• NowAgainTakeCareLosers!

    Getting involved in the social economic aspect… I like.

  • eh

    He became a 1% from the same thing that the people are fighting against.

  • NuJew


  • steven

    its not the same thing people are fighting against you idiot

  • Timothy Abet

    Class Warfare? DAT SHIT CRAY!!!!

  • yma

    I love Kanye, he a musical genius but with that said, Kanye’s political involvement has always been half-assed (ie certain infamous statements). I rather him stay out of it, if he’s really not gonna get down and dirty and be part of/motivate a social movement then don’t do nothin’ bruh.

  • Johnny Walker

    This whole movement is dumb. You’re asking the people with power to give up their power just cause you say so. Plus the whole protest thing was started by a Canadian advertising company. I would also like to know what solutions any of these people who are protesting have to the current economic status quo in this country. I am will to bet the majority have none.

    I’m not saying that the stuff going on in this country right now is right, but the majority of this “movement” is ingenuine. And the genuine parts will never gain any traction because of the former. Kanye and Russ are just using this for publicity like everyone else big who has gathered around this.

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  • yawn

    lol at ye’ stucked chains!

  • Timothy Abet

    “White Lamborghini Countach, two of em. But please park them away from these hippy bums.”

  • USA

    2 obscenely rich men, one of whom makes his money by taunting others with his wealth and success, are trying to show their solidarity with a mob of people that hate the rich for being rich.

    This is irony.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    “Although, Kanye may be a 1%, that doesn’t mean he forgot about where came from”. Michael Moore was there last week he got millions too. Im glad Kanye & Russell was there. Its funny how FOX NEWS doesn’t understand why folks are protesting for Occupy Wall Street.

  • Go Get Some More Celebrities to help this siuation…

  • bhikku

    Cosign USA. They are part of the problem, feeding their people bullshit, paying a much smaller percentage of their taxes than their secretaries are, pretending to give a damn. Should they get props for getting in a private jet or a limo head down there to pretend that they have something in common with the working class? Niggas ain’t in Paris, niggas are on the unemployment line and Kanye can’t even be bothered to make a record that reflects that? That shit cray.

  • damn I was there the other day.

  • JJ

    @yma….and how are helping the cause by……………………………….
    and Ye is hurting the cause with his presence as witnessed by……………………..

    Damn if you do and damn if you dont; negativity does not win…..EVER!

  • bhikku

    And y’all are nuts if y’all believe otherwise. Giving those men props for being bloodsuckers…bet you in a week one of them will wear an Occupy Wall Street T-shirt on TV and one of their subsidiaries will start manufacturing and distributing them.


    I see the irony but real talk…ppl need to stop throwing the term “1%” around so loosely. THe one percent are the warren Buffets and such. NOT Kanye and Russel Simmons. Yes they have way more money that you and I. But in no way do they have any meaningful impact on government or wall street. The one percent are the dudes that own National bank chains not rapper chains. Proves just how tiny minded some of you are. The sad part is we all strive to be as successful as these two men yet we down them because they actually made money??? Isn’t the the point …. the dream….right??? I don’t give a fuck if they were there to take a shit. Fact is their presence will draw even more attention to the matter at hand. That’s all that matters.

  • #####

    ^No, actually, the “one percent” is the wealthiest 1% in the country. Both Kanye and Russell Simmons fall into that category.

  • the guy

    the rich white man will always win. the only way to bring them down is by force and violence but that will never happen. how badly do you guys want to stop capitalism??



  • get like me

    😀 my career choice is recession free


  • get like me

    i’ll vote when a hood nigga run for office 🙂

  • get like me

    🙁 dont give up…. fuck bank of america too and all the banksters

    niggas charging hella fees for nothin like wtf….. gettin my vault installed this week….. fuck the crooks… and god bless you guys

  • Jaymalls

    Yall niggas is dumb… Kanye or Russel Simmons is not the top 1%… not even the top 5%. Get ya facts right and stop spewing bullshit on Rapradar. 2nd off, how do you tell someone not to do nothnig at all… how much sense does that make. How about youi get off your computer and go down there and protest ya god damn self…
    Judging by your comment, i can tell you don’t even know why they are really protesting for.

  • @Jaymalls

    Hey moron! Check your own facts, fool, because you’re WAY wrong.

