Mos Def & BK Philharmonic Troy Davis Tribute

At Restoration Plaza in Brooklyn last Saturday,  Mos Def Yasiin Bey took matters into his own hands to honor Troy Davis by joining the Brooklyn Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra for a rendition of Frederic Rzewski’s “Coming Together“. More clips from the Lyricist Lounge/Restoration Rocks 2011 below.

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  • Mos Def is one of Hip-Hop’s last respectable sons.

    This culture used to be about bettering a community.

    Even when Slick Rick, Rakim, and Kool G Rap wore ice and gold… they spit heavy lyrical and social raps.

    Now people talking about expensive cars, sluts, and feminine emotions.

    I miss the Chuck D, Arrested Development, John Forte… days.

    Shoot, give me Heavy D and The Boys. At least they made dope dance music.

    All I hear now is sex, drugs, and tampons. HIP-HOP is buried deep in the underground but far from dead.

    *Bomb Off*

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    @honest & real please miss us with that positive community shit , last i checked Mos, Talib, The Roots, Common et al are still dropping albums , if i remember correctly hip hop started out at parties so its always been about having a good time .Let niggas rap about what they wanna rap about no one is forcing you to listen

  • Cold Death is a Bitch

    @ Cold Death – You do realize that if you go outside there is a better chance of you actually getting some ass than you staying in your mom’s basement, right?

  • No More Ignorance

    @Your mother’s “friend”
    Please dude, “if i remember correctly hip hop started out at parties so its always been about having a good time” Get your shit together homie, hip hop started in the streets of New York, all that party rap was started by house niggas who aint known struggle, so they make they crappy club music and try to justify it with ‘Just having a good time’, bullshit, thats just a reason for dumb shit niggas to get in the game and make money off shit music, Hip Hop was about telling a story and motivating people to get together in a movement, not going around shaking they ass like some dumb jungle monkeys, leave that shit to the gorillas son. Do the knowledge

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  • @lias

    do the knowledge, hip hop started as a reason for the disenfranchised to come together and have a good time in the community. it wasn’t all that serious to be frank and i am from bx,ny.

    people in the hood ie. pj’s, tenements, whatever irregardless of whoever or whatever, know how to have a good time. some of the best people to be around are people from the community, because they’re frank. it just so happens that there are some not so positive things that happen there as well. but in the community, back then, there was love, because once upon a time all you had was each other. than came crack and a recession. that changed alot of things, cause liquor stores and dope have always been around.

    you got to remember before rap was disco, soul, and pop. music was mainly for entmt purposes (ie. having a good time). if you could sneak a message in, that was all good, but that wasn’t the point. it was about dancing, coming together, and having a good time pre golden era. almost like it is right now.

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