New Music: Nick Cannon “Warning (Remix)”

Sure did. Mr. Cannon’s been jacking for beats lately and today, he sends a message to Charlamagne Tha God over Uncle Murda‘s underground smash. Whoa.

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  • nahhhh


  • murdah

    700 mill after his next deal!

  • RC

    I thought Nicks verse was good.

    Nothing wrong with those bars, folks are just shooting the messenger here.

  • Biggavelli

    Nigga stop making corny ass music and hoppin on other peoples beats. Get your Nickelodeon ass back on Maria Carry’s dick

  • lmao TeenNick must have pick up a reruns of Wild N Out the way this nigga talkin ……
    check me out!

  • MadMike0082


    This dude sounds like a Mad TV sketch about some fake rapper. This shit is sooooo CORNY!!!!!!!

    Fucking faggot.

  • NoSoup4Yu

    “TeenNick” …lmao

  • TheChosenOne

    Not that I’ll ever listen to it again, but this wasn’t that bad. Considering the other bullshit songs he’s put out lately, this one is actually tolerable.

  • ExPx

    your “warning (remix)”… sux… … … me nd slim afta ya

  • RRcoolJ

    Why did he punch in every line? Obviously when you have too much money there’s no one around to tell you you can do better.

  • london

    NICK U SOUND LIKE U RAP FOR FUN.. why mention charlamange did u really feel away about being Donkey of the day?? Your other track sucked!! but thats part of the game not everyone should be nice to you because your rich! Your great at business but the music and the diss record was more funny then anything lol.. u just gave charlamange more ammo to make u donkey of the day tomorrow.. lol lame

  • dmfslimm

    nice not bad.

  • wtf

    this beat rescued the whole situation because nick was so damn horrible.

  • Mike Jones who Mike Sims

    He should stick to Americas Got Talent and Mariah


  • deeprofound

    Shut the hell up nick, stop it!

  • This guy can’t be serious……-_____-

  • chilleymost

    its cool da fuck,,,,what you expect,,,,funny lines for ntertainment

  • Jay $ Bagz

    I hope he realizes that Eminem was being SARCASTIC when he said, “I had no idea Nick Cannon was gonna start WILDIN’ OUT on me”.

    Nick is one of those kids in school who is in the circle that everybody is making fun of but he’s the only one that doesn’t get that he’s the joke.

    And the nerve of him to keep Uncle Murda’s verse on the song after that trash. smh.

  • rahrahrah

    I remember “cough up a lung” from murda, thought he would amount to something…oh well.

  • ST

    Yall need to stop. nick verse wasnt bad at all.

  • NYMFO1

    He was never a big actor or rapper, biggest thing he did was Wild’n Out and is doin TeenNick, oh yeah totally deserves big talk like this…smh

  • can’t front homie went in on them bars..give dude some props he came correct

  • the guy

    cornier than aries spears.

  • Razzie

    Dude still talkin about Em? -_-

  • blazen

    His verse wasn’t bad, but he really needs to stop trying to fuck with Em. There is nothing that Nick can ever spit that Em wouldn’t flip on him and destory him. He already got killed and he keeps coming back for more.

    “you gonna ruin my career you better get one.” nuff said.

  • not bad.

  • FuckUall

    Fuck you all.

  • djpuravida

    I just wasted a like a minute of my life. Enough with the ringtone rappers! Hey dick cannon I got an idea, why don’t you just kill ya self haha! Nice time to try to take a jab at shady when you know he said he wasn’t gonna beef anymore. Just go kill ya self and do us all a favor.

  • @rbeez

    But it’s cool for Em to diss defenseless pop singers who ain’t gonna respond back? It’s the mans wife, what do you expect. Em is the one who started it in the first place. Neither one of them are gonna do shit to each other so if it makes Nick feel better about the situation by responding in the studio, let him. You don’t wanna hear it then you don’t have to listen.

  • @ rapradar staff

    Ya’ll are faggots for not posting my comment. Ya’ll are biased as fuck.

  • realraprawindastudioooo

    Lmao you can’t take this man serious.. Try a bagpipes from bagdad remix nextime nickjr

  • eNox

    YOU WEAK! come on son!!!!!!!!

  • trey jones

    i don’t think yall understand the bars this nigga is in proof the bar about tommy matola married to
    mariah carey which was mogul

    sony the new tommy matola

  • TruthHurts

    Yo, Nick Cannon went in…lol

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    lmao, this guy still trying to be relevent?

    In the words of Eminem “put the mic down and walk away, you can still have a lil bit of dignity”

    Also lol at him trying to re-spark the Em beef, he’s really that desperate to be mentioned by Em?


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  • Black Shady

    Yawns………Why is he still tryna throw rocks at the throne???? SHADY WE UNSTOPPABLE!

  • Dope

    Eminem killed his verse.. oh wait he only had one line from an interview… but he still KILLED IT.

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  • WhatTheHatersWontSay

    It wasnt bad at all. Folks just saying it sucks purely because its Nick Cannon. If Royce da 5’9 spit those exact same lyrics I think folks would feel a little differently..


  • ClarkR

    HAHAHAHAHA Charlamagne’s 3 bars and hook were more entertaining than this guys whole “career”

  • krispy


    HAAAA truth
    the dude never once said hes a thug, he said he wasnt. the fuck these people talkin about?

  • *sheds yet another tear for hip hop*

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  • WhatTheHatersWontSay “It wasnt bad at all. Folks just saying it sucks purely because its Nick Cannon. If Royce da 5’9 spit those exact same lyrics I think folks would feel a little differently..”

    but thats the thing..royce would never spit those bars..because they are TRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASH and nick’s flow is fucking doo doo

  • Gang Green
  • Voss80

    Yo Nick, stop beating on a dead horse and move on. The diss rap BEEN OVER a long time ago. Too much madness going on. smh