• pulla

    lil bow wow ruined the song

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  • CAmfam

    lil bow wow is garbage in the can…smh

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  • PetersonFrederick

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  • Toni

    this shit has nothin to do with dubsted… and if it does, its the worst dubstep shit i ewer heard… and the whole song sucks as a whole. snoop sucked, bow wow sucked ewen more… seriously, could rappers just stick to rappin, and makin good as music… instead of this bullshit shit that they think young kids wanna hear these days…. this is why hip-hop sucks these days. cuz idiot people make bad music and young idiot kids think this shit is hip-hop n hot. this shit sucks donkey balls.
    excuse me for statin my opinion, i just had to get it out. pz

  • twat

    bow wow was better than kurupt atleast

  • bow was great

    all yall are HATERS!!! HATERS!!! fuck you bow wow verse was the best nice clean flow …ladies add my twiiter twitter.com/drippin_swagga