J.Cole Cole World Debuts At Number One

What you say Cole ain’t hot? According to Hits Daily Double, Jermaine’s debut, Cole World: The Sideline Story has sold an estimated 217,324 copies in its first week.

If the figure holds up, this will be the highest solo hip-hop debut this year. Congrats to the entire Roc Nation and Dreamville teams. Final tally comes tomorrow, but for now, Cole, the floor is yours.

So many people to stunt on, fighting the urge to be spiteful. This moment is too important for that. Just want to say THANK YOU.

Thanks to yall, we shook the game up. No chart topping single, just 2 years of hard work, great music and real ass fans. #1 album. Thanks to every fan that held me down, every friend, every blog, magazine, tv, radio station, dj’s and pd’s, I feel like we ALL won

UPDATE: Final number via SoundScan: 217,825

Digital: 93,174 | CD: 124,651

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  • DMV

    Where are the people saying it was gonna flop?

  • Young Breed ( Triple C’s 4th string artist )

    my debut album is coming soon too.

    its called “Rozay’s Weed Plate Carrier”


    JCOLE just shit on every hater 217,324 times

  • HA!

    Fuck the haters, he just proved all you motherfuckers wrong.

  • fuk waka

    the album wasnt all that tho.. weak hooks and weak joints!

  • lito



    *waits for haters to say it was a wack album*

    If it isn’t one thing it’s another. I’m happy for Cole. Good shit.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Congrats to the homie J. Cole. Roc Nation stand up !

  • Bx Slime

    No excuses, hot album and it sold a lot. Damm ya haters took a big ass L today…

  • MUZiK

    200k is a flop. i was expecting 500 600k

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Real talent over gimmicks anytime.

  • Sonny Carson’s Son

    Yeah bitch ass niggas with no life like Black Shady will revel in this shit allday! His album was a 5/10 and that is stretching it. He wont hit platinum cause soon as Drake drops he’ll be forgotten about. Not hating just stating facts!

  • Donn

    Its so funny how when other rappers go #1 or sell alot, u all shit on em yet u want somebody to support ur fav when he goes #1. Smh. Good job tho Cole. Its a win for HipHop and his first #1 album. Maybe a Grammy nom?

  • NVR

    Highest solo hip-hop debut this year? How about this album called Tha Carter IV that sold about a million copies in its first week.. Well deserved though J Cole, album is straight fire!

  • Dreadstar*

    Hats off to the Boy. Cole World was a great buy..

  • Brutally Honest

    Great, now J.Cole would like to congrat himself for buying those extra copies at his album signing, as well lllloooollll

    “It’s My Opinion, Deal With It !!!!”

  • woo

    no hit singles


  • M.T

    People said that wayne wouldnt sell much when c4 dropped and he sold nearly a mili copies. People said that J. Cole wouldnt even push 100k and he did more than 200k. Just goes to show you what happens when u have a loyal fan base. fans>haters.
    Congrats to J.Cole! This album was def worth buying and still on repeat. Favorite tracks are “Rise and Shine”, “Nobody’s Perfect”, and “Dolla and A Dream III.
    Cole World> Watch the Throne> The Red Album> Tha Carter IV. Best album of 2011 so far in my opinion.

  • NYC


  • woo

    dope album

  • Sonny Carson’s Son

    Oh by the way Styles P put out a ” Real” classic today. Fuck sales! Real Hip Hop stands the test of time!

    My nigga @ZoomZoom J.Cole is a gimmick. Lets get thats sophomore album Cole!

  • sck

    @Muzik 200K is a success these days…especially for an up and comer…your fav can barely make 500K these days, so J Cole should be proud.

    Cole World.

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  • Citylivin’

    “I know the haters pissed but hold your bladder tho.” – J.Cole

  • M.T

    Shout-out to @Black Shady for correctly guessing how much cole would sell

  • pap3rchazer


  • B.Dot

    um, Tha Carter IV isn’t a debut album

  • sck

    @NVR the Carter IV wasn’t a “debut”.

