• fuck ur life


  • fuck ur life

    mofoz be hatin on da wolf, jack is cold

  • Awesome

    Shady alll day! REAL HIP HOP


  • Ricky Retardo

    uncensored! Now that Hi Rihanna line is alil fucked up now, “…I beat my girl too” i knew thats what he said. SMH

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  • Ahmed K.


    Royce & Em’ FREAKING KILLED IT !

    Daaaaaaaaamn that “Hi Rihanna” Royce’s line was strong ! And Em’s lyrics are just pure and ill art as usual 😉

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  • fff

    joell ortiz… his hand is on buddens shoulder… 6:26:07 until the end of that clip… then jump cuts to his side at 6:29:01… nice try tho… def not uncut.

  • fff

    plenty more as well… just the easiest jump cut to spot.

  • jadrianww

    ^^ to fff

    he took his hand off his shoulder genius

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  • so dope

  • and who is hating on yela? nobody

  • Here’s the lyrics, the original song ( « Tried By 12″ by The East Flatbush Project’s) and the sample.


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  • fuk waka


  • JReezy

    Eminem needs to come out with another album with lyrics like that. That’s Slim Shady right there.

  • Black Shady

    Em is the GOAT!!! ok no…#2.
    #1 will always be Pac for me


  • fff

    jadrianww youre an idiot… when you take your arm off the top of someones shoulder your arm doesnt come from down by ur waste watch it again

  • inyourmomsmouth

    fff you’re a fucking moron when they say uncut they’re talking about the lyrics being uncut and uncensored you fucking moron stop arguing over stupid shit dumb duck

  • inyourmomsmouth


  • inyourmomsmouth


  • Blood Gang

    tha g.o.o.d music cypher was better

  • SINcere Of Mid Mobb

    ^^^ Blood GANG… HAHAHAHAHAH ^^^ no I got my money on Shady my baby love good music & there lineup but they was not better then shady

  • Willie P

    Budden walked away from that Royce line so sadly lol

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  • ripper

    That dude Em is a beast on the mic… I am just waiting for the Game to attack this dude one day…. Trust me, he will be stupid and he’s gonna never name drop/rap again ever!!!

  • @Black Shady I also got Pac as #1 and Em as #2
    Shady Records aint nothing better than this

  • rango

    Marshall the king of cyphers there’s no one he can’t slay.

  • L4U

    EM and Nickel went in but don’t sleep on Crooked and Buddens PLEASE

  • hi rihanna. best verse ever.

  • Sick!!!

    Em ain’t the king, he says it himself. “Cause I aint the king of this microphone booth, its more like a phone booth. Superman in this bitch, cryptonite won’t do,”

  • Sick!!!

    That motherfucker is the SUPERMAN of rap. Let them other rappers act like kings…lol…Em on a whole nother level.

  • rango

    no shit!smh

  • TheCool

    Budden and Em went the hardest. People are sleeping on the real hidden things in Ems verse, it was real smart. And Budden of course like always was dope affff. But either way they aaaaall killed it. This shit is ridiculous.

  • YEAH

    RAW SHIT: #rappers should listen this…IT WILL ROCK YOU… http://soundcloud.com/pheenix-1/war-music-h-e-a-v-e-n #HEAVENMUSIC

  • Lestry

    Oh god it’s uncensored/
    Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!

  • fff

    the reason they put the time code in was to show it wasnt cut… do you know what a cut is? uncut doesnt not mean its uncensored… a cut has to do with how you work with video… censorship for the people who dont know is blanking out specific words at least in this case… this is uncensored but not uncut… they had multiple cameras set up so they could CUT between shots… but thats not a true cut because they didnt break the time code… except for the specific time i said… watch it.. shit is at least 2 takes… . shit was all cut up son… Shady 2.0 > Good cypher > everyone else > everyone else muted > MMG… Bye Rihanna.

  • fff

    Im a fucking fuck head… its funny blog people get so butt hurt when you say something isnt what the blog says it is… this cypher is one of the best we’ve ever seen… i was talking about the video component itself… not the cypher… FFF vs. YN

  • PURE DOPE!!!

  • STFU

    fff = fuckin fruity fag

  • STFU

    fff = fuckin fat fuck
    fff = fag fiddling feminine
    fff = fuckin fuck face

  • B – Trick

    Slaughter House Goes Hard!