New Music: Willow Smith x Nicki Minaj “Fireball”

Will and Jada’s little one has been gone for a minute, but she’s ready to party up again for her new single with Nicki Minaj. Debut album coming soon.

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  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    This spoiled bitch has Nicki on her shit already……so much for actually working hard for anything in your life.

  • smhhhh

    congrats sounds like a hit…. ^ damn dude chill she like 10 lol hatin ass nigga

  • The Closer

    Fire, Literally!

  • Cali

    Fuck this little kid tryin’ sing.

  • Cali

    Fuck camel face Jay-Z and his talentless slaves.

  • Big Homey

    No. We will not be introducing little girls to Nicki. So much for kids music.

  • sayWut

    ^if you hatin on a lil kid then u really need to re evaluate on your life

  • MsK

    I think its sad that grown people are saying such things about a child. Sad. The song is cute. Nicki’s part is appropriate and cute. I hope Willow does great.

  • HAHA

    Really ;( ?…LOL!

  • NowAgainTakeCareLosers!

    Damn Nicki week 4-real!

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  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up


    Yeah youll be saying that when your daughter starts listening to Nicki and becomes a complete whore…’ll love her when shes a fuckin drone.

  • Jaye

    so hating on children is what’s hot now? oh, ok…

  • slick

    she’s maaaad young. that has to be taken into consideration. this is probably what lauren hill sounded like at 10. give her room to grow. the skys the limit

  • Logic

    everyone leaving negative comments would never say these things to this 10 year old child.

    complete cosign @sayWut

  • CBH

    Congrats to Willow. Making hits like her Daddy!

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  • Black Shady



  • NuJew

    So I heard that dyke Amaya likes ”that fire below” music.

    This must be her theme music.

  • its still cole world

    🙁 i wish my dad paid for me to get a record deal 😀

  • its still cole world

    nah but i like willow…. that whip my hair joint had the grown women doing some outstanding things…..

  • aj

    @slick, its cool that you’re defending willow and all but you’re way off comparing her to lauren hill.

  • Congrats to Willow thought she was going to be a one hit but she doin her thang ,I can’t hear it yet but can’t wait to listen

  • Ears are bleeding. Sound like TMNT 5 end credit music.

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  • MrAl_P

    Hot song! Put Diggy on the remix.

  • Big LG

    WTH is will smith thinking?

  • Spirit above me = swag

    still much better than that talentless cracker bieber

  • ppppp

    really will? you think this is a good idea?


    oh you do?

    oh by all means…. ya…

    ya of course, by all means.. destroy her fragile young mind… ya.. whats the worst that could happen from all this…

    youre so smart.

    youre so smart, will.

  • It’s cool, It’s for the kids…. I ain’t taking it too serious.


  • wezzy f is for fans that supprt me

    illuminati sign up side down its the pirimid

  • teejay

    You know what real G’z do, they hate on 10 year olds.

    “Sheeit son, they ain’t no gun shots or nuffin”

    Ignorant motherfuckers. What other 10 year old is doin what she is? None.


  • Rachael5922

    whoa that is the symbol for fire minus the cut in the triangle. Onto some Pagan education.

  • Word

    Lmao the comment section is always funny to read.


    Wow a lot of negative remarks on a child guess u dumb asses has no kids if u do feel very sorry for them but i bet she can slap every last one of u haters with her fucking black card,…now willow its a nice clean song nikki part clean and its ok wit me….now haters kill yo self

  • Nikki


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