  • bo

    The same haters that promised hed wouldn’t do over 60k…all of a sudden expected him to do 500k or more…Cole won! Cole World!

  • sck

    B.Dot on it! Haha.



  • Firepower

    NVR: You know what a Debut are or?
    I dont think C4 is Waynes first solo album..

  • this was the first actual CD i bought in years. salute this man!!!

  • DMV



  • pap3rchazer

    btw Game dropped outta top 50 in just 4 weeks! lmfaoo

  • Jax

    Cole World!!!!!!!!!! Real Hip Hop wins!!! Next stop….The Grammys!!!!!!!!!

  • Word

    @Cali Where you at? Flop?

  • So Icy Boi Fan Club


  • mac DIESEL


    …..FOLLOW mac DIESEL ON TWITTER: @ mac_DIESEL76!!!!


  • Slim


       [dey-byoo, di-, dey-byoo, deb-yoo] Show IPA
    a first public appearance on a stage, on television, etc.
    the first appearance of something, as a new product.
    (of a young woman) a formal introduction and entrance into society, as at an annual ball.
    the beginning of a profession, career, etc.
    verb (used without object)
    to make a debut, as in society or in a performing art: She decided to debut with several other violinists.
    to appear for the first time, as on the market: A new product will debut next month.

  • mikey

    cole world

  • 215AllDay

    I am a Cole fan but stop it, this album was a bit of a disappointment. There were no tracks with the same energy he had when he first started releasing mix tapes. Lyrics were average, production was average. His mixtapes are better than this album and ya’ll know it. He has the skill to make his mark and come for the crown but this album was not showing off his skills as an MC. I will hold out hope that his next album will be more lyrical.

  • ODM3TheTruth

    “Cole ain’t dropping, that’s real fucking funny.”

    Cole winning people.. he’s got this shit. Not bad numbers for a debut. Might go gold in a couple of months.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @Sonny Carson’s Son…Do you listen to music or do you just skim through it?

  • Citylivin’

    215AllDay says:
    Tuesday, October 04 2011 at 4:40 PM EST
    I am a Cole fan but stop it, this album was a bit of a disappointment. There were no tracks with the same energy he had when he first started releasing mix tapes. Lyrics were average, production was average. His mixtapes are better than this album and ya’ll know it. He has the skill to make his mark and come for the crown but this album was not showing off his skills as an MC. I will hold out hope that his next album will be more lyrical.

    the devil is a liar…”Rise & Shine” shits on this whole comment….

  • hilly

    nvr was right. bdot shoulda wrote hiphop debut album debut.

  • drew who

    @COLD DE/TH anyone who likes drake more than j. cole is a faggot in my books. faggot

  • Sonny Carson’s Son

    @ZoomZoom I listened to it high and sober. Nothing special hes got good songs just not my cup of tea.

  • Good album his mixtapes are better though. Workout grew on me.

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAPqeg2N8a0&w=560&h=315%5D

  • vickmick

    buahahahhahahahahhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa COLE JUST SHITTTTTEEEDDDD ON ALLLL YOU HATING ASS F*CKS!! #COLEWORLD

  • Santa

    It was a good album, but damn the hooks were week. Glad i bought it though

  • Just Sayin

    How can you call this a flop when he had no radio smashes compared to B.o.B. (not trying to put him on blast) who had 2 but didn’t even sell half as much as Cole in his first week?

    But yea, I enjoyed the album, but I was expecting A LOT more.

  • NoSoup4Yu

    Cole heating up like that leftover Lasagna.

    Congrats, and btw did he ever put out a song with that “gay ray Allen” verse??

  • Word

    No pop hits. No radio smashes. No club bangers. Sold more than Ross, Big Sean, Wiz, BoB, and some of these other fuck boys you guys listen to. I dont get how niggas can hate on Cole. Gives it to you straight up.

    Nice to see that niggas are buying real shit.

  • The Prophet

    The album was garbage but his fanbase supports him. In the Morning with Drake worked wonders for him with the bitches who buy albums.