  • Blog commenter

    @jaymalls if you make more than 50,000 a year your in the top 5% of the WORLD

  • ….

    how can I say with a str8 face that capitalism is the best when we borrow all of our $$ from communist china? we here all the talk from fox news n others that communism is horrible n socialist yet they have no problem with going over n asking these same people to bail us out…USA politics= say one thing (n get people riled up) n do the exact thing they want you to be mad about….republicans n democrats alike are sinking this country. they’re lobbied by n then pander to the wealthy corporations…who are all about the $$ n not about “americans” believe it or not, thats why we should give them taxe breaks so they can “create jobs” GTFOH we give them tax breaks n loops holes n they create jobs….OVER SEAS…they dont care about the USA n its people, they care about their bank accounts….SO FUCK ALL POLITICANS WHO NOT ONLY ALLOW THIS BUT PREFER THIS….GETTING THEIR POCKETS FAT OFF THE BACKS OF AMERICANS WHO HAVE TO FIGHT FOR EVERYTHING….

  • white trash

    we all are modern day slaves. fuck a job enjoy life. kill all white rich people (elite) and maybe then we find peace.

  • Subaru

    Russell who’s net worth is between 200-300 million is part of the 1%

    Kanye West is also part of the 1%

    and even if Ye was not officially….he’s still a blood sucker like them

    fuck yall for trying to make excuses for your favourite rappers

  • Subaru

    russell and kanye are opportunists

  • Subaru

    nothing will come out of this protest

  • God


    America is in this position because over the last 100 years (little bit less, actually) our government has been trying to combine capitalism and socialism. “We the people” have steadily given away our power to our “representatives” in the federal government, and the same representatives have instituted social program after social program in order to appease enough special interest groups to ensure their re-election. This is the only way our politicians know how to function. The major problem arises when we don’t have enough money to cover all the stupid shit we spend it on.

    But the bottom line is that our massive debt has been racked up by the government, not private industry. In fact, no company or group of comanies could possibly run up this much debt without failing (we call it “bankruptcy”). The government, however, cannot fail the way a business can, which is exactly why it’s so dangerous to give this much spending power to the politicians. In short, the debt that is killing us has been a direct result of America’s flirtation with socialism.

  • Subaru

    this protest has no real agenda other than complaining and begging for change

  • Subaru

    the only thing that will come out of the protests is niggas with criminal records and getting put on government black lists

  • Sam I Am



    Check and mate. Well said. They dont realize that they’re screwing up their future even further.

  • Subaru

    I hate suckas like russell and kanye always trying to piggyback off real peoples anger and frustration

  • bhikku

    According to the IRS, folks making just under 400k and up are the 1%. If Kanye wants to protest the injustice of economic inequality…

    …Excuse me while I LMAO (“my other other Benz”)…

    …You’d think his damn publicist would tell him leave the gold fronts at home. It’s like the bankers showing up to Congress asking for money having flown corporate jets to DC.

  • bubble

    china basically owns this country

  • Randy

    😀 these niggas gone die mad at the world… imma die happy

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  • Randy

    lol @ hustle Russel and Ye

    way to polish your name…

  • TVA

    There are those who are willing to pay their fair share and proper percentage in taxes and there are those that are deathly opposed to it and will spend 20x the proposed tax rate to keep their tax rate from going up. Ye and Russ are willing to pay their fair share like Gates, Buffet and Cuban. You and #OWS folks are mad at the other group that are willing to pay to not have their tax rate raised.

    OWS is born out of frustration that nothing has happened to the bankers that crippled the world economy. Peaceful protest of the lack of action taken against those people for clear wrong doing is the aim. They want action taken since that group of folks took the bailout and have since continued to take large bonuses when the folks they foreclosed and ended up helping get laid off are struggling or homeless. Celebrity involvement is a double edged sword. It helps bring attention to a cause but can also delegitamize it in the eyes of some. You all that are bellyaching being the latter. Kanye didn’t speak to prevent himself from saying something stupid but to still lend his celebrity to the movement. Only thing worse than not doing anything is to do something wrong so Kanye took the path of least consequence.

