DJ Khaled Interviews Uncle Luke On 99 Jamz

Here’s the audio from DJ Khaled’s interview yesterday with Uncle Luke on Miami’s 99 Jamz. Later that day, Weezy tweeted that Luke was tripping and he wasn’t feeling Khaled. Yikes!

Break 1: Luke piggyback’s off his Miami New Times article and says Miami transplants need to give back.

Break 2: Luke encourages Lil Wayne to visit schools in Miami and ways celebrities can give back.

Break 3: Before wrapping it, Luke offers ways celebrities can help Dade County.

Thanks: Chris Lenox

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  • Frontrunna

    dj khaled…voice is so annoying…smh

    Apple Giving away iPad 2’s in Honor of Steve Jobs Death (founder of Apple) .. i just went ahead & got 2..lmao

  • Willie_mcfly22

    CM YMCMB had it’s tun. This beginning of the end

  • uptown

    what makes luke think he’s the authority on were a person decides to contribute there money, just cause wayne lives in Miami does not mean he has to help out that city, what if he sends his money and charitable contributions to africa, this makes no sense to me at all, tell luke to provide for his children before he tell someone bout giving back smh

  • Black Shady

    Tell to Uncle Luke to go play somewhere………

    Wayne gonna spit on his next freestyle he’s helping the single mothers in Miami by blowin stacks at KOD LOLLLLLLL

  • Davvvve

    Me So Horny

  • Genesis

    Luke just running his trap….. Wayne could give a fuck less about “Me So Horny” man’s view of his communal stand…. Fuck outta here nigga….. Go host a freak nik or something…

  • young hov

    Yo Luke.. Stfu b..

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Thanks RR i was waiting for this. Wayne gets mad at D-Wade & Lebron cause they didn’t say Hi or shake his hand at the NBA GAMES. Wayne is a bitch. Atleast William L. Roberts gives back for the “back to school drives” for the kids.

  • devante

    This Guy has been barking a lot of orders lately

  • Afi K. James

    Birdman & Uncle Luke need to chat.

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  • sangano

    turn down the fuckin music … i thought NYC radio was annoying … sheesh

  • Pa’Varis

    I understand and respect what Luke trying to do, yet I don’t like the way he’s going about it.

  • luke rite

    dont kno why weezy mad. uncle luke is rite… if ur in a possition to influence people’s life’s in a possitive manner, its ur responsibility as a human to do so… im sure wayne does more for miami then luke is aware of, but still…



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  • Joeycrack

    Wayne doesn’t have to do shit if he don’t too..when artist are out there it makes it a tourist attraction to go out there..just like la…


    zoe pound gone tax they ass then, luke a g

    yall got until 2012


    salute to khaled and luke, fuck wayne pussy ass feelings

  • Take Care



    how hard is it to go make an impact on others lives just by showing up to speak to em or encourage them…

    it don’t matter if you dont think wayne should have to give back THE STREETS THINK SO…. thats just the way the code is nigga….

    fuck outta hea

  • Derrick

    the king of miami has spoken


  • Damn There ate plenty of rich and famous people living out in Miami! And this Fuck boy Luke is on Wayne’s case on how to help Miami! GTFHO!

  • Derrick

    lil wayne is gay

  • jessica

    if take adults to understand what luke saying. i love wayne but just like he got mad at wade & james for not speaking, wade & james give back to miami and neither one from miami. its not about giving money. its so
    any hood kids growing up lookin up to wayne so y can he just show up at a school and talk to kids telling them how important it is to graduate. hoe many hood kids really have positive role models? if u dont live in the hood then shut the fuck up u would never understand. he give back to new orleans i respect hjm for that but damn u scream out miami too much..

  • JP

    I am a YM money fan but if he is going to keep talking about miami maybe he should put some money or at least time back into the community. I don’t understand how he can bitch about the Heat players not paying special respect to him when he is not even doing anything for this city.

  • Lil Wayne

  • poser

    all my niggas got that heat, i feel like pat riley

    he also caught feelings when the heat players did not speak to him

  • Joeycrack

    Tell Luke to go at Jennifer lopez too..she own a part of doplhins..oh and don’t forget to tax the jersey shore cast too

  • i respect luke for trailblazing. but come on son you cant tell nobody what to do with their paper. yo niggaz gotta stop thinking because they were born and raised somewhere that they own the shit. We just happen to be there thats all. im from ny. who the fuck am i to tell a nigga yo if you stay here you gotta help these schools. fuck them schools

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  • @joeycrack….co-sign 100%…there’re other celebs out there that be making money and fucking gold digging miami bitches too.

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  • 305

    Luke is right… he comes from an era where celebrities really gave back to the community. I live here and you will NEVA see Khaled, Lil Wayne or any other celebrity in the community giving back. Luke has always been there. If Wayne can take his gay ass to KOD and spend bread he can donate to an optimist club or school in the hood FOH!

  • Kemosabi

    Agreed with 305 u say u live there I take your word for it, it just seems like a bitch move to tell niggas where to put there money. Watch your own nigga and do what u can do don’t count on no nigga to fix your hood

  • 305

    @Kemosabi true every one needs to be accountable for themselves. But as a vet in the game it’s Luke’s responsibility to pull they cards if they are not doing their part. That is what is wrong with our communities now too many Chiefs and not enough Indians. If we aren’t held accountable for our actions or lack there of nothing will ever change.

  • ES

    shit what did khaled and luke say wrong, all they want is people TO DO MORE.

    lil wayne trippin

  • Rap


    JLo runs or participates in no less than 8 different charities. Uncle Luke is here calling out the people that AREN’T pulling their weight. Jersey Shore, on the other hand… it might be better if we just let them run through their 15 minutes with as few references as possible.

  • dmfslimm

    the niggas on here that dont agree with what luke saying wasnt even born when luke skyywalker was running it. the same nigga that yall disagreeing with is the nigga that fought for the right for you favorite rapper to say what he/she wants.

  • fuck ur life

    this nigga luke exploited the miami hurricanes back in the day haha

  • fuck ur life

    yall got until the first day of 2012


  • Kemosabi

    Real talk @305 I feel what you’re saying 100

  • Musikal

    The dude is right people forget about the hood.

  • fuck ur life

    its better to give, but ion give a fuck about em

    – lil wayne

    *its good*

    he a grown ass blood


  • Get Real

    I don’t rock w/ Luke on a lot of issues but he’s dead to rights on everything he said. And I don’t get how/why Wayne can be mad @ him or Khaled over this tow the line non-disrespectful interview. They say power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, so be a “grown blood” and stop acting like a female Wayne. & s/o to Khaled for not trying to put the mute button on Luke when he started saying Wayne’s name.

  • Originoo

    Fa real Fa real.. why is another man telling another man how to spend his time…. Please this shit is sad….Yall acting like LIL WAYNE and CASH MONEY dont put in work for New Orleans every year they have the thanksgiving in the hood were they give out like 3000 turkeys

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