  • navo

    Cole Worlddddd

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  • JDot

    Cole World!!!!!!

  • Akay

    hahahahahahahaa this makes me laugh everytime!

    I knew Cole would do big numbers, cause he’s a dope artist and he’s got a huuuge fanbase, so I never doubted him!

    but where’s everyone who was like “COLE WON’T EVEN SELL 80K. HE AIN’T GOT NO BUZZ. GET OFF HIS NUTS, COLE DICKRIDERS!”

    hahahaha where yall at now? Lame ass faggots!

  • D

    Cole fuckin world! Congrats! To the top!

  • real-talk

    LMAOO Carter 4 was Waynes 10th album fuck outta here. Props to J.Cole tho.

  • Clos1881

    I’m happy for J Cole I’m not his biggest fan but I am a fan and I appreciate that he touches on a lot of different subject matter. That being that album was kinda weak it felt like a mixtape.

  • “This is for all the fans that waited, the BITCH niggas that hated” – nobody’s perfect

    Shout to Cole for showing you don’t need a gimmick or phony persona to make it. Number 1 album with no bs singles. Bundle up haters. Gone be a Cole world for a while. Start of a legend …. mark my words

  • Black Shady

    Did I call it or what????????? people were callin me crazy


  • still best rite now!!

    “this will be the highest solo hip-hop debut this year” ??? foh.

    what kinda stat/accomplishment is dat? Thats like Skip Bayless sayin Mike Vick had the most “almost interceptions” last year..hahah

    nayway..Great artist. pretty good album. congrats

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    Yeah boyyyy! Already know I had to cop the album off iTunes! This is what’s up! I actually expected it to sell about 100k less! Congrats!

  • sumit

    i bought 8 copies! @PC_Lover

  • G

    The real story is Adele. She released her album in late february and it’s STILL in the top 3. Just about 4 million sold.

  • woo


  • CaliSteppin

    Congrats to Cole. He did it his way without having to make a pop focused album to move units. His fans already proved with this album they are among the best. Can you say album of the year? Yup
    “When you make the list of the greatest am I on it”

  • mynds

    Cole. Album on repeat its more complete than any of his mixtapes. Cole just keeps getting better and better.

  • woo

    shout outt 2 dat nigga cole, i read on the billboard site he working on his sophomore album while on tour

  • Rawkus

    If 217,924 people buy the album it gotta be dope right? WRONG!!! The album that was 3 years in the making was weak.. His productions are o.k. The lyrics are subpar not lyrical at all.. He isn’t saying anything.. And his hook are weak also.. The kid dosent know how to fully compose a song.. He tried to do everything and failed. Jay z on mr nice watch was the highlight of the album and that song workout plan is horrific first single..

  • woo


  • woo

    hahahahaha J COLE WON


  • woo

    🙂 the album was under shipped also

  • M.T

    “He isn’t saying anything.”
    lol did u even listen to the album?



    eminem sells more than 500k dummy

  • Michelle

    very happy

  • woo

    lol that nigga must have been listening to soulja boy album

  • woo

    @ rawkus

  • Black Shady

    Rawkus says:
    Tuesday, October 04 2011 at 6:02 PM EST

    If 217,924 people buy the album it gotta be dope right? WRONG!!! The album that was 3 years in the making was weak.. His productions are o.k. The lyrics are subpar not lyrical at all.. He isn’t saying anything.. And his hook are weak also.. The kid dosent know how to fully compose a song.. He tried to do everything and failed. Jay z on mr nice watch was the highlight of the album and that song workout plan is horrific first single..

    217 924 people disagree with you. how many people u got ridin with u? EAT YOUR HEART OUT!!!! COLE WORLD!

  • Tracy

    Nice debut 217K with a leak too. WHOA

  • sumit

    No More Mr.Nice Guy….Hello Mr.217,324 #Coleworld Fuck Omar Saint Louis 🙂

  • Bx Slime

    It’s gonna be a long couple of years for you haters lol, the kid is only gonna get better at rapping and producing. I gotta feeling that 2nd album is gonna be amazing.


    yeah fine but his album sucks! nobody can deny that he sounds lazy as fuck on his album!

