Mac Miller “Cosmic Kev” Freestyle

Last night in Philly, Mac Miller made a stop by Cosmic Kev’s show. Of course, he had to put on a beat and let Mac spit some fire. Don’t forget, Blue Slide Park hits stores November 8th.

UPDATE: Now with video

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  • L.Sa.


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  • Davvvve

    Ugly Fuck…

  • Braniak


  • JReezy

    Hating niggas. This was nice.

  • hater#1

    this kid is annoying as fuck, die already

  • Why all the hate. Respect it was a true freestyle which no one does anymore.

    I respect it.

    Fucking Follow me. Click my name

  • Kieran

    This “Cosmic Kev” dude is almost bad as Funk Flex

  • illuzion33x

    wow bunch of hatin ass niggas up in here ; mac miller nice and he went in on this freestyle fuck boyz.

  • Atronic

    Damn not sure even the biggest Mac Miller hater can hate on this lets see your favorite rapper freestyle for over 8 minutes smh this shit was like a throwback to the 90’s

  • the biggie beat in the beggining was slaughtered by eminem when he freestyled on it “met a retarded
    greg with wooden leg snatched it of and beat him over the head witgh the peg :” lmaoo




  • golf

    what is this instrumental? 😀

  • fuck all the haters. real freestyle. 9 minutes long. dope as fuck

  • Chris

    Why are u guys hating on this dude soooo bad.?? He’s actually pretty fucking nice. Sure, Mac has a retarded ass looking face, but his flow and lyrics arent that bad. Plus this is a REAL fucking freestyle, OFF THE TOP! quit the hate bitchin ass niggas

  • Deftamon

    U guys don’t even know what a real freestyle is. That term last it’s true meaning long ago. Off the dome and freestyle are two completely different things. As for Mac miller I could care less heard one song(donald trump) while entertaining he sounds like a white wiz khalifa. Doesnt excite me.

  • FTW

    He had it for a while but fell off toward the end. Good to see a rapper try to represent for the real spittas. That’s that, walk up on a cypher in the park flow tho. Peace to Mac for that. I’ll prali never cop his shit but peace to the kid. real talk.

  • Hip Hop Fan

    I hope he does platinum

  • NowAgainTakeCareLosers!

    Mad respect. Started strong.

  • Nfcscooter

    Kid is nice! Seein him tonight in the falls gonna get drunk as fuck!!!!

  • Jerzey

    That was cute…

  • midwestg

    “make em stand up like ludacris, aint new at this, cats be mad about my jewishness”

    AAHAHAA THIS DUDE SPITS! fuck a hater this guy can rap

  • crysis

    mac did better than half these niggas that have been on his show. go mac kill em

  • Cassidy and meek still got the best cosmic kev freestyle

  • hopsis beats tyler

    say what you want about mac, but he can fucking SPIT

  • Cave Bitch from Europe

    white Hip Hop sucks i only listen Real Black voices, why must be everything white so overrated? fuck this white supremacy. God is Black and crackas are mad. 5 percenters makes best hip hop. Farrakhan for president!

  • whoever signed this guy needs to get beat this is why the rap game fucked up just sign a white dude cuz he young and appeals to teeny boppers retarded.. you suck

  • I know Mac isn’t the best rapper in the game, but he definitely killed it on this one. I’m unsure about how Blue Slide Park is gonna be tho. Click my name to check out my blog if you are looking for another source for new music. Thanks.

  • Mike Jones who Mike Sims

    White Wiz strikes again!!!


  • mario

    this shit sucked

  • L

    Respect … Mac did his thing. Id like to see some of these so called rappers go off the top like that

  • Devil

    lol no matter what he does…he still WACK!

  • I hear lots about Mac Miller theese days. I kinda like his music. Cathcy, isn’t it?

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