• TreeFingers

    i think its pretty clear who the target is….

  • dope

  • Mook

    that was nice

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  • Product of Chicago

    The sad part is, compared to Pusha, Drake really is a boss lord. Kind of like the last 3 or 4 times he dissed Wayne, nary a fuck will be given…and nobody will care or even remember that it ever happened. Fast Forward a month into the future, Drake’s sophmore album is released…spawns a couple of hits that will be remembered for years and define this fall and eventually go platinum. Pusha’s album bricks, and is forgotten about.


  • LuHeff

    BOI OH BOI that was a rap I had that sent a chill “dont F*ck wit me”

  • LuHeff

    LOL at Product of Chicago did you just say Drake is better then Push? F*ckin 90s babies make me sick YEEUGH! say that when Drake stop making R&B rap songs crying on tracks like Keith Sweat…

  • Just saying……Drake has been sending warning shots at Ye’ for a minute now. Seems to me This is Pusha standing up for his team……just a hunch. I think somebody gotta throw a light elbow at Drake. Let him know its a contact sport.

  • cray!!!

  • …..also…..”rappers on they sophmores” line is a clear giveaway….

  • Well said @Product of Chicago

  • Product of Chicago


    Actually, no..that’s not what I said. Read again, but slowly this time…don’t be afraid to ask somebody for help. The illiteracy rates are staggering even to this day. The only way we can make progress on this, is if half-retarded fools like yourself remove the veil of shame…and admit “I’m an idiot that can’t read” and seek the help you need.

    Each one, teach one folks

  • LuHeff

    Product of Chicago
    I got your point! Just don’t agree with this statement “compared to Pusha, Drake really is a boss lord” naw only the skinny jeans old navy sweater wearers believe that… and they are irrelevant in real rap culture.
    as far as your side bar comments… you would do good as a comedian. Well at least I laughed

  • INTL__M

    Time for Young Money to either stop putting out shitty music or come with it at this points .

  • Dreadstar

    Push goes in as usual. Real subtle like. Kinda makes you half to listen slow or play it back a few times. The shots can be at anyone or no one. Either way it’s a nice flip from drakes version. I’m not hating on the boy Drake either. I been listening to that Drake Griffin all weekend. It’s just nice to see Push flip it so it ain’t so R&Bish. Good Music indeed.

  • geez

    This one is for all those niggas out there trynna diss
    without a response from me you really fail to exist
    and I love to see you fail, that feelin there is the shit…
    -Drizzy 9am

    This guy won’t even be noticed..
    Sucks that he messed up a good drizzy song though.

  • geez

    @ Product of Chicago
    I agree completely.

  • Shade

    Drake has not been throwing “shots” at Kanye in fact he even acknowledged him as a inspiration and idol to him when accepting an award just a month or two ago?

    You guys are idiots…

    @LuHeff: and say Pusha is better than Drake when he actually gets songwriting awards…awards rappers usually almost never get.

  • Shade

    Honestly it’s sad when rappers have to diss others just to get some hype. Actually it’s sad when rappers diss others period.

  • HK


  • Stop

    @NOVA I don’t know if that elbow let him know it’s a contact support is metaphorical but u sound so stupid this is music you dipshit this ain’t the 90s anymore no more fake hard personas

  • Lucky P

    drakes been sending WARNING shots to ye? so youre saying he can do MORE than a mere warning shot? to ye?!? Please.

    and bar for bar..drake cant spar with Push, lets just be realistic here..toss all radio acclaim to the side

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  • Lucky P

    aye @geez you agree with Chicago aye? 2 fucking bums with subpar comments to boot. and @shade Drakes better because of the awards he’s received? get the fuck out the paint with these ridiculous remarks and turn this record back up! you people are crazy

  • HK

    …song of the day

  • venttruth

    pusha has the perfect delivery for storytelling

  • INTL__M

    yall act like LONG LIVE THE KING isn’t dropping on Black Friday … radio only plays singles … Accolades in this game don’t matter anymore. Drake is good ., but he’s not this good . And if you recall he enlisted the clipse on Comeback Season while he was trying to get a name ..

