New Video: Papoose “Shot Caller”

Papoose hits the streets and is calling shots of his own for his take of French Montana’s track. Off his King Of NY mixtape.


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  • Shake & Meka

    Poop who?

  • yo

    started slow, got slightly better as progressed though. Might as well have been an acapella he didnt use the beat at all.

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  • yee

    so i guess pappoose will never be the artist we thought he would be

  • Mr Nice Watch

    He had all the hype J Cole has had till now. Longevity is tough.

  • Kieran

    Ultimate mixtape rapper…

  • Fatnigger

    Damn nigga you back to this? I thought he’d be out of this 5 years ago. Homie its fuckin’ 2011 and you still on this?

  • bk82

    HOT !!!

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  • glenn

    real nigga making real music

  • Cory Belliveau

    Did anyone notice he got fucking jacked since we last saw him? He used to be pencil thin. Also, he needs to start making real albums, I love his mixtapes but either put him on a major label and drop an LP or let it be, one of the most talented rappers in my opinion if he focused

  • Manana

    I fux with pap the hardbody way!
    See it ain’t all about the mainstream…..
    It’s about hiphop in it’s rawest form – the streets
    this is the blessing of hiphop ,no other genre can touch on subjects against the goverment and Inform the masses like haarp etc this what makes real mc to me
    lil Wayne is not! Drake is not! They just doing it for the fame and money and girls and to sound cooool! But jayz nas kanye 2pac all those guys at one point talked to the streets and that’s what I misss about hiphop
    papoose fuck the haters as long as u feeding your family keep doing u!
    These dudes commenting on blogs are dick riders n new hiphop fans that don’t understand the power of hiphop. They are experiments of the major labels viruses in the hiphop system navigating to whatever is pumped to them by mainstream radio. Zombies of a dying system Aka puppets! And Drake is a puppet master thAt’s why he’s warning them to take care!

  • @last

    yup, what manana said…
    w/o sales or the current glitz and glamour associated with the culture, it was started by the truth, the youth, the poor, & the streets, those things will always be in the world.

    talk to em pap, let the uninformed take a nap, continue to take it to the streets…

  • 3rdRail

    Man, I was the BIGGEST Pap fan back in ’05, he could do no wrong in my eyes. I was not impressed by his recent stuff but this joint actually goes hard!! Is the mixtape out or is this just a teaser joint?

  • PhillyD

    In one year dude dropped 20 mixtapes wit 4 hot bars…. & still weak. Hope he aint blow that $1.5 mil in & slay ran away wit when he got dropped from his major deal…

  • PhillyD

    *Him & slay ran away wit…

  • A Dubb

    Why this nigga always makin videos off other people’s shit & he don’t have one of his own?????
    #LAME #LAME #LAME #LAME #LAME #LAME!!!!!!!!!

  • a yo

    seriously tho, does this nigga own a taco stand, cuz unless hes slanging how the fuck does he make money?

  • get bucks

    Did Papoose just get out the slams? That nigga look like a strong arm robber…