    2.5 out of 5

  • zack

    fuck the haters i’m headed to that place you like to go

  • Pugz

    @215AllDay LYRICAL? you want lyrical???? Listen to Breakdown, Lost Ones, Never Told, Dollar & a Dream III, Sideline Story. Goddamn you need to listen if you want lyrics… people are so stupid these days. It was one of the most lyrical albums of the year, great meaning behind the songs, even the punchlines weren’t corny. Fuck the haters, no matter what he did it wouldn’t please some of you so haters have to hate, its their job so he knows he succeeded. So keep talking.

  • Civilize an 85er

    Nothing special and mad overhyped these new rappers are soft and fake because they came to the game rich. Game is really fucked up when people care only about sold units.

  • Hipnoyize

    Seriously fuck yall haters.. Die slow

  • B.Boggz

    Great album. By far the best album of the year.

  • 215AllDay

    @ Citylivin – That is a nice song, agreed. Is that better than SImba or Dreams? No. Stop being such a sensitive Stan and listen, I am a fan and have been since he first got on the radar.

  • 215AllDay

    @ Pugz You can read above if you need to but please don’t make me pull out the wack lyrics on this album and argue against Cole. There was no song on the album that made you have to go back and listen, teh energy on the album was lackluster. The album is better than 90% of shit out there, so no one is saying that it is bad. I just expected more and based on his mixtapes and few features I am right to expect more. His ability was not displayed on this album, there is more.

  • ColoradoKnight

    Congratulations. You have to give it to Jay, letting Cole build himself as an artist. No hit single, number 1 album in the country? This is the answer to the people who constantly say “Hip Hop is Dead.” Time to get your hearing aids, because you aren’t listening. #ColeWorld

  • Que Dijo!?

    I refuse to purchase a cd from a cartoon character lookin azz nigga.

  • LMAOOO @ NVR…C4 is not a debut album u fool

  • mill

    is lil wayne cd considered a group?

  • M.T

    @Civilize an 85er
    If u actually know J.Cole’s story then u know he came from NOTHING and he chased his dream of becoming a rapper and then he became big and he says that in his music constantly.There is nothing fake or soft about that. And the game isnt fucked when a real hip hop album with a message becomes number #1. get out.

  • RedRocBoy

    Congrats home boi! Real hip-hop 4 the win. COLE WORLD BITCHES!!!!! LOL!

  • Citylivin’

    what kind of fan slanders Cole when he goes #1?..i can replace your name with alot of hating niggas on this site and you sound just like them….and i ain’t one of those fans who scared to critique Cole either…when Mr.Nice Watch came out i wrote on here “disappointed”…
    …and that “his mixtape was better than his album” shit kill that…this goes for any rapper…their mixtapes are supposed to sound like albums or better…i don’t care if it’s Soulja Boy or Nicki Minaj.

  • Bx Slime

    His mixtapes are almost classics IMO, he had freedom to do the songs he wanted to do and damm the kid wasn’t fucking around on the mic. This is a heavy contender for AOTY but don’t act that he could have done a little bit better, he did kinda dumb down on some songs. The whole point of this album was to put him on the map and the singles are gonna be all-over the radio soon. As I said, the kid is gonna get better at being a hip-hop artist and soon he gonna be one of the top players in the game.

  • Life After Death

    Congrats Cole!!! You proved the haters wrong.

    No corny watered down #1 hit pop singles, no club bangers, no continuous radio play, and no overrated gimmicks. just loyal fans. The album is solid not a classic, but solid; songs like Dollar and a Dream 3, Sideline Story, Nobody’s Perfect, Rise and Shine, and God’s Gift have been on repeat lately.

    Cole World! Take Care is up next.

  • TheCool

    This proves yu don’t gotta have a hit single for your shit to sell.

