• Dope song.

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  • Real Talk

    Solid single

  • nate6356

    Its alright! Its not as good as nothing on you or airplanes

  • Not the best, BUT it’s allright

  • dat bull

    mr. nice watch 2?? what?

  • Donn

    This song just got my panties soaked.

  • Donn

    BoB’s music is a breath of fresh air. Ive been a fan since his mixtapes and its nice to see him come so far. I wish Andre would drop an album mannn.

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  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Its a skateboarding blood.



  • Fuck-you-clowns

    b.o.b. is real hip hop, dope as fuck cold with his and original too

  • duaneslim

    Fuk bob he fell off what y’all mean he gotbetter he’s a nigger that tries to be white the only thing that is white on him is his big ass eyes because of his black ass glasses fukkin alien shaped head faggot his jeans be so tight it make his head bigger .

  • whoopnigga

    This shit right here is Dope asss shitt….. nuff said bitch

  • mattattack86

    #TeamBob #TeamHamSquad

  • yeaaahbitch

    DOPE SHIT !!!!!!! BANGERRR !!! whatz up haters ????

  • yeaaahbitch


  • Jaymalls

    DAMN! So when “Who Gon Stop Me” dropped.. niggas was callin it pop, when it wasnt and they said it was wack too. But when everybody start following the blueprint and hoped on that bandwagon… its supposedly hot now! SMH These 90’s babies dont have a mind of their own… if enough niggas cousin it, its hot!

  • Fame

    Did he say fuck wiz

  • Joint is a solid single. Nothing mind-blowing but I like it. B.O.B is dope, he’s got heart and you can hear it in his songs.


  • i been waiting for this! dope record

  • DJ Semtex’s Prosthetic

    not bad,

  • BiggMar

    Its Decent, But Its Not Bout B.o.B. today Its all about COLE. #COLEWORLD!!!

  • The Guy

    Fuck Cole world! His CD is disappointing as fuck. He should do better for a Jay protege. B.o.B all day. Dope song. Fuck Lil wayne.

  • the guy

    nice track.

  • do right & kill everything

    thanks bob

  • your pusha

    not bad i like it

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  • @The Guy This Nigga Funny!

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  • Ricky

    This beat gives me a godamn headache. Why does it sound like it’s being played out of blown speakers?

  • Ricky

    This beat would blow out subwoofers

  • Yo Mama’s Cookies

    I love this effing shit! Good job B.o.B! dope shit, for real

  • kt

    grand hustle is gonna make a crazy comeback..drama dropped,dro dropping,b.o.b. dropping and t.i. back and gonna drop soon as well.not to mention they also have big kuntry,8ball+mjg and killer mike in the squad.they should make another grandhustle album like selfmade and we are young money
    i predict that in a years time grand hustle will be second only to young money

  • kt

    young dro

  • @kt – Man, Dro’s been supposed to drop for HOW LONG? I guess we’ll see about THAT…

  • played for keeps

    sophmore albums are impossible to make work they suck 80% of the time
    This does not suck and it/s a victory that BOb even did it but most artist get stuck after the first album
    If he can make it work…it’s special

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  • Big LG

    Straight single. Could have had a better guest rapper tho.

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  • jel

    What’s with hiphop jumping on the UK Dubstep bandwagon?

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