  • Black Shady

    ^ lol

  • Willie_mcfly22

    Its all about helping for Russ and Kayne. Yea they dumb rich but they presence may help. Or it may not. They wasnt alwas rich. They kno what its like to struggle but they followed they dreams and got rich. Why blame them for caring and wanting to help..jus cause they made it. If yall made it and wanted to help do somethin u gonna do it right??…

  • c’mon son!!!!!

    damned if he shows up, damned if he doesn’t show up!!! y’all ngas hate regardless!!! if he shows up stunting it’s “ra ra ra, my life sucks, ra ra ra”… and if he shows up low-key bummy style it’s “ra ra ra, what a fake, ra ra ra, my life still sucks”… to all the dummies thinkin’ he’s doin’ this for any other reason than the ones stated need stop it 5! fareal! what does he gain from showing up! he’s already one of the most hated (controversial) men in music etc as if he’d do this to change ppls minds on him. notice he ain’t speak (in this vid) cuz once again damned if he do or don’t. u simple minded fcuk boys need to step outside urselves! did he come out the womb ballin’, no! despite the fact that he’s made it (see ”hard work” in the dictionary) is he not allowed to feel a certain way that may not line up wit his financial bracket! as if him showing up to this doesn’t give it even more coverage and in some form or fashion more notoriety! how many ppl outside of NY who don’t follow the daily show etc even knew this was going on….i know damn well there were hella ppl who ain’t know! you ain’t got to lie Craig! now all of a sudden ppl went from stupid haters wit ignorant comments to pseudo informed haters wit asinine comments…what they say- BODY BAG, ZIP ‘EM UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps- this OWS movement is what the teabaggers started out as, knowledge up

  • slick rick

    ya’ll who are complaining about his involvement are just being bitches.
    the niggahs bringing more light to the situation at hand.
    take this blog post for example if kanye never even turned up rap radar wouldnt even blog on this wall street bullshit.


    lol that is powerful when you got russel being your spokesmen

    dude knows if he said the exact same thing the media would demonize him, but because russel said it, its all good

  • Davvvve

    How About Insteed Of Protesting We Get Real Jobs.

  • Hip Hop

    Just because it’s easy to hate doesn’t mean u should.
    By the way Kanye isn’t wearing super blinged out chains he jus has on rosaries it appears.
    Furthermore he tucks them in, I’m starting to understand Kanye’s plight; you haters act like b/c he’s a celebrity he’s no longer human or something which is dumb as hell.

    Yea he maybe wealthy w/e that doesn’t mean that he’s doesn’t feel for the ppl.

    I wish rr would delete any post that has hating in it, you can not be a fan an what not but what does that have to do with the topic at hand.

    By the way there are ppl in the 1% that help more ppl than most in the majority ( warren buffet, bill gates, steve jobs rip, Russell Simmons, Kanye West, Jay -Z etc.

  • wall street has played us for suckers enough give us some act right lol

  • Cole World

    Co-Sign @TVA and @C’mon son

  • the guy

    watch that michael moore doc.

  • sway-z

    I’m sick and tired of niggas complaining about the rich or wealthy. Alot of them niggas got paper for a reason, because they didn’t fold up under somebody’s nuts and actually went for theirs! Wallstreet isn’t the sole reason for where the economy is

    America is about, people rising up, gaining wealth, and creating jobs & opportunities for the rest of the masses who don’t got the guts, desire, or ability to become rich themselves. Stop fucking complaining, stop blaming someone else, get up and do something with YOUR LIFE

  • 215AllDay

    I hope you people are paying attention. They have already sent out their little trolls to stir up some trouble on hip hop websites now. Wow! You guys really do see this movement as a threat huh. Good to know. Read the posts carefully, ask yourself, do these sound like the same voices from previous posts?

  • 215AllDay
  • 215AllDay


  • NowAgainTakeCareLosers!

    Co-sign @BLIND MICE

    I agree. I find it funny how we can back someone when they are struggling & clawing up, but shun them 4 becoming what they set out 2 be. Part of the reason why we as AmeriCANS get in these situations from not being fully aware of our surroundings, local or nationally UNTIL sh*t hits the fan. Until something threatens our lively hood. Look back on the prior atleast 6-7 years. All signs led to this time where we’re economically & socially strapped & no ONE person or couple hundreds can fix it! It takes MILLIONS & I’m not even talking $$$$$$. We need to implement more preventative solutions
    so the leaders of the future WILL HAVE A FUTURE. If you are on here JUDGING ‘2’ men who are ATLEAST out in the middle of the commotion & you’re wasting time pointing out how rich they are… Then you’re partially the problem 2.