    “Black and Yellow” was a mega hit and Wiz’s debut sold around 200-250k first week. “Airplanes” was also huge but B.o.B only did around100-150k first week.

    A big single just means a buncha random people thought it was catchy and hopped on the songs dick. I’m not saying catchy/hit singles are bad, I’m just sayin’, a hit single doesn’t mean random people are gonna run to cop ya album.

  • JHP

    I personally bought Cole World, and it was a dope album, but it definitely wasn’t as good as his mixtapes. He’s gained mad respect for limiting the guest features, and producing the bulk of the album. He’s did it, he debuted number one with the standards he set for the album. Next time around, I hope he’ll let some other producers handle more of the production, and he focuses more-so on the rapping, and maybe he should get Drake to ghost-write his hooks lol. Hopefully with his sophomore there’s less pressure on him since he’s proved himself capable of selling, and the label won’t fuck him over for 2 years again

  • dFreshh

    @NVR you a damn fool son. lmao if C4 is a debut, where did C 1,2,3 go? haaa

  • Que Dijo!?

    Swaggless Jonez

  • Que Dijo!?

    Swaggless Jonez The Sideline Story

  • LOL

    “If the figure holds up, this will be the highest solo hip-hop debut this year.”

    Really???…lol…are y’all on purposely ignoring Weezy?

  • franky

    u just know rocnation/livenation bought up 150000 shits themselves..

  • mikkey

    real talk Adele she really got album of the year. I dont even listen to her stuff at all, but i gotta give it up to that white girl, she killin everybody on the charts, cant go nowhere without hearing about her….

  • Kill


    Jesus fucking Christ man, not you too!

  • Just Sayin

    Niggas, DEBUT means first. I don’t think Carter 4 was Wayne’s first album.

  • vickmick

    DEBUT****************** No one is ignoring Wayne. It figures that his fans can’t fcn read. DUMB SHITS.lol

  • Nine11

    “clap for ’em”

  • Mynds

    Proud of you Cole. Roc Nation came through in the end. Congrats

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  • Congrats to J. Cole.

  • Yeah nigga made it with no hit single…not only teen gals buy albums…word to big sean wack ass eating off a chris brown hook.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    wayne fans cant READ smh

  • Da Business

    Props to Cole, best debut since Lupe’s Food & Liquor.

  • lil wayne

    hahah my fans are illiterate dumbasses who dont know what debut is hahahah j cole is better then me ,
    a millie a millie a millie a millie

  • YoungSimba

    To all of you supposed j. cole fans saying the album was a disappointment, I beg to differ. Some fool above me said there wasn’t the same energy as in any of his mixtapes. Are you fucking stupid? Did you listen to “dollar and a dream 3”? or “Rise and Shine” or “God’s gift”? Not to mention that he was very hands on with the production of the album. It was a very good album.

    Some other fool said Drake sold 400k first week. You ignorant fuck. If you knew anything about music, you would know that J. Cole and Drake are not in the same genre. Take Care would be dope, but to compare Drake and J. Cole as RAPPERS is almost like comparing Nicki Minaj to beyonce lol.

  • cl

    lol #s dont make the album hot..lol shit wiz khalifas rolling papers did 250k

  • k dot

    @cl Wiz only sold 190k 1st week look it up… congrats Cole…

  • edg

    Good for you cole. Shitted on all these niggas that said you wouldn’t even sell 100k. Keep making music for me to hear and enjoy I don’t even care if the shit sells or not. That’s what being a try fan is all about. Does everyone remember the max b and jim jones beef? When tmjimmy said max wasn’t making more than 2 grand a show. Max reply was say that’s all I make a a shoe hypothetically speaking. I don’t had 7 shows this month already. That’s 14k a month…that’s good for a nigga like me right? We all know cole making more than that a show…he will make his money..as a fan im just concerned with hearing good music. Feel me

  • Black Shady

    first it was ; cole wont break 100k
    now its ; you know roc nation bought 150k copies

    whats next when he hits gold???? Jay-Z wrote and produced his whole album??? FUCK OFF HATERS


  • mostly tha voice

    his voice is annoying, good album to cure insomnia

  • 215AllDay

    @Citylivin So a fan can’t expect and want more than a watered down album that you even admit is not better than his mixtapes??? What is wrong with you? How does that make sense. The mixtape should NOT be better than the album. Damn man, hip hop has really fucked ya’ll heads up. You are so conditioned to wack shit that you expect it.

