Unreleased Music: Nick Cannon x Kanye West “Big Spender”

Didn’t Freeway do this before? Anyway, Mimi’s better half dug in his vault and released a collabo with Kanye West. Here’s what he had to say of the track:

“If nothing else music is about enjoying the art. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some good friends – and amazing talents – why wouldn’t I share that? Going to liberate a few things from the vault…just because.”


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  • Mike Jones who Mike Sims

    So Nick is jus gonna keep rapping because he can huh? WACK!!! Stick to Americas Got Talent!



  • Ricky Retardo

    damn Nick’s Corniness is contagiousness. How you make Kanye sound corny?

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    Need more Wild N’ Out, less music.

  • atg


    Check out youtube.com/alexthegreatmc

  • I’m not even gonna hit play.

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9x0vNwo0dY&w=560&h=315%5D

  • He wears mariah’s tongs and carries mariah’s weed

  • Umm

    it literally hurts to listen to anything he puts out, musically. stick to teen nick

  • I got this from Tapemasters Inc. like FIVE YEARS AGO lol.

    My mp3 is dated October 5, 2006.

  • Danny

    Nick Cannon got more money than ya fav rapper and he married to mariah so he wins

  • The Guy

    Shits wack. Dick Cannon is lame …

  • jimmy

    kanye on a track with this lame? SMH

  • cece

    i’m feeling this but, i want to know who nick cannon was really talking about. does it has something to do with cory guns hmmmmmmmmmmm

  • So Icy Boi Fan Club

    lol No he doesn’t! some of my favorite artists are dead and they STILL make more money than Nicky will ever make!!!!!
    Nigga dont even have the money to pay for decent Studio quality!
    he got Mariah buying his shoes….so GTFOH.

  • Vodka

    wackest rapper of all time

  • dll32

    not even Kayne can save this track. SSHIT !!!!

  • Brutally Honest

    How Kayne did is a sub-par verse is beyond me…. Oh yeah !!!! , maybe Consequence opted not to write to this

    “It’s My Opinion, Deal With It !!!”

  • Black Shady


  • wickwickwack

    wow he outshined kanye

  • Get Real

    This is 03-05 Ye you can tell by his content and flow. Ye ain’t rapped about his credit score or not having money since Late Registration. Shame on Nick for trying to use an old/young Ye verse to get some pub. #cmonson

  • JHP

    This is obviously an old ass Kanye verse, he hasn’t flowed like this or spit lyrics like this since before even College Dropout, and it’s a song with Nick Cannon, why would he waste any type of hard verse on it?

  • MadMike0082

    Im honestly putting 40K on this mother fuckers head. Hit me up….. Lets stop the madness.

  • Had someone else spit those same lyrics Nick did, it would probably be a good track. But, it’s Nick Cannon… so it sucks. Automatically.

  • Listening to this beat made my beat makin skills go down 20%

  • naaaaah

    kanyes verse is old this is a blend this isnt a new verse psh cannon u lyin nigga

  • ST

    Jealousy will get you cats no where, so why hate? Cannon sounded good on the track and the beat was hot

  • this shit is old as hell

  • *Fast Forwards to Kanye’s Verse*

  • NWW


  • Dujay

    this is from before the college dropout

  • Dope

    Let’s be hones, the beat is nice, the flow is tight.. I don’t like Nick but the song is not bad at all… Sounds like some shit from 2005 or earlier. Classic Kanye.