  • Collar Cali

    meant to write co-sign as well

  • J. Cole

    Sophomore album in coming 9 months “Cole World: Varsity Blues”

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  • grammasta

    if you make more than 50,000 a year your in the top 5% of the WORLD

    ^ smmfh

    aint nothin but ordinary everyday people out there protesting

    yall niccas hate

    a couple of people with paper come thru and show support for the cause

    yall niccas hate

    da fuk u doin

    half of yall was home today with nothin to do

    ol keyboard politician ass niccas

  • Your Life Is a Lie

    “We are also against the banks and big corporations buying our politicians and writing laws that favor their special interests. We understand that our economy is broken BECAUSE of this and that all of our other issues will never be addressed as long as the financial elite control OUR government.

    We understand that these issues cross party lines and ideologies and effect each and every one of us. We also understand that these issues will never get fixed as long as we continue to let the media, the elite, and members of the government separate us by our differing ideologies.”

  • B

    How are y’all mad at Russ and kanye for being rich smh at least they are there bringing attention to the movement

  • 215AllDay

    @ Cold Death – Truth when I speak don’t need a co-sign from guys that live through comment sections.

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  • chilleymost


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    Ok………………………for the vast amount of idiots on this site. One question. Is it not the point to get the 1%’s attention and support in this matter. Since they “Control the world” an all…Honestly tho. I seriously believe some people need something to complain about at all times.

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  • WTF

    The smartest thing he has ever done is avoid making an emotional statement here simply due to his history of them all backfiring and him getting flamed over it.

  • 215AllDay
  • 215AllDay
  • Get Real


    “Russell and Kanye are opportunists” <<<< More Russell than Ye. I respect Ye's silence in the video. Honestly him being there is a lose lose. If he speaks on camera he's an opportunist attention whore. If he tells the media he's not talking to them and just wants to be among the ppl then he's an asshole. Russell is the real fame whore in that duo b/c he could've easily went down there on the low by himself and not many ppl would've noticed. But if he goes w/ Ye then ppl are gonna look @ and gravitate towards him b/c of Ye and it becomes a spectacle.

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  • WALL STREET responds with music video ‘Greed is Good’ blaming consumer behavior for the housing crash –

  • Hahhah

    Hey Kanye how about speaking for yourself you bitch!!! Oh wait you have learned that every time you open your mouth you sound so ignorant. Like saying “Bush doesnt care about black people” If he had any intelligence in his brain the quote would have went like this “Bush doesnt care about POOR people. Kanye went from “Jesus Walks’ to “That’s my bitch”?????? Sheer ignorance. By the way all you puppets thinking we need to occupy wall street need to get down to the real root of the problem. END THE FEDERAL RESERVE!!! trendy fucks dont even know what they are protesting for. WAKE UP PEOPLE DO SOME RESEARCH AND THINK FOR YOURSELVES.

  • Did Kanye shower at all? He’s wearing that same plaid shirt he’s worn for the past 3 days! Ha! Anywho, nice to see him support Russell Simmons for something so important. Who cares if he spoke or not, the media is always trying to mess with his words. Remember him being on The Today Show earlier in the year with Matt Laurer? Not good.

  • Cold Death is a Bicth

    @ Hahhah – How about Kanye bring attention to the movement purely by his presence and force the media that doesn’t want to cover the story to pay attention. To your point about his contradictions, I guess you live the life of a monk huh? Based on your snarky ass comment I will assume that you have never contradicted yourself once in your life. You have never lied or slept with more than one woman that you weren’t married to…right? FOH You arrogant piece of shit, at least he has something to show for his failings, what the fuck do you have to show other than your bitch ass comments? Oh yeah, NOTHING.

  • ^

    Wow dude… past the first sentence, you really didn’t make one relevant point, or really do anything to argue with what he said. You just got your feelings REALLY hurt and tried to turn it around on dude. Who cares if the random blog commenter has contradicted himself before? This conversation is about Kanye, who’s pretty clearly playing both sides of the fence.

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  • Mo

    You know you are a boss, when you have Russel Simmons in your account, while you are standing RIGHT THERE!!! Haha.

  • I have a crazy idea. Why don’t we occupy BET? Why don’t we occupy Universal Music Group for puttin out Racks on racks on racks? Why don’t we occupy Burger King and KFC? Why don’t we occupy a cot damn Tyler Perry set? Why don’t we occupy some of these scam a$$ churches? Why don’t we occupy the headquarters of the payday loan chain thats littered all throughout your neighborhood? Yeah we couldn’t be caught dead doing those things huh. We’d actually have to change our mindsets first

    When Kanye and Russel show up to occupy BET then I’ll get excited.

  • jane

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