• Been waiting for this.

  • Thanks, the previous one i had was of bad quality but this is still censored.

  • jeeeeeezzer

    Gucci best in tha game…juss deal wid it bitches!



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  • Georgie

    Dirty version? More like clean version all over again.
    That beat is so fucking awesome! Does anyone know if this beat was made for this Cypher or is it an existing beat?

  • djyesican

    all those other dudes who tried need to listen to this and see how its down

  • its like semi dirty the curse words still edited

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  • Luke


    it already exists, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_h5pRXEVs0 here it is

  • Jager

    Neeeeeeeed a download link

  • Bcn


  • The Guy
  • smh

    sad day in hiphop when ppl aren’t in the know about such a classic joint……tisk tisk

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  • Tyler

    Shady 2.0. >

  • Fire marshall

  • coco loco

    i aint a rap dude, im a doodoo rap lol… dude who rap/

  • MadMike0082

    Ooooook we get it you wanna fuck Em and royce. My god with the dick riding. Two years from now no one will remember that these guys were even part of shady just like every other artist hes ever tried to put out.

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  • “Ooooook we get it you wanna fuck Em and royce. My god with the dick riding. Two years from now no one will remember that these guys were even part of shady just like every other artist hes ever tried to put out.”

    Maybe to you pop fans, but us hip hop fans knew these guys looooong before they signed to Shady and will remember them after.

  • All these rhymes were written.

  • Surprised they haven’t got this fixed yet. I was looking forward to the unedited version. Click my name to check out my blog if you are looking for another source for new music. Thanks.

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  • YM

    @smh… I agree with u!

  • ColoradoKnight

    I prefer the on air to this one. I’m a fan of the crowds reaction. And this was somewhat edited as well. I still can’t get enough of this though.

  • Black Shady

    They just proved they aint nothing to fuck it!!!

    SHADY 2.0!!!!!!! Who’s touching us right now?

  • BG

    why’s Crooked not in the pic?

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  • drew who


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  • FTW

    Why are niggas acting like Nickel Nine is new to the game wtf? That nigga Royce has been in the game for years. This shit with Em is just another project.

    Classic Beat, these new niggas need to dig in the digi crates.

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  • crookedj

    i think they censored some curses themself which is why its still censored

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    Fxck RapRadar for having no mobile support! IT’S ALMOST 2012 SON, GET WIT DA PROGRAM!

  • Uninspired

    That was the most boring uninspired ten minute cypher I had to listen to. All done on a ten plus year old beat lol. Em was the only one who said anything and it was pretty much satanic bullshit. These doods r a bunch of lame asses.

  • …..

    did yelawolf say thankyou cracker! lol

  • mike

    crazy dope. all the haters are just pissed cuz they could never get close to these fools

  • Donn

    Being able to rap is one thing, it takes more than that to make a mark in this game. What legacy are these guys leaving? Eminem produced classic records, mainstream success, kept lyrics, made a mark. If u think just having lyrics is enough u have no idea what HipHop is back. Style, Flow, Image, Charisma, cmon. Only person with that is Eminem

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  • BlazeDaFuture

    The Problem with hip-hop is that its too many critics not enough supporters….This cypher was dope as hell LISTEN to the lyrics I mean really LISTEN….some of ya’ll expect too fuckin much fickle ass fans ya’ll want this they give you this then your like nah fuck that go back to what you use to do they go back to what they use to do then its nah now all your shit sounds the same…..fuck off…rap fans are the worst Just sayin…..and oh yeah #TeamShady

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  • Matt Maestro

    These guys don’t pretend to be anything other than what they are. The dopist lyricists in the game. If you wanna know who’s really spittin’ the best shit, it’s them. Doesn’t mean they’re the best, but they are the best at that.

  • fuck ur life

    yelawolf killed it

    he da dopest

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  • Toya

    The part where Em called Yela “white dog” and Yela responded with “thank you cracker” really set the tone for me. No one’s trying to be the shining star. They’re just there to have a good time. I loved this cypher.

  • always thought this beat was dope.
    _hit me for beats

  • blog gang

    (dirty white trash) slaughter house a bunch of sambos… yela that niggas mom is his sister this shit aint hiphop this kiss whiteys ass music… thats a new genre

  • M.T

    Best Cypher in the BET hip hop awards. They went hard.

  • Word

    @Donn If you dont fuck with these guys, by all means please glance over the post and move on. Niggas thought Cole lacked all those things you just mentioned, but look how well he did for himself. And im pretty damn sure you havent heard one mixtape or album from any of these guys to even have an opinion about them. Listen to Mood Muzik 4 my nigga. Research.

  • shiotta

    should casey anthony do porn?

  • Jay

    Yelawolf is a beast!
    The way he’s spitting is so damn sweet to hear because I’ve NEVER heard anyone that sounds like him.
    Can’t wait for Radioactive!

    Lots of love from Sweeden.

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  • mel in ohio

    I think only Em and Blind Fury were the only one’s who actually freestyled, everyone else wrote that shit. It was obvious, kinda sad. I think I (who doesn’t rap) could probably done better than a few of these guys. Only stand out rappers to me were B.O.B ,mgk and Busta rhymes.

  • lmfao

    Dick riding is one thing, but DELUSIONAL DICK RIDING is annoying as fvk??!

    You are truly a a delusional dickrider if you REALLY BELIEVE Eminem freestyled his verse?!?! lmfao

  • lmfao

    I’m pretty sure the only “A lister” who ACTUALLY MADE UP THERE VERSE ON THE SPOT FREESTYLED was Busta Rhymes. He’s EASILY the best freestyle rapper out of everyone there if not the best in rap period. lol.

  • TheToiletSpatula

    It takes a few replays to understand what these guys are really saying…
    That is what good rap is about, it should make you LISTEN!

  • Lmao

    ^ Is dat you Busta?

  • hiphoppppp3333

    i just came

  • Here’s the lyrics, the original song ( « Tried By 12″ by The East Flatbush Project’s) and the sample.


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