  • 215AllDay

    @ Young Simba – The only stupid one is your slow remedial ass. Simba, Return of Simba, Dreams, Til Infinity >>>>>> Sideline Story. FACT. Real fans can be critical, dick riders like yourself (check your name) can’t have anyone differ in opinion. Check yourself and oh wipe that off your mouth playboy.

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  • Cali

    Jay-Z bought those copies.

  • RK

    Awwwwwww Thank Me Later only sold over double that and CIV sold 4 times that…

    Take Care bitches, YMCMB keeps winning.

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  • J Col

    This the summer that our life change, hov asked me is you ready for it?
    I looked around at all his nice things. Told nigga you already know it

  • Shooga

    He deserves more then those numbers, but it’s a good figure. Cole World.

  • YoungSimba

    @215AllDay dumb ignorant fucks like you like feeling like you know everything about rap. that old raps are always better than whatever is fresh. I dont know why cum bags like you are afraid of admitting something that is new is good. go suck yourself fucking douche

  • 215AllDay

    @ Young Simba – Did I make any comparison to anything old??? Nope, just another inarticulate dumb ass that can’t keep up with a person who can actually explain their point of view. Back to your mom’s basement fuck boy.

  • 215AllDay

    Just to further point out what a complete waste of sperm you turned out to be, I said the album was better than 90% of the stuff out right now. Never said it was a bad album…just expected and should have got more. I don’t settle like your bitch ass. New rappers that actually have ability J. Cole, Curen$$y, ASAP Rocky, Cobe Obeah, Earl Sweatshirt, Big Krit, Meek Mill, PAc Div, Kendrik Lamar etc. I could keep going. This is nothing to do with the new generation vs the old generation, this has to do with someone not making the best album they could make even though what they made was good. Now run along, people with brains are talking.

  • Mike Jones who Mike Sims
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  • tj

    j cole aka king of flows first they said the album would come out then they said it wouldnt sell 50,000 now the say the album isnt this or he sounds like this let me remind yall these are the same hating ass people that hated on the come up warm up and fnl so i expect them to hate on whatever j cole put out ps lil wayne sounds lazy drake sounds lazy

  • tj

    full time haters lmao

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  • Emma

    J.Cole definitely deserves it, since his album is awesome! He also posted a thank you video on his facebook, it shows just how appreciative he is 🙂 Take a look: http://www.facebook.com/JColeMusic#!/photo.php?v=799786654060

  • chi city

    Im a big fan of drake kanye rick ross wale ect. but at the end of the day they all live in a COLEWORLD.

    Cole for the soul.

  • TruthTold

    Congrats to COLE!!! WHERE YA’LL HATERS HIDIN NOW HUH???!!!!!!!!!!

  • JermaineCole

    coleworld nugh said, pop champagne

  • ColeLIfe

    “Highest solo hip-hop debut this year? How about this album called Tha Carter IV that sold about a million copies in its first week.. Well deserved though J Cole, album is straight fire!” – NVR

    @NVR…key word is “debut” …wayne is not a new artist… Tha Carter IV wasnt a debut album….therefore COLE WORLD is the highest Debut this year

  • Asshole

    Congrats to Cole……..first off his mixtapes are better than most artist albums Cole World is the best album of the year so far followed by watch the throne. I don’t hear the same repetitive subject matter as that on the radio, no big singles in fact some radio station didn’t even play cole til it was almost time for his album to come out. jUST FACE IT Cole is on heating up

  • NotoriousRambo.


  • Jrockdontstop

    Cole a real nigga in my book. Dat’s wassup. Much respect to da kid!

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