New Music: XV “Boss Level”

It seems like nowadays, everyone is jumping on dub-step type beats. Next up to the plate is X to the V as he takes it to the next level with Electro House DJ, Skrillex.

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  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Again, Nicely Done. Waiting for that Mixtape……I’ll take an LP too of course haha.

  • Luke

    SkRillex, not skillrex, lol

  • TVA

    Homie put Super Nintendo Chrono Trigger on the cover??? I’ll allow it.

  • MIL

    stop with the house music guys

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    @ TVA


  • Sha

    chrono triggerr!!!!.. gotta love XV dopeness as usual

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  • Mr. Dollar and A Dream

    Sounds like shit, I like XV but you cant rap over this song without it sounding like garbage. Dude should keep thinking out of the box but do it right homie.

    -Nice Guy, Mean Flow.

  • ano…

    Its straight… but I wish his groupie from Houston, Texas would stop spamming my timeline

  • DJ Semtex’s Prosthetic

    rapping over this beat just sounds bad, much better as an instrumental


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  • truthspeak

    It’s a shame what artist feel they have to do to build a buzz these days. This sucks Warner Brothers must be on his ass. He is in the same lane as Donnis signed to a major but has no buzz.

  • xv is gay. what a disgrace to skrillex when you know damn well he would never get skrillex permission to do this. if your going to rap over such an awesome dub track make it worth it, terrible lyrics yall r gay 4 listening to him regularly

  • Mr. Roboto

    Vizzy keeps trying to rap over literally the most well-known dubstep tracks in the world. There’s a thousand dubstep DJ’s springing up under our feet; pick one and do a new song, not one that’s gonna send me running back to the original before you even spit a full bar.

  • jay $ Bagz

    the kid XV spits. he has his own lane, and has a dope catalog of music that showcases why he has a true fanbase. he’s also a humble ass dude, seen him in concert twice!

    Hey, he mite not be the biggest rapper out but at least his music is real and from the heart and he’s doing his own thing. Buzz has never meant they’re good! Mac Miller has more buzz than Big Sean, J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar put together and hes not signed. Haaaaaa

  • Billy Rae Valentine

    this reeks of the worst kind of trend-following.

    “man i really liked that Watch The Throne song. they sampled that from who? Flux Pavilion? who’s that? what’s dub-step. oh i like that J. Cole Mr. Nice Watch. ooh B.O.B.’s got a nice dub step song. i gotta get on a dub step beat. let me click on this youtube related vid. skrillex, huh? let me download this beat and make a song out of it”. duh.

    super-unimaginative. OBVIOUS.

    sorry. skrillex is tight as fuck, too. but come on, you just rapping over that artist’s beat. and it’s only the biggest, most well-known artist of the genre like someone else said. there’s a shitload of dj’s and producers making this; is it that hard to just TRY and be original?

    i was all ready to be into dub-step but i can see that the industry is gonna run this into the ground by Christmas. virtually guaranteed to be the new “i got dreams…hampton” silent-pause punchline style for talentless, desperate rappers trying to be radio stars. of course xv who i’ve already given a chance and found mediocre is trying this shit. next up, dub-step freestyles from young berg, red cafe, and some other one-hit wonder ft. the Cataracs or some trendy shit. fuck everybody.

  • truthspeak

    How did a Mac Miller comment make it on this post. Face it he sucks ! this is Mac Miller

  • Sha

    Don’t comment about the the kid if you never listened to him plain and simple..

  • Exactly what Mr Roboto said.

    Spitting over “Scary Monsters…” is even worse than Beyonce using “Pon de Floor”. The hiphop world being late on shit is fukkin depressing.

    I cant listen to this song. and I like both XV and the track but separate.

  • Get Real

    Just b/c Jay & Ye can do it doesn’t mean you can sir. I really like XV’s music but this track makes me wonder how many languages I can say #fail in before I’m heard and he gets the point. #knockitoff