Cee-Lo 7 Up Commercial

Saw this while watching the boob tube yesterday. For 7 Up’s latest ad campaign, the soft drinker commissions Cee-Lo Green and his 2002 hit “Closet Freak”. Perfectly imperfect.

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  • ColoradoKnight

    Cee-Lo is everywhere now after that “F*ck You” record. Well deserved.

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  • marton

    a joke..

    the commercial just pushed the idea of blacks as keeping dirty apartments and garages.

    interestingly the only frame that featured whites portrayed a completely different environment altogether, which appeared suburbia-like. the subliminal messaging and programming is not even subtle!

    how did 7-up get Ceelo to do this?

  • Dope

    @marton Are you so much of a racist to look for such details in this commercial. And wha you are saying isn’t even true.. the baby is in a nice house, with a few toys on the floor which is normal in any house with kids in it.. the next scene is a suburbia garage with nice things it it, a bike, a car and even a couch for chilling.. and then there’s Cee Lo in a nice modern studio type of room.. what’s so degrading about any of it.

  • Ha!

    Very dope commercial. Gave a nostalgic feel.

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  • Mohammed suraj

    Hae c loo green am ur number one fan in nigeria…….lolz ……..

  • BuchananMark

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  • Am I the only person who remembers Bill Hicks statement that “anyone who does a commercial has lost all artisitic merit?” I think we have forgotten that this is the same Cee-lo who was a member of Goodie Mobb, the Cee-lo who make songs like Git Up Git Out and Liberation. Now he’s singing for soda corporations, enlarging the profit margin of CEOs who couldn’t care less about working class communities. This is quite disheartening.

  • dancingstream

    This commercial stinks….BIG TIME. Please get some real talent for your commercials 7UP!!!!!!!!!