Mannie Fresh & Mystikal Studio Cypher

Sounds like Mannie hasn’t lost his touch—neither has Mystikal. For Mannie’s latest vlog, he invites us into the lab with Juve for a cypher with, Mystikal, Skip and The Show. Guaranteed fresh.


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  • they back

    ahhhhh shiiiiit

    mannie a beast

    dope shit



  • Davvvve

    Mystical Never Ages

  • Same sample as “I Really Mean It” by Dipset?

  • Anon DCPL

    this shit was tight..mystikal still got it.

    Mannie need to get in the lab w Juvenile, BG & Mystikal

  • chilleymost

    i miss this nigga,,,,,,thats whats up,,,,bring back that,,,,,,, illie style,,,

  • Jaediggity

    oooooooooooohhhhhhhh… Mannie and Mystikall….

  • lol

    Man, i hated Mystykal tourette flow, but that joint sounds dope in today’s time, hearing all the generic flows out now.

  • they back

    Hot 100 Singles Produced

    1998: “Ha” – Juvenile #68 US
    1999: “Back That Azz Up” – Juvenile #19 US
    1999: “Bling Bling” – B.G. #36 US
    1999: “Tha Block Is Hot” – Lil Wayne #72 US
    1999: “I Need a Hot Girl” – Hot Boys #65 US
    2000: “U Understand” – Juvenile #83 US
    2000: “Get Your Roll On” – Big Tymers #101 US
    2000: “Number One Stunna” – Big Tymers #105 US
    2000: “Project Chick” – Cash Money Millionaires #47 US
    2001: “Set It Off” – Juvenile #65 US
    2001: “Momma Got Ass” – Juvenile #65 US
    2001: “Shine” – Lil Wayne #96 US
    2002: “Still Fly” – Big Tymers #11 US
    2002: “Oh Yeah” – Big Tymers #46 US
    2002: “Way of Life” – Lil Wayne #71 US
    2003: “This Is How We Do” – Big Tymers #97 US
    2003: “In My Life” – Juvenile #46 US
    2004: “Go D.J.” – Lil Wayne #14 US
    2004: “Real Big” – Mannie Fresh #79 US
    2005: “And Then What” – Young Jeezy #67 US
    2006: “Top Back” – T.I. #29 US
    2007: “Big Shit Poppin’ (Do It)” – T.I. #9 US
    2009: “Take Your Shirt Off” – T-Pain #80 US

  • Jacktown Vet

    Dear Mannie, Mystikal, and Juvie

    Jackson, MS and Memphis TN been riding since day one! Come back ASAP! Just what the game needs. That is all.

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  • a2z

    man i love this shit… dudes just having fun and dropping heat

  • Jordan Cohen

    That joint that sampled ginuwine is STUPID hard. YMCMB is missing that Mannie bounce.

  • Santa

    Ive always loved Mystikals flow it so out there

  • dll32

    Gave me chills….pure dopeness ! That flow is priceless !!

  • the One

    Mystical , has not lost a step… Dude it’s perfect timing to come back…

  • BlackAnastasia

    Mystical time passed when he got the big head and thought he was above the law by recording a Rape on tape.Dude won’t ever recover from that.At one point he wouldn’t stand within a 10 mile radius of Mannie Fresh when he was with NoLimit,but Master P won’t fuck with him period so he hops on Mannie’s wagon..The nigga is sinking so he needs a Life Jacket.

  • wickwickwack

    its a miracle mystikal didnt lose his flow in jail

  • room2roam

    MYSTIKAL!!! birdman might got him one this time mane… this n1gga still go hard in the paint…