Jay-Z Renames New Jersey Nets

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During this morning’s press conference at the Barclays Center, New Jersey Nets co-owner Jay-Z revealed to Fox 5 that the team will officially change their name to the Brooklyn Nets in 2012-13 season. He also spoke on his concert series at the venue’s opening next September. Brooklyn, we did it! Press conference after the jump.

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  • fuzzy

    just pay some street ballers to hoop for the bk nets… they’ll be much better than them soft ass nba niggaz raised by soccer moms

  • fuzzy

    rofl.. this nigga and his sarcastic mocking laugh…classic interview


  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Hov is my God! Best rapper alive!

  • NuJew

    Minority owner…

    He owns like 2 or 3% of the Nets.

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  • iam2smooth

    Moving the Nets 2 BK-JayZ

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  • Biittcchh!

    The House that Hov Built.. This guy always wins…

  • DV

    such an awkward interview. I feel like it’s weird they tell a multilmillionaire forbes listed mogul that he ‘looks spiffy’ like he’s some child who dressed up on easter for them lol

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    King Hov , let that boy cook

  • FTW

    Hov is becoming untouchable.

  • Umm


  • Black Shady

    Lady; “the baby will be out by now”
    Jay; “yeah..okkk…”

    Now be prepared to hear Jay BRAG about this on half his next album..
    but hes definitely winning. even with 1.7% of the shares. Hes basically a mascot to the big owners..but shit i aint hating. aint mad at it lol get money



  • damone

    Yeah Hov moved them cats to BK… man dude stay winning.

  • casper21


    last I read, he has a 1% share, he throws a few million at the majority owners whose stake is in the hundreds of millions and the ignorant hip hop community thinks he runs the team or something, he’s likely a silent partner.

  • Questo

    Hopefully these kids realize that his percentage multiplies several times after the move. Money for nothing. And by money, I mean millions upon millions of dollars.

    I think it’s dope how even 15 years later, Jay still references Biggie as his own blueprint.

    Fox- “I can see you doing this, walking around with this!”
    Jay- “No, you can’t.”





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  • yo

    lolololol jay is so cold blooded. he didn’t entertain any of this ladies typical reporter comments.

    lady “the baby will…be a baby by then!”
    jay “yeah okayyy”

  • GBaby

    You people crack me up! Jay-z might only own 1% of the team but its not like his livelihood depends on it. Its just something extra. and btw 1% of a 312 million dollar franchise is more than we will all prob see in a lifetime. Quiting the slander and acknowledge a boss.

  • wow

    Jay don’t own n e more then what jlo owns of dolphins..or what usher owns of cavaleirs or what nelly own of bobcats..get over yourself people..its if n e thing 1 percent..he had nothing to do with moving the team..it just so happens he’s from brroklyn and there moving there..MASCOT!

  • NBA

    It’s not just the money that makes Jay’s partial ownership so impressive, it’s the respect that goes with it. They actually came to HIM, not the other way around, and cut him a deal, ASKING him to be a part of the team. How much respect do u have to command for that shit to happen? Does anybody think there’s even the slightest chance that the Hornets would jeopardize their franchise by allowing Lil Wayne to associate himself with them? Hell no! They wouldn’t even let him get a foot in the door, much less come to him hat in hand and ask for his help.

  • NBA

    And @ the nigga above me, this: “he had nothing to do with moving the team..it just so happens he’s from brroklyn and there moving there” couldn’t be more wrong.

    The Nets ownership group chose Jay Z specifically because of the move to Brooklyn, and nobody represents the borough better than Jay. They cut him in especially to promote the team in BK, because of the influence that he wields in the area.

  • Able Danger

    The black Branch Rickey… I wonder if the Nets new color will Hov’s favorite hue?


    What the fuck does wayne have to do with this???? That example just shows your dislike for wayne more than anything. What the fuck? Jay is a rapper who just so happens to make good financial investments.

  • NBA

    ^Ok, moron, I don’t see the Pistons looking for an Eminem endorsement, either. I’m just giving examples of why, exactly, Jay is a better businessman than any of his peers.

  • Rick Bond

    I heard Jay owns 1.5 to 4.5%, it’s private records.
    But he’ll take a bigger role in the business after the move to Brooklyn.

    He’s basically like an ambassador whom owns a lot more than Ambassadors usually does and takes a part of the whole moving thing, bringing players to the team etc. The Russian owns about 80% and Jay is the 3nd biggest owner after Bruce Ratner.

    It’s been the same ol story for the past 15 years, hov wins.

  • TheSp1200

    What you guys don’t know is that the gentrification in Brooklyn is rampant. Black families can’t afford to live in Brooklyn no more because of this stadium. The heart and Soul of Brooklyn is at risk and only the wealthy will be able to afford to stay here. I will eventually have to move from the place where i was born because i can’t afford it. And me and my wife both have decent jobs. The only hope is Black homeowners and they’re either selling their homes or only renting to white renters. If Hov wasn’t the face of this development, we would be calling this development a war against the minorities in Brooklyn. But Jay softens the blow i guess.

    Well, it’s off to Jersey for me, Later!

  • Winning!

    So Brooklyn gets to trade all of its poor people for a basketball team? Awesome!

  • @casper21 @nujew i thought he announced that he would try to orchestrate this on ‘dirt off your shoulder’. does that not qualify for a kudos sans the particulars? when you guys graduate college, i’m going to congratulate you instead of knockin you for not graduating with honors. spread love and you’ll get love

  • TheSp1200

    The block where Biggie grew up is walking distance from the stadium and that street is becoming gentrified so what does that tell you?

  • Word

    Uhhhh, 1% of half a billion dollars that the franchise pulls in is still pretty good folks. Way more than wat any of you would make in a lifetime.

