the day it is what it is

  • the One

    Ray looks like he really did check Fab! ha! Fab showed his true colors when it came to Kat Stacks!
    Someone looks soft here and it don’t look like it’s Ray!

  • Sin

    since when do only cali niggas say sock???
    niggas been gettin socked in the mouth since before biblical times

  • grime

    these are our heroes

  • SMH….. the beef is overcooked and dry now. Throw it away.

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B84WF91U2bE&w=420&h=315%5D

  • Killa Kellz

    Loso Would Fuck Ray J Up No Question

  • toad3527

    lmao at all these comments. I’m thinking 50 and Fab stories seem true. the cameraman was filiming this in a straight retarded north south instead of east west way. that made it an annoying watch hard to see anything. I can’t believe that Ray J seriously claiming Money Team like it’s his set. not a good look.

  • BZCharacter

    brandi’s brother ain’t no gangster…that fool got 1 wish, which is to be gangster.

  • CaliLove310

    Why the fuck do people record with their phone vertically?