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  • Tyler perry


  • garbage

  • the komet

    the beats nice the lyrics are better than i thought they were going to be but what the hell did this have to do with nagoya is he liking nagoya to a chick i cant figure it ot

  • MadMike0082

    Why is it that if one semi-talented dude in a crew then we are forced to have all the garbage that their buddies make crammed down our throat for 2-3 years???

    ala memphis bleek…. Tony yayo…… need I continue?


  • lmao

    this nigga is wack as fuck

  • the guy

    i can dig this

  • Tommy Hotstep

    I still can’t tell if Hodgy dope or not but tha tracks poppin



  • welp

    I don’t know what you people want. Imma vibe out to this, and idk about the title either, OF did tour in Japan at some point over the summer.