  • Rick 077

    New York City still has inefficient restrictions on prices for homes, rents and stuff like that.

    If they were trying to run an economically efficient city, you would’ve been forced to move decades a go. But they are already giving ya’ll a a serious price cut on rents, house prices and on. If these dudes were allowed to maximize their profits, the whole borough of Brooklyn could’ve been a nice place instead of an enormous ghetto.

  • Not for nothing…. but she might be the worst interviewer I’ve ever seen. How you gonna disrespect god emcee with a garbage interview? lol.


  • Jaymalls


    Brooklyn BEEENNNN getting gentrified…. same as Harlem. I remember i use 2 go 2 them loft parties my 1st year in college. Its because yall black niggas ill rather rent an apt in a disgusting ass building, instead of investing in a foreclosed browns stone.. and fixing it up. These white people are helping the community… do you know how many crack houses they renovated??? Thats what i thought… Dont blame white people or corporate America for black peoples lack of business sense/ownership. Im black, and thank god i grew up in a household of business owners. We have 2 break the cycle… keyword WE!

  • Fuck-you-clowns

    This shit was HILLarious!!!!!!!! Jay sound so stupid at parts, its funny to see him so caually blowing off the reporters questions.

  • jimmy

    i’ll stick to Madison Square Garden & the New York Knicks

  • Tomcat

    Y’all can call me a tree-huggin’ ass whatever…but this move effected a lot of lower income families in BK…shame on Jay for being the publicity puppet for that dude Mikhail Prokorov, who built his fortune by being in no particular order: a gangster, polluter, and a human rights abuser…I know we glorify that kind of gangster stuff in song, and I love Jay’s music..but when its played out in real life in such a way that it affects poor and working people, he should say forget the money and use his status as coolest man on earth to further worthwhile causes like Water for Life that he did a few years back…Instead of using imminent domain to knock people out of their homes so he can build big stadiums to house doomed franchises.

  • yeezy fan2014

    the lady was so unproffesional….you could tell jay wanted to get the hell out of there lol


    @Jaymalls CO-SIGN!!!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Shout out to the boy HOV !

  • sway-z

    Niggas kill me, acting like being a minority owner of a professional sports team is easy to do for a nigga from the projects lol, FOH

  • haq

    Jay-Z = G.O.D.

  • Hecate

    good job!

  • Kieran

    That Shit Cray

  • Do people in New Jersey care that Jay ganked them for their Nets?


  • gramMasta


    niggas is confused

    some nigga up there said they helping the community

    they helping THEMSELVES to the community

    so all them grannies & aunties were tearing the hood down in their brownstones?


  • huey p newton is the best

    When your the best in brooklyn your the best in the world
    we built the brooklyn bridge and we better then the egyptian

    brooklyn as the best flow

    decoded was the best birthday gift i ever got.

    huey p newton is the best



  • Itz Yourz

    Figure I throw my to cents in

    Props to Jay and much respect. He is an example of this “era” of how being a rapper can open up so much avenues of opportunity…which no one has never did as a rapper, prior. And I dont care if its 1% or 1.5%…its a percent I dont have nor you ass for that matter in a sport teams…but he is showing it can be done all long with others. So lets get our own money right…fuck hating. And like he said before “put me anywhere on God greens earth I will triple my worth”…is he not a man of his word…in everything he has said to us before? So that “measley” 1% he gonna make work for him. I like what he doing I support what he doing…cause you dont see hiphop/rap being represented at this level and he embraces it and never shunned it when he accepts offer like this…much respect. So just look at the example…and if you feel it need to be changed set your own example and do it your way.

    And this whole its effecting the comunnity thing…it more to it than just him….Its about US….black ppl. Since Sept 11 terroist act in NY, white ppl have migrated to Harlem and Brooklyn… so harlem and brooklyn been STOP being harlem and brooklyn(hard, trife life recognition) except for east new york…lol…its still dangerous over there. They move into the community…”renovate” there shit, now you got value,equity. Prices go up in that area now you can no longer stay in the area….thats what’s happening…not that stadium being built is forcing you out. Which by the way whoever is from NY up here know it is being built on Flatbush Avenue and Atlantic Avenue on top of the LIRR train yard….that whole area been predominately white…and that stadium…will open up the job market, more money being poured into that borough for brooklynites…for black people. Most white ppl arent going to work there…they will continue.. to walk there asses across the brooklyn brigde and take there asses to work…lol Hell it may even make them move because it going to get real popular and poulated over there, so there you go you get get your community back. So this stadium …is open opportunity for you..take advantage of it…and get your come up on…thats it…quit complaining.

  • thjegoddd

    THE NBA COMISSIONER SAYS IT AINT HAPPENING, EVEN DISSED JAY — PEEP THE VID…straight bsss —> http://tinyurl.com/3pgh35m

  • DJ Semtex’s Prosthetic

    since the nets are one of the worst teams in the nba, can this be seen as jay z trying to give brooklyn a bad name??!?!?

    [/sarcasm] lolololol.. ROCAFELLA !

  • Kilt

    ^Well, before this, Brooklyn was represented by the Knicks… so they’ve had a bad name for the last decade.

  • cece

    damn that bitch was flirting hard or i’am the only one that saw that. i’am proud that jay didn’t entertain it, he just shook her hand and left lol. didn’t even bother with her phone or her annoying singing lmao.

  • The Realist

    Yo CANT LIE! JAYZ DOIN THIS IS STAIGHT HIM SHOWIN HIS MONEY/SWAG HOW MANY OF U NIGGAS GOt Pros playn for your city cuz u said so and paid for it, and all that shis, big props to jayz for makin this happen 10years from now is where im lookin at, ya dig

  • Slick Rude

    Lmao! This reporter is making an ass out of herself. What the fuck happened to dignity

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