BET Interviews B.Dot

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While Brian’s down in Atlanta for the BET Hip-Hop Awards, he caught up with the folks at BET. In this sitdown, he discusses our launch, and our nomination for Best Site. Good thing he left the du-rag at home.

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  • TheRealBigHomie

    RapRadar = Eminem’s website, what’s there more to say?

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  • Black Shady

    where’s the du-rag? oh you’re fancy now huhhhhh? HA!

    shout out to YN, Bdot, Big Homie and the whole team
    shout out to all the regulars….stans, haters, lurkers, hip hop fans.

  • i only had 230 calories today… damn im hungry


  • Newly Human

    I go to 2dopeboyz, NahRight and RapRadar relatively consistently, and RapRadar is definitely my favorite. It used to be 2dopeboyz, but they’re kinda turning out to be some whiny bitches over there. Plus it’s flooded with wannabe-underground heads that can’t tell good hip hop from bad, but they’ll dickride it as long as it won’t get played on MTV.

    I like how B.Dot said they’re trying to be like an online hip hop newspaper. That’s exactly what RapRadar works best as; they pretty much nailed it.

  • Lorin L.E.P.

    GREAT LOOK Bdot!!!!!! Congrats to you,my home boy and the rest of the Rap Radar staff!!!!!!

  • black stars

    they layout is perfect…. its attractive…staff is out there… not hidden like them other sites, good stuff

    1. turn on computer
    2. check rapradar
    3. check email
    4. scroll through rapradar, read comments…etc for teh lulz
    5. refresh rapradar…
    6. other websites

  • Skeley

    @black stars


  • black stars

    this my fav site doe…. but BET lame as fuck for not puttin the hip hop awards on television live… they always wanna edit shit… dat aint trill! ah nigga gotta wait until the 11th…wtf… and the shit is this weekend………….


  • Stop

    Fuck Rap Radar , Fuck B.Dot , Fuck All The Losers On This Site Repping WorldStar Til Da Day I Die

  • Mook

    I used to go on Nahright a lot but RR took over…y’all document the culture too well…
    wanna know whats going on in hip-hop then go to RR…

    keep up the good work…and please don’t change the site layout…i think it’s perfect…

    shoutout’s to b.dots dentist

  • Buju “From Jail” Banton

    1. turn on computer
    2. check rapradar
    3. check email
    4. scroll through rapradar, read comments…etc for teh lulz
    5. refresh rapradar…
    6. other websites


  • The Guy

    SMFDH @ B.Dot he looks like a fuckin bitch lmao. I mean, c’mon, look at his eyebrows …

  • Aint no site touching rap radar…none

  • catcher freeman

    i love this site, i only go to 2dope and Nah to download from time to time. i still get the email notifications for every post to my android.

    P.S – Ya need to fix that rapradar player, cuz that shit sucks. lol

  • JustMyOpiinion

    *thinking* Who watches BET anymore? No really, who watches BET still?


    Why isn’t Ted Bawno in Twitter 100 and egotripland isn’t in blog roll?

  • Danny

    only thing i dont like about this site is the way they dickryde officer ricky and keep putting him in our faces

  • SmokeYou



  • So Icy Boi Fan Club

    I hope your not talking about Rapradar knowing their Good Hip-Hop..
    face it, theres dudes here riding on Jay’s nuts….hating Game, Nas & anybody else that got beef with him.
    Theres Gucci Mane, wayne & Waka Groupies etc.
    the only good thing about this site is The Comments lol..#JustSaying

  • Newly Human

    And judging by your name, even the Gucci Mane groupies have groupies.

    I didn’t say this site (or it’s visitors) had “good” taste in music, but it does have a diversity in taste. There’s everyone from Gucci Mane’s groupies’ groupies, to 9th Wonder stans, to Odd Future enthusiasts, to Jay Z dickriders. Most other sites have found a niche and serviced it, and as I pointed out, 2dbz plays to the “tasteless underground poser” niche.

    Just because you happen to feel a certain way about an artist doesn’t mean an unrelated source should adopt your philosophy. There are positive and negative aspects to pretty much everybody, and RapRadar does a good job of covering the range without flooding us with irrelevant shit. So despite some of these children crying about Jay Z or “Officer Ricky” getting posts, a hip hop site that ignored 2 of the most prominent artists in the world, just because a couple of opinionated commenters got their feelings hurt, would be the joke of the entire industry.

  • So Icy Boi Fan Club

    My Name is just messing a round with Dude…don’t be That stupid.
    Rap radar is pretty good…i won’t lie.
    idk how you kids do it….but i check different sites a day. not just one.
    cause theres some features other sites have that RR don’t

  • Newly Human

    (refer to my original comment)

  • Sam I Am

    Even though you guys have shoddy journalism at times, I’ll always prefer this site to other hip hop sites. 2dopeboyz a close second, but you guys are nice with the blog. Hope you guys win.

  • tr

    RR does a great job wrt to hip-hop culture
    NR does a better job posting hip-hop music
    2DBZ does a great job posting underground music

    Comments are coherent on 2DBZ
    NR readers have their own convos in the comments
    RR commenters tend to be very childish unfortunately

  • GA

    Rap Radar is one of the best rap blogs out! Every story leads to another story, this is how I dive into hip hop culture post and modern day…

  • M.T

    Props to rapradar! I go to this site on a daily basis. Keep up the good work.



  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Proud I was fucking with this site before alot of mother fuckers i know. And i put all my friends on, they have me to thank for that.

  • Power

    Hiphopdx; rapradar; ihiphop; nahright; hiphopgame ;forbezdvd

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  • Dope spotlight. Good look.

  • Ness

    Congrats RapRadar!! I have enjoyed this site from day one and can truly say I rely on it to stay current with all genres of music! I can count on this site for the facts & that’s so much more that I can say about some other sites….keep up the good work! Ya’ll will always have my support! Besos!

  • Devil


    Your plucked eyebrows look better than my sister’s….lol feminine ass nigga.