Prodigy Schools Youth On Sickle Cell

P, who’s currently battling the genetic blood disorder, schools a 13-year-old on the disease and how to care for it. In a recent interview with CNN, TLC member T-Boz spoke on when she was first diagnosed.

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  • get bucks

    That was cool.

  • Nine11

    I’ve got the recessive gene.. my two Junior brothers are SS and i lost my senior sis wen i was 2 to SS (she was 5)… 500.000 kids are born with SS in west africa yearly. less then 3% make it to 5 yrs. and only African a prone to carry the gene. maybe thatz y nobody cares. instead they pump billions of dollars into malaria wen, of my 25yrs in Cameroon, Africa I’ve never heard that someone died of malaria. and i have been sick COUNTLESS times of malaria. oly whites die of malaria, cuz Black-Africans’ genes have adapted already. Sickle Cell anaemia needs a voice. Black American children die at birth.. or early on cuz their parents have not been educated about it.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Great video P. Teach the youth.

  • BuchananMark

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  • jadamang

    first off thats cool and all…but sickle cell is a real disease not something to were u can just change a diet…i ve dealt with this for 29 years and i have a 1 year old who also has the disease dont listen to P i know he means well but come on its not that easy….this is not “cause the hip hop cat said it”…….

  • “do things for the kids, the little duns”

  • Dum fucs

    Thats dope he talking about how we really suppose to eat and that goes for the human race in general…all these doctors are in control by can cure yourself from any disease by natural foods and positive belief… believing is seeing , not seeing is believing…you got it all back wards.. the earth is our mother , we are her children you see..and the powers that be don’t want you to focus on yourself …it wants to focus on their illusion because everyone’s programmed or trained to focus on the outside of yourself….you are a creator yourself ..infinite at slightest … and that’s the whole game

    Thing s that keep focused outside of your true self:

    Religion, T.V, education, Entertaintment, Language, Race, Brands(I Phone) , Hollywood (the term Holly-wood comes from what you call The holly tree that was cut down to a specific (wood) that came w a special harmonic frequency and was used to manipulate matter and give you an illusion.. but the holly tree could be used for positive things as well..

  • Donnell M

    My name is Donnell, I am a 19 year old with sickle cell and I think this inspirational i beleieve him when hr says its all about your diet, ITS YOUR JOB TO STAY HEALTHY NOT THE DOCTORS just take care of your self

  • John

    @dum fucs
    You really think you can be cured just by believing? You are one ignorant ass muthafucka homie.

    “yeah I have cancer so I’m just gonna wish it away!”

    Lol gtfoh son