L.E.P. Bogus Boys Chicago Tribune Feature

Extra, extra read all about it. Moonie and Count are featured in today’s edition of The Chicago Tribune. The entire article is available to read here. Peep an excerpt below.

LEP Bogus Boys — the LEP stands for “Low End Professionals,” a reference to the lower street addresses of the Ickes homes where the group got its start — has come a long way. The group has been together for 13 years and there have struggles, both professional and personal. “Had a lot of doors slammed in our face,” says Count. Close friends died, and Moonie spent three years in prison in the early part of the decade. Today, though, Moonie’s attitude about the situation complements the group’s perseverance: “Sometimes you live for the moment, and you don’t think about the future, you know? You think about what’s going on right now. “I gotta get it, it’s quick, it’s easy.” The moment when something happens, that’s when you start thinking about the future. What I regret is thinking about the moment, not the future.”

UPDATE: Now With Photo

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  • DonRico

    Clearly bdot is either thier manager or publicist

  • B.Dot

    or a just a fan

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  • Young ONE 2

    Them BOGUS BOYS keep doing they thang DONT FEED THA KILLAZ good shit halloween and its over for ya bubblegum dancing artists CHI BABY crooks all day – 90NHALSTED BITCH

  • problem

    L.e.p got a quality product .. as long as they keep grinding like they have been they gone be bigger than the Mobb …

  • get bucks

    What’s they hot shit??? I keep hearing bout these dudes, so if any of their fans can point me in the right direction that would be dope.

  • $$kidd

    LEP have mad potential.

    Hot tracks:
    Chicago Niggaz
    Heavens Door
    Street Money
    Money on ya head

    cop the Dont Feed Tha Killaz volumes FIYA

  • donrico

    BDOT….maybe u just a fan and thats cool but I been with this and everything u been part of since 1990 and occasionally Going thru RapPages, Source, XXL and now RapRapadar sometimes as a subscriber/rreader it feels like the editors are affiliated with an act but if you just a fan then cool

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  • Check em out on youtube, they have some solid stuff.

    Chicago Storage

  • problem

    their Mixtape DONT FEED THE KILLERS 3 … thats all u need


  • Elroyz

    Lol this nigga Count must be extortin Bdot