  • Jaymalls

    The nerve of you, he’ll sit and clip at your lines like he ain’t heard of you…
    I seen it happen before, that man will murder you.
    The lowest form of a thief is a cat burglar. Tiptoe-in but the whole time clonin’*. The elephant’s in the room, the bitch glowin’.
    Like a ghetto girl with the good weave sewn-in, she walk like its hers but the whole world knowin’.

    Told n—as it’s the new god flow, it’s that new testament and that old god* knows. and you new n—as don’t get to pass GO, I’ll monopolize boardwalk empire flow.
    So don’t mention me in the same breath, I’m Genghis. Just venting I never wish to be famous. Truth told I’d much rather be strangers, before it leads to me turnin’ n—-s to angels.
    Local n—-as hatin’ but I can’t blame ‘em. Cleared the road to the riches but I can’t pave ‘em. Put Trey up on your hook, still couldn’t save ‘em*. Better chance with a snowball hittin’ Satan.
    Dreams money can buy, three racks just spent on my Marty McFlys. Now I’m back to the future, my career deja-vu you, when you muthaf–kers thought I would barely survive….

    Rappers on their sophomores*, actin’ like they boss lords. Fame such a funny thing for sure when n—as start believing all those encores, I’m just the one to send you off, bonjour*. See yourself as I pull up in that mirror tint, skins vs blouses, you mirror Prince*. Chappelle Show, all them Neal Brennans*, sketch comedy, who is for real penning? The talk don’t match the leather, the swag don’t match the sweaters*, the wolves don’t walk with shepherds. These Margiela verses all of you mall dwellers, off-the-rack suits looking like pallbearers. Coffins for my old bitches’ orphans, Daddy’s MIA like a dolphin, play the Fendi bucket like a sharkfin*, Cool J-ing on you bitches but I’m dark-skinned. We walked in, seats courtside, dap Diddy, Will Ferrell on my walk by. At the US Open, there’s much more to Queens, Versace blu-blockers, row behind Oracene*….

    Push…no shots….but nothing goes unseen.

    *”that man will murder you”: Pusha feels someone bit his rhymes?
    *”that old god knows”: Jay-Z? Rakim? Or more literally….the big guy?
    *”Put Trey up on your hook, still couldn’t save ‘em”: As in E-40’s classic song about suckers for love, “Captain Save A Ho.” This line is clearly directed at an unnamed “local” artist.
    *sophomore albums: artists working on their 2nd albums include Wale, Drake, B.O.B., Consequence, Maino, Nicki Minaj…Justin Bieber,
    *bonjour: and odd way to tell someone goodbye. LOL.
    *”you mirror Prince”: the classic Charlie Murphy/Chappelle Show skit about playing basketball against blouse-wearing, heel-rocking Prince.
    *Neal Brennan: The Chappelle show’s co-creator, who felt angry and disillusioned when Dave Chappelle disappeared. But Dave claims Neal betrayed him.
    *”the swag don’t match the sweaters”: like this sweater? Or this sweater? Sweaters!
    *sharkfin: As in LL Cool J’s classic line from “I’m Bad”
    *Oracene: Oracene Price, the always outspoken mother of Serena and Venus Williams.

    Via: Miss Info

  • cli-city..

    Drake already has more platinum albums that pusha…more grammy nominations….and if both died today…..Drake would go down as a more impactful artist…

    Drake on his second solo album…..Pusha has yet to put out his first…

  • Hip Hop

    both kanye an drake send subliminals to each other in fun. It would nvr be serious between the 2….(could u imagine that is a lot of vaseline, carmex, blouses an strippers would get hurt lol)

    But on the real, when drake was makin noise Kanye mentioned him as one of the artists that scared him. Drake always mentions kanye an jay as idols an inspirations. So any diss between those three is purely for the art nothing more nothing less..

    Just for the sport of it…this is hip hop everybody wanna be the best. Don’t let wiz, big sean, an currensy fool u… it ain’t ab being super buddy buddy niggas want that #1 spot.

  • Geez

    @ Lucky P. You proabably live with your Mom and listen to Pusha T all day huh?

    Drake shits on this guy. Line for Line YMCMB>GoodMusic/RocNation all day.

    I honestly think this song is 10000 times better now that I know Drake tried to work with Clipse before. This is just him hating. Just like you Lucky. Just live everyone else.
    Suck my green light.

  • 123

    my god these little kids are so stupid

    i heard a newer drake song that had ZERO beat. no kick. no snare. nothing. it was just like wind in the background and some keyboard with drake rapping, and the comments section was filled with

    “:what a sick beat ”
    ” what a great beat ”

    WHAT BEAT? a beat consists of some sort of drums.

  • ill_uminated1

    Its aimed at young money (wayne and drake).. now that we cleared that up..
    lets talk facts people from here on..
    Pusha will murder drake bar for bar, people forget that Drake actually used to “practice rapping” to “clipse’s- Lord willin” star trak debut..
    So how you gunna say drake is better than pusha, if he actually wishes he was at pushas level 10 years ago!!!!
    awards dont mean shit kids.. do your research, pusha is respected in the industry, hes got classics under his belt with no R&B shit on his albums

    *let the jeggin wearin kids, respond to that

  • casper21

    Cli-city…are you still wearing diapers? Put your hand up if grammy nods mean dick to you. If your a male and you went out and bought Drake’s record were you wearing a leotard?

    Look up the Clipse, if your too lazy they’re a legendary hip hop duo who have recognized classic albums in the HIPHOP community, fully respected among hiphop heads. Drake has a pop record that a bunch of 12-16 year old girls supported, and some guys may listen to some of his radio hits but probably lack the testicles to admit it in public. And Drake’s platinum plaque can almost, and I mean in some respects be considered a flop because everybody was calling for him to sell a mili his first week….not even close.

    Pusha’s solo career is just getting started, and he’s on a respectable label. Pretty much everyone on Young Money is surrounded by controversy because only casual fans and people growing up on current hip hop give a shit about any of them. So no, Drake will not go down as a more influential artist because he’s putting out watered down pop music, Pusha will be recognized for putting his stamp on hip hop at the very least through the clipse catalogue.

  • U blog niggas have no lives at all,Yall got white lab coats on as yall write comments.Lmao!

  • Geez

    Making wayy more money than you my Young boi!

  • realest

    Drake > pusha t, kanye west, jay z, lil wayne ect.

  • realest

    Drake over pusha t, kanye west, jay z, lil wayne ect.

  • OVO

    pusha old braids t is irrelevent FOH !!

  • zezzoi

    Love this beat….Dreams money can buy should be on Take Care as the intro or something. Too hot

    not a bad freestyle by push.

  • Heyhey

    People on hiphopdx think it’s about j Cole

  • Snatch Patch

    Drake can’t box with Pusha. Pusha chops that white. Drake is half white, therefore half of him would be chopped. Anyone that gives Drake a co-sign is bitch-made or feminine at best. Only rapper softer is Yung Berg. Mugsy Bogues could fuck Aubrey up.

  • hhaha

    WHYD PUSHA DISS PHARREL THOUGH??? WTFFF –> http://tinyurl.com/3pgh35m

  • Whoa! #DOPE

    Pusha is beast. Rappers do not want it with Pusha T.


  • i heard this was suppose to be a drake diss… idk but it’s a nice song. i’m feeling it.

  • Loaded

    Put Trey up on your hook, still couldn’t save ‘em

    j.cole diss

  • Bx Slime

    ROFL at people who think this is a J. Cole diss, Man im done with HipHopDX…I think this was for either Cons or Drake (I think Cons would make more sense). Anyways beef is played out in hip-hop just subliminals…

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  • Scarsase

    This Could Be A Wale Diss…DMV Is What Push Reps Too “Local Niggas Hating” And The Tre He’s Referring Too Is Of UCB Not Songz

  • Collar Cali

    Though I think its geared towards Drake…. [email protected] that J.Cole ideal for “Put Trey up on your hook, still couldn’t save ‘em’ ”
    line would make sense…

    Drake shots

    “I’m On One”
    “The way i see it, the throne is mine for the taking, now watch me take it”

    Tim Westwood Interview:
    “Some guys, two rappers are doing an album together, wonder where they got that idea from [a clear shot at Jay & Hov for their PLATINUM “Watch The Throne” project]

    I luv me some Drake 2 the end & Pusha… but really if these two beef, it would be another Lil’Kim & Nicki like beef… Drake idolizes this guy 2 the end, I mean more than any other rapper. He worshipped him as a kid… [Not Lil’Wayne]. So This is interesting.

    Goodness knows that beef was & is A$$!

    Interested in Drake’s response.

    This whole music game is crazy & fake…stay to yourself….

  • Awesome

    Drake is like the easiest target to diss. Dude’s pretending to be something he’s not. Sit your ass down on a wheelchair.

  • Quack

    “Told n—as it’s the new god flow
    It’s that new testament and the old god knows
    And you new n—as don’t get to pass GO
    I’ll monopolize boardwalk empire flow
    So don’t mention me in the same breath, I’m Genghis
    Just venting I never wished to be famous
    Truth told I’d much rather be strangers
    Before it leads to me turnin’ niggas to angels
    Local niggas hatin’ but I can’t blame ‘em
    Cleared the road to the riches but I can’t pave ‘em
    Put Trey up on your hook, still couldn’t save ‘em
    Better chance with a snowball hittin’ Satan.”

    If you squint your eyes and turn your head, this could be directed at J. Cole. On some behind-the-scenes shit, I would assume, if it even means anything.

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  • JMillionaire

    $3000 just spent on my Marty McFlys now I’m back 2 the Future – Pusha

    PUSHA killed this, he on a Jay-z / Nas Level, he is extremely underrated #Real Talk

  • clbobe

    @ Product of Chicago Hits that will be remembered for years? I don’t remember hits from his last joint. None of these dudes make music that lasts anymore.

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  • drake can’t go bar to bar with this guy
    “Dog If I Were You, I Tell You What I Would Do
    I Would Cut Ties With The Cops And Just Make Them Fire You
    Lose The Body Pack And The Velcro You Feed The Wire Through
    Tell Them Not To Call And That’s Even If They Require You
    Cuz They The Only People Recording That Wanna Hire You (It’s True)
    With What I Spend In A Weekend I Could Aquire You
    Some Of Them Believe You Got Money You Little Liar You

    But, I Don’t Admire You Short Niggas Tell Tall Tales
    Good Riddance Aristo I Just Retired You! ”
    -drake Good riddance

    …. just sayin lol

  • drake would body this guy

  • Rain

    You all need to go get lives lmao.

  • Re-Up

    someone really said push has not put out one album on here wtf. clipse put out 2 albums and more mixtape as re up gang than another mixtape called fear god and he is dropping another one with an album. It does not matter who he is talking about the track is nice and it is a great switch up from the crap most artist spew that people buy. being a artist isnt a brand name like people treat it where no matter what people will buy your shit even if it is ass. Lil Wayne can say im a dick sucker and dick artist will be on it. Push knows that and instead of his flow getting weaker over time he progresses and that is the caliber of a real mc. And i am not saying lil wayne sucks but hop off the ball sack

  • jett

    how can you “diss” someone and not go harder than them on their own song? Drake > Pusha T

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