Irv Gotti Pitches For Def Jam Presidency

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The GOP ain’t got nothin’ on Irv. Yesterday on MTV Rap Fix, Murder Inc. founder Irv Gotti, made a compelling pitch for Presidency at Def Jam. This sounds like change we can believe in.

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  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Irv Gotti Pitches For Def Jam Presidency…Hahaha thats a good one.

  • give it to IRV HE DESERVE IT

  • Product of Chicago

    Real n!gga though…Irv Gotti for President

  • Musiq Stylz

    Irv Gotti speaks truth!

  • Derrt

    Yea give that job to IRV, shit I wish Obama showed some passion like that

  • Black Shady


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  • Chuuch.

  • Dashing

    Irv makes a lot of sense. I’m not convinced that he’s necessarily the best man for the job but he’s making a lot of sense.

    Who was the last big act that Def Jam signed?
    Why did the last Meth and Red album not have a bigger splash?
    How come Jeezy been faltering the last 2 years or so?

    They need a president!

  • Puerto-Black

    I respect that he HATES chris lighty but loves the culture enough to say he should get the job……Def Jam neeeds to rid that L.A. Reid bullshit term

  • dmfslimm

    i watched this twice yesterday and irv went hard. i like how he defended jeezy. like for real, what is def jam doing to help him?

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    I’ve been saying for years about DEF JAM they to bring back. Kevin Liles use to be VP of DEF JAM back in the day. That would be my pick.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @Puerto-Black…LA REID left def jam a while ago.

  • TheRealBigHomie


  • Your mother’s “friend”

    What is def jam really ?? i mean its just a name, an extension of universal .Hip hop ain’t the same things change just look at Mo town, if you do the history every record label started out just like def jam but people grow, new shit comes along . I honestly don’t see what def jam is doing wrong they have Beiber, Rihanna , Kanye et al so as a business i think they’re doing ok & anyway irv should be the last person to ask for this job he failed at running his own label

  • irv gotti needs that spot at def jam no joke dude was from the heart and has knowledge. when you get in that seat look at the midwest.

  • Garbonin

    he’s washed up…sit him down…

    Target giving out $1,000 giftcards ..4 their 30th 24 hours only..all my school shit paid 4!

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  • Sonny Carsons Son

    Irv is right. Its no leadership at Def Jam and it hasnt been. irv , chris lighty or kevin liles would be good for the job cause they understood the artist.



  • JT

    Irv brought Ja, X, and Jay-z to Def Jam in the mid to late 90s, without those acts, there might not be a Def Jam now. Irv kept the lights on when Puff was riding around in Shiny Suits. So he deserve the position. LA Reid turn Def Jam, the staple for a hip hop label, into a R&B/Pop Label. I understand everything needs to evolve, but not that far left.

  • Give him the presidency, just monitor the money real close haha

  • SmokinAces


  • SmokinAces

    @Your mother’s “friend” I wouldn’t say Irv failed running Murder INC. Dude sold alot of records and was damn near running the game at the time. Top it off, he was instrumental in bringing X, Jay, and Ja to the table. As for what Def Jam is doing wrong, all the artists you named have one of two things in common. Either they have pretty much built their own movements (Kanye, Ross) or they are pop artists (Rihanna, Beiber) I think Irv is concentrating on HIP-HOP artists.

  • get bucks

    Irv Gotti talking pop records and shit, but he fails to mention all of that soft shit Ja was doing right before 50 put the brakes on The Inc. Irv deserves the position, because his pros outweigh his cons at the end of the day but he also should @least should own up to the fuckery he brought to the game.

    Ja Rule- I Cry
    Ja Rule feat. J. Lo- Ain’t that Funny
    It was a few more in there too, but I think Ja was a good artist and will probably get the “just came home from jail” care package when he gets out.

  • mja

    as logn as he bring back black child and Cadillac tah

  • Thats what the FUCK im talking about . that Passion right there is whatit IS !

  • devante

    Irv and Sha money in the same building?

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  • i cant even fron t on Irv yo. He was around for the defjam2000 and those real glory days of my generation of hip hop. He speaks with real passion and he makes valid points.


  • umm

    @Your mothers “friend”

    2 of the artist you named aren’t even hip-hop. Irv is saying that as the pioneer HIP HOP label def jam has fallen off due to lack of competent leadership. He wants the revitalazation of def jam for the sake of hip hop culture. What do Rihanna and Justin Bieber have to do with that? zilch

  • Mike Jones

    Real spit…

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  • jrems

    Yo, I’ve NEVER been a fan of Irv until watching that piece above… maybe it’s from a lack of interest in the Murder Inc roster later in the game, but I always passed him off as somebody who hustled and was intelligent, but a “right place right time” guy. This video right here though… he speaks the truth.

    In some respects, is how I felt about Motown and how that label became so diluted and shit (save for a few acts) over the past decade+.

    Where’s my “Irv for President” tee?

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