New Music: Slim Thug “Come Here Bitch”

Continuing his Thug Thursday music series, Slim Thug keeps his hoes in check for this week’s installment. Don’t act like one, and check it out.

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  • Rapco

    give it up…slimm…smh

    Daily Situations that Bring Out the Racist in All of Us <too TRUE!

  • fuck ur life

    trying to be like z-ro

  • Erica

    Dis song had me ROLLIN!!!
    Give it up to the rapper & now Singer Slim Thugga!!!!

  • peeda

    should let Z-Ro do this type of music and stay in his lane

  • ksleep

    song of the year, no sarcasm either

  • Is that Tahiri on the left?

  • Persuasion Toward Asian Evasion on Occasion

    Why would anyone try to do what Z-Ro does? Even when Z-Ro does it it still sounds like shit about half the time, and Z-Ro is undoubtedly the only person who will ever be able to pull it off. Thug, go back to being gangsterly.

  • perc

    nigga ur fuckin stupid if u think RO sounds like shit pussy

  • Devil

    Slim…you wack son, knock it off.

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