Snoop Dogg Doll Sells On Pawn Stars

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Full disclosure: The History Channel’s Pawn Stars is one of my favorite television shows. And on last night’s episode, a guy hawked his Snoop Dogg doll. He initially asked for $300, but ended up getting $100. Not bad. Anyone know the going rate on a Master P doll?

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  • lol, that same doll, $15 online.

  • chris

    Yea, you could probably find it cheap, i seen them for $40, but if you look good, they are been sold out.

  • chris

    all* been sold out

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  • cool. i love this show lol

  • Beware

    Lmao @ bdot

    Does ur master p doll stil have it’s chain? I heard that ups the going rate by five copies of the Gambino Family album

  • crackin foe beats

    That Chumlee dude knows his rap history

  • I’ma have to check this show out, looks interesting…


  • NotoriousRambo.


  • FakeStars

    Chum pays $100 for a Snoop Doll that’s all over eBay for $25 buck!

    Even more proof that parts of this show are fake! That’s why he brought the doll to the poker game. It was a prop for the fake sections of the show.

    I think watching them buy real items is interesting enough without the bull crap drama of the show.

  • Fakestars is a retard

    Thats Chum’s PERSONAL purchase retard above me.

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  • Scott

    LOL, just saw these on ebay. A LOT of them, highest price is $29.00 lowest is $15.00
    Chumley is a SUCKER

  • Nick

    Pawn Stars is fake anyway…

  • joshing

    I found it for $20 at the local store!! He got madly ripped off. I wonder what other questionable dissions they made…

  • Amber Love Hall

    Well I’m watching the show right now & Chum can pay whatever he want for what ever he want & it is really nobody business & on eBay and amazon the dolls are cheap they costing between $15.00 to 29.99 I have a Master P No Limit Doll Make Em Say Uhhhhh Na Na Na …… I wish he would